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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
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  1. kartikey
    Do people have any opinion/experience with the EML 274b vs 5u4g both mesh? As both of them are compatible with my WA22 and both are the same price, I don't know what changes between the two. I couldn't find people comparing the 2 anywhere (after searching here and google).
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  2. isquirrel
    The best "Bass" tube I have come across is the KR 300HP Balloon tube. The Rectifier and Driver tubes are just as important in determining the sound you will arrive at. I like the Takatsuki 274B paired with the KR 300 HP Balloon but the KR 274B HP produces a bit more bass and is considerably cheaper.

    The best 6SN7 driver tube without question is the Tung Sol Round Plates with oval Mica's circa mid to late 1940's US Army.

    I have all of the above available if you are interested.
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  3. isquirrel
    I have both and its question I have been asking myself. They are both still shrink wrapped so I ts time I cracked them out and gave them a go. They will not be burned in but I should get a fairly good idea. The 5U4G is preferred by Woo as has a direct heater element so is safer and more stable under start up conditions than a 274B. That's not to say in any way the 274B is a bad tube its just a different design.

    Give me a week and I will let you know. If you can send me a PM then I won't forget!
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  4. kartikey
    I really appreciate this. I will patiently wait for your experience on the two tubes. Thanks!
  5. matthewhypolite
    Hi All,

    Thinking about grabbing a raal headphone.
    So thinking about amplification.

    What are your guys thoughts on preamping from my WA33? Looking at schiit vidar and chord ttoby as speaker amps thus far.

    Would their be a benifits to using my wa33 with nos tubes in the chain or jsut go direct from dac to the speaker amp?
  6. isquirrel

    The Raal's have been reviewed on Six Moons, the Reviewer used the Nagra Classic Amp with the Raal's. The impression I was left is they are difficult to drive and that they are not really a finished product yet.

    From what he has said you would need at least 80-120 Watts per channel to drive them properly. Speaker amps do not lend themselves very well to driving headphones due to impedance and distortion issues. I asked AirTight directly for their response and that was the feedback they gave me.

    I wish the best of luck on this project. Its not gong to be an easy one.
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  7. astrostar59
    They have a supplied step up hoax that converts watts to current. It works very well, but as you say you do need 50W+ to drive the box. The demo at Can-Jam was using the Shlit Power amps and a Shlit DAC/pre amp. Sounded very good. If Shlit go and make an amp for it, it will be a complete solution then (practical).
  8. astrostar59
    Anyone heard the Violectric V281 v the Woo Audio WA-5 LE on the 1266 Abyss?
    I heard the Abyss on the WA33 at Can-Jam on Sunday, and it was very nice. Wondering how the WA-5 LE would sound. I like wide band, transparency and not too much warmth / dampening of details.

    The V281 is a great all rounder SS amp, can't really fault it on much, but it isn't a tube amp, so some loss of timbre and realism maybe?

    Any feedback would be great guys.
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  9. filip sebastian
    Hello, for HD800, what is the best solution? WA6 SE or WA7?
  10. JLoud
    I have the 1266TC and the WA5le. I really enjoy it. Has wonderful timbre and is still fast and detailed. I am considering a gsx-mini as a compliment but have no complaints with the Woo. By far my favorite amp.
  11. astrostar59
    Thanks for that information. I have heard the GSX MK2 2 box, and preferred the V281. The GSX was a bit cold and less solid sounding to my ear. That was on the LCD4. The Abyss is more transparent than the LCD4 so I am thinking a GSX MK2 or possibly the mini as well will be too bright, going in the wrong direction? I would possibly compliment your LCD4 better?
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
  12. JLoud
    The mini is supposed to be warmer than the mk2. But the WA5le is on the warm side of neutral. Not excessively but just enough to suit my tastes. That is why I was considering a ss amp for a contrast. But I do not want bright. That's why I am waiting till I can get a chance to demo some better ss amps, like the mini and the V281.
  13. Cho Worsh
    Yes, it would seem so. Is the 422A no longer considered among the best sounding rectifiers for Woo amps? At one time, it was highly regarded but I have not seen it mentioned very often anymore. Any comments from members who have tried the 422A and moved away from using it and what is was about the sound that led them to change to another rectifier would be helpful.
  14. Clive101
    Hello All....
    I have joined the club. DSCF2278.jpg
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  15. matthewhypolite
    Nice, what rectifier and adaptor are you using?
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