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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. Mobil

    Trying the Sophia Aqua 274b
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
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  2. attmci
    I push this one because at the end of the day, we found his transformer is bad..................
  3. Odin412
    Question for the tube gurus in this thread: Will the Shuguang WE6SN7Plus (WE 412A replica) tube work with the WA3? The link to the tube is here: http://psvanetube.com/wordpress/sto...lack-plate-curvy-vacuum-tubes-pair-or-single/

    The description says that it's (almost) a replica of WE 421A, which is listed as compatible with the WA3, but the name says 6SN7Plus, which is not on the list.

    Thanks for any thoughts or ideas!
  4. Hyde8767
    That's a worthy final wish
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  5. thecrow
    I have a friend who bought a wa5 that he really enjoyed. Then he upgrade some of the tubes - the big ones whatever they are - and he waa hugely impressed

    The cost of the upgrades is what holds me back.
    I could sell off some gear and stretch my budget and explode my next 12 month budget on audio but that just gets me a stock wa5 amp. And i know how satisfying upgrading my wa2 tubes were and how there is no way i could just sit on stock tubes for the wa5. I’m useless like that

    Anyhow i am happy with my setup (mostly) so i’ll keep these distant desires away

    I’ll just keep happily upgrading headphones and odds and ends like that each year or so
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  6. Wildcatsare1
    That would be the 300B Tubes, yes, some of the manufacturers are quite proud of their glass bottles. I switched out the rectifiers and 6NS7 tubes with NOS Sylvanias, to good effect. Ordered some TJ Full Music 300 B, somehow they managed to cut my address in half, they were returned as “no such address” and were lost, or so I’m told. The TJ Folks aren’t being helpful in getting new ones sent or my money back, as of now I wouldn’t recommend doing business with them.
  7. JLoud
    I'm using Emission Labs 300B tubes and am very happy. Total cost of a pair was around $700. Well worth the cost.
  8. SkyWalker2
    Hi Jack! Could you please confirm if the first gen wa5 has the same feature - switch between Plate and Cathode output of the 300B? If so what mode switch positions corresponds to? SPK (plate, low transformer output), K1K (plate, high trans output), SPL (cathode, low), SPH (cathode, high) - correct?
  9. Wildcatsare1
    Hi All & Jack (@WooAudio )

    I was digging through my tube hoard and discovered that I have two 6SN7 to 6922 converters, will 6922 tubes work in place of the 6SN7s, could it harm my amp?

    Also, I’m really having trouble with the TJ FunMusic people, bought a pair of 300B Mesh Plates, they somehow butchered my address, cutting the street in half. They made it to Kentucky, then were returned to the International PO at O’hare. Instead of admitting they screwed up, they are trying to tell me to pay 50% for another pair that they’ll “refund” once they get the originals back. I truly think they have them back, but their story is the tubes are “in Switzerland,” which I seriously doubt, they have a Kentucky Zip Code, no reason USPS would have forwarded them to Europe. Any advice in resolving this problem is appreciated, in the meantime Buyer Beware!!!1
  10. WooAudio
    You got it correctly.
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  11. Porteroso
    Revisiting this thread, as I'm almost moving in an opposite direction as you guys. Over the past few years, been using a WA6, with copper rectifier, and either the TS round plate VT-99, or the NU VT-99. Both are tube sets to dream for.

    A month ago or so, I checked into this thread, and phase was trying to unload some TS 6F8G. I asked how much, then he told me, and it got me rethinking my use of the TS/NU 6F8G. I'm actually moving towards less and less critical listening on my computer, where my headphones are, as life gets more busy. I have a bunch of cheap (at least, when I bought them) options, russian tubes, the RCA 6F8G, and just for fun, I'm going to see how much the RCA/copper rectifier combo impacts my listening, versus TS round plate/U52. I bet I'll be able to live with it. Why waste great irreplaceable tubes, when maybe I'll end up with a WA5 some day?
  12. Xecuter
    Hi guys,
    I thought I would post here before I posted on the FS thread. I have a matched quad of gorgeous NOS NIB avvt 2a3 mesh which is the perfect compliment for wa33, only problem is matched quads of avvt are unheard of.

    Never been used. Recent test results.
    I have perfect rep on head-fi, SNA and 'the other forum'
    Looking for 5kaud/3.5k usd. This includes express shipping (insurance up to you). Will move the post to the 'for sale area' in a week or so once wa33 owners have had a chance to buy first.
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  13. comzee
    Rare to see these pop up in such pristine condition as a quad. I only own a pair, but the best 2a3 I've ever heard. glws
  14. Craig Fralick
    Have you had a chance to listen to the second generation WA22? I’m looking for that first tube amp and it seems like a good choice for the buck, just not 100% sure yet.
  15. moemoney
    I just purchase one a few months ago I can’t saying how it compares to the first ver. but I will say I’m very impressed with the sound. It’s very addictive and I find myself listening to it for hours and hours but I guess coming from Solid State (Ayre Codex) that’s what you can expect, I guest.
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