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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. Sound Eq
    hi everyone, i bought a woo audio wa7 first gen, which has the upgraded tubes EH 6C45 Gold pins matched

    can i ask what other tubes i can buy as i like to experiment with some tubes, most important to avoid tubes that add harshness
  2. ajheyl
    I have a hum in mine. I wasn't sure if I needed a power conditioner. I have the Sophia and the stock rectifier. Looking to try something else fir fun but nothing too expensive.
  3. joseph69
    So why not try the Brimar I mentioned?
    In my WA33 it is dead silent.
  4. Wildcatsare1
    Had some matched 6SN7 tubes laying aroundl. So I pulled the GE Stocks and replaced them with a matched set of Sylvania 6SN7 Chrom Domes, damned sweet. So taking a dive down that rabbit hole.
  5. Sound Eq
    any advise please
  6. attmci
    Please email Mike@wooaudio.com for faster service.
  7. chimney189
    Has anyone tried the WA6 first gen with an HEKv2?

    Any impressions would be appreciated! Thanks :)
  8. UMN
    Does anyone have any experience running a Raytheon RK-60 1641 rectifier in a WA-6? (My power tubes are Sylvania VT-231 / 6SN7 with Woo adapters) Thanks!
  9. ksorota
  10. u2u2
    I don't have experience with that tube in my WA6 but I would look to the following thread:


    The general comments and rectifier descriptions have served me well as I built my modest collection.
  11. N15M0
    Can anyone recommend me some tubes upgrade for my WA5 LE? Thanks.
  12. reeltime
    For rectifiers, if your budget is tighter, go for the EML Labs 5U4G Mesh. Terrific tubes, and reasonable. My personal favorite is the old metal base GZ-34-- mine are from 1957 bought as new-old-stock. It is an ugly ugly stubby tube, but there's no denying the sound. Difficult to find a matching pair, and they can be pricey. If you have unlimited funds, go for the Takatsuki 274B. Great tubes. Best in class. Skip the Sophia and PSVane tubes.

    Driver Tubes: I've tried more driver tubes than any other. I've settled on Tung Sol 6SN7s with round plates. I've heard nothing better and they're the most reasonable of the tubes to purchase. The worst tube I've heard in this category is the PSVane 181s. Avoid them.

    Power Tubes: How much do you want to spend? I have the Takatsukis. No complaints at all. They are not cheap in any way, but the sound is magic. They are as good as you can get without buying vintage Western Electric 300Bs-- which can run $10k. Western has begun manufacturing a new run of 300Bs for the first time in 20 years. I have a pair on order, when will they get here, who knows? Elrogs are just as good as the Takatsukis, at a lower cost, but mine blew up after a year. They reportedly have solved the problem, but I'm not taking that chance ever again, since they didn't replace my blown tubes-- so Elrog is dead to me. The one tube I'd recommend if your budget is limited is the EML 300B Mesh. Beautiful looking tube, *only* $1000 dollars/pr. And about 85% of the sound of the more costly options. You won't be disappointed. I would avoid the Sophia 300B, personally. I preferred the EML.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
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  13. N15M0
    Where can I find the Takatsukis? Can’t really seems to find them.
  14. JLoud
    I will second the recommendation of the EML tubes. I settled on the 300b and 5U4G mesh. Beautiful sounding and seem well built. I have been running them for a year with no issues. If you shop around can be found for $800 a pair.
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  15. N15M0
    Thanks. But where can I find the EML tubes. Can’t seems to find them in stock.

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