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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. joseph69
  2. phase0
    I have some Tung-Sol Round Plate 6F8Gs I'm not using if anyone wants... These were the best I could find for the WA5 drivers (needs an adapter)... I liked the EML 300B, the Taks are a clear step up but very costly (worth it if you can afford it IMO). That's all I have experience with there. The Brimers are good cheap rectifiers (5R4GY?).
  3. JLoud
    I bought mine at the tubeaudiostore.com. Have to call or email. They put me on list and it took about two weeks to come in. They are out of stock often but they will order more if requested.
  4. JLoud
    The link posted above is also a good source. Bought tubes from them as well.
  5. N15M0
    Thanks guys, i have dropped them an email.

    Btw sophia are not recommended?
  6. reeltime
    I'm just not a huge fan of the Sophias. They look nice enough. Reasonable bass, but the clarity and soundstage aren't up to par, in my experience. It kind of bunches up the sound. This may be because the Sophias aren't true mesh plates, unless Sophia has redesigned them. They are actually stamped mesh plates, not woven wire. Whatever the reason, though they glow nicely, It's just an OK tube, not a "wow" tube. Not worth the money, IMO.

    The WA-5 is so revealing-- the amp found the tubes' weaknesses and put them on display. There's a fairly huge jump in sound quality from the Sophia tubes to the EML.
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  7. N15M0

    Thanks man hopefully they reply me on the EML tubes. I went to audition the WA33 end up buying the WA5. Haha.
  8. Zhanming057

    On a non-tube-related note...I've been really enjoying this combination :)
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  9. Wildcatsare1
    Just changed my Rectifier Tubes from the Stock Sophia’s to a pair of Sylvania/Western Electrics, holly moly! I’ve changed my Drivers to Sylvania “Bad Boys,” and now this, even with the Sophia 300Bs it is a huge change for the better!
  10. llamaluv
    The two places I've contacted when getting EMLs are TubesUSA (EML page link) and JAC Music (pricelist link). The latter is in Germany and entails having to manually fill in a form to get a price quote, FWIW.

    Woo will sell them gleefully to you for $1,095 (link).
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  11. joseph69
    Did you audition the WA33 at CanJam NYC?
    What were you impressions between the 33/5?
  12. N15M0
    I tried at my local reseller, they’ve both available for demo. I was trying with the LCD4, which is what I would be using at home, and I simply prefer the WA5 on the LCD4 compared to the WA33. For some reason, the WA5 felt more powerful on the LCD4.
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  13. fhuang

    How do you like them so far, with more burn in? I have those, first version with the wooden box few years back. I've heard that the difference between mine and yours is, yours has been burned in/tested 100 hours before being shipped out
  14. Stereolab42
    They still sound great. I bought them to replace yet another pair of SERPs that had gone bad. As I've said before I love the SERPs also but Sophia Electric has never been able to overcome their reliability problems. The EMLs I used as backup have been rock-solid and so far the PSVANEs have been too.
  15. billerb1
    WA2 owner. Been blown away for the past couple of months using a pair of Telefunken ECC801s as my driver tubes. You'll of course need 12AT7 to 6922/E88CC adapters. Great synergy with my GEC 6AS7G's power and Marconi U709 rectifiers.
    Along those lines I've read that GEC A2900's are the absolute premier 12AT7 type tube...but that it has a higher amplification factor than others in the family. Has anyone here tried them with the WA2? Are they compatible or might they cause damage to the WA2 ???
    Would appreciate any input.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
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