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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
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  1. JLoud
    I've done this, but the issue is balancing volume. Unless you have two of the same headphones it will be difficult. Shouldn't be a problem unless both headphones are low impedance. Still wouldn't hurt to shoot Woo an email. They have responded to my emails rather quickly in the past.
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  2. adamaley
    How would you describe the sound of the Elrog 274b compared to the other rectifiers, especially the Tak rectifier? Did you have a preference?
  3. isquirrel
    Short answer - No

    Long version - Read on

    With the arrival of the Abyss TC's, which have an excellent mid-range now, I switched back to the Tak 300B's and 274B's. Overall I would have to say the Tak 274B is right up there amongst rectifiers. I found that whilst the sound was first rate running all Taks, I wanted something without the traditional 300B signature for a change (and that's all it was, a change of personal preference at that point in time) I switched to an all Elrog system 300B's + 274B's. I find them to be faster and more transparent and for a change not the traditional 300B's sound.

    To my surprise they go with the new Abyss TC's very well, have excellent bass, midrange and so on. As of right now the Elrog's are my listening preference, although that will most likely change with the imminent arrival of an Air Tight ATM-300r. My plan is to connect the Headphones to the speaker Taps. Air Tight offer the Takatsuki 300B's as their TOTL option and preference. The Air Tights run a 5U4GB I am waiting for a response from them re using a 274B instead as a rectifier.

    Desert Island choice would be very tough. However it would have to be the 274B Elrog's + Elrog 300B's if you can't or don't run the Elrog 300B's go Takatsuki 274B's - the new production Elrog's have been running for +1,500 hours with zero issues.

    Note: The Elrog's clearly sound they're best when they are used as a set, whereas you can mix and match with the Takatsuki's.

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  4. adamaley
    Thanks for the detailed explanation. There isn't much information out there regarding the Elrog 274b so forgive my sidetracking this thread from Woo Audio related discussion.

    Interestingp point regarding the Elrogs working as a group synergistically. I currently use the Tak rectifier in my Golden Gate 2 DAC paired with 242 output tubes. I use the Elrog 300b tubes in my Line Magnetic 508ia amp. Thus far, the Tak recti has been preferred over the RK 5U4G KR recti because it layers better, has more harmonic content and weight of tone. However, the RK recti is quiter and slightly more resolving. This is all based on pairing with the 242 output tubes in the DAC.

    Would you say the Elrog 274b bridges the qualities of both the KR 242 RK and the Tak recti as I've described them in my system?

    Thanks in advance and apologies for non-Woo Audio talk.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  5. isquirrel
    That's a hard one for me to answer as I have no experience with the KR 242 RK. The Elrog 274B is a fast, transparent rectifier, reminds of the Mullard GZ34 Metal Base Holland Prod 1957, however it has more texture and weight than the Mullard. IMHO discussion about output tubes is relevant to this forum. I make my comments as I find the sound experimenting with my Woo 234's MKI and MKII's. I also have a WA 33 Elite (for sale). So my experience is very limited as it only applies to these two amps. Most of my tube rolling has been done with the 234's over the past 6-7 years. The beauty of the 234 is the ability to mix and match 300B's, 5U4G's, 45's and 2A3's. If I try a new 300B, 45 & 2A3 I almost always use the Tak 274B to give me a reference point and roll from there. No doubt though its safe to say that generally EML's sound better when matched with EML's, same for Takatsuki's and most definitely with the Elrog's.

    I plan to expand my tube experience by trying the different versions of Air Tight amps. I have in stock just about every modern 300B, 274B's and NOS WE 300B's + WE 274B's. The Elrog's and the Takatsuki's sit at the top of my preferences.

    When you say KR 242 RK do you mean the HP versions of that tube?
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
  6. Meanstreak242
    I've been a pretty happy owner of a WA7(tp) for a while now. My main headphones I use with them are the Focal Clear and Audeze LCD-2. I've upgraded to the Electro-Harmonix tubes for the amp, and I'm using RCA 6350's in the power supply. I'm very happy with the sound. I do not use the onboard DAC though. (My chain is a DigiOne signature via Roon going into my Chord Qutest via BNC, and then RCA out to the WA7.)

    Lately however, I find myself looking at the WA6-SE wondering if it's an upgrade or more of a side-grade. I was hoping anyone here who's heard both could perhaps give me an opinion. I don't use the DAC, and so I'm looking for opinions just based on the amp section alone. I can't help but think that without the DAC usage, a lot of the cost of the WA7 is cosmetic. (And don't get me wrong, it's a really nice looking setup. But I'm more interested in sound quality than looks). Also would the low impedance and high sensitivity of the Focal Clears have any issues with the WA6-SE? (They sound great with the WA7).

    Thank you all for your time.
  7. ahossam
    Hi guys.

    I'm planning to get WA5 LE and I need DAC suggestion.

    Right now I'm considering getting Chord Qutest to pair with WA5.

    Thanks in advance for the suggestion and opinion.
  8. JLoud
    I used the WA6se with Mrspeakers Aeon closed which are 16 ohms. Sounded very good. In my opinion the wa6 is a clear step up from the firefly.
  9. JLoud
    I am currently using the Shiit Yggy a2 with my WA5le. Very nice combination.
  10. pippen99
    Before I sold my WA5(regrets) I paired initially with an Auralic Vega and then with my current PS Audio Directstream DAC. Good sound and PS Audio continues to do free periodic firmware upgrades.
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  11. attmci
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  12. flea22
    I've gone from a wa7tp with a qutest to a wa22 with the qutest in the last week and can say the wa22 is a big step up.
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  13. thecrow
    Great incisive dac.

    I’ve heard them both separately and i would envisage it would be a great combo at that dac price point

    I personally have a metrum hex dac with my woo wa2 and that is a fantastic analogue sounding dac that i love. Not as incisive as the qutest and i feel the hex dac plays a big part in my sound (which i am 100% ok with) but the qutest os affected more by other elements in your system - which may make it a better option
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  14. ahossam
    Waiting my WA5 LE, is the WA5 stock tube good enough? I mean when compared to WA8.

    My wallet need to breath before getting tubes upgrades.
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  15. Hyde8767
    Anybody with a WA11 know how it paid with audeze Lcdx
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