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Thrillist is having a deal right now - $49 + $2.95 shipping gets you a pair of Meelec Air-Fi AF32s and a pair of Meelec R1s (note - you only get the R1s if you have an or email address)
Linky here
exp 3/25
After you buy - you need to get your confirmation code from thrillist and then checkout on the meelec site which is where you pay the $2.95 for shipping.
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Klipsch S4i IEMs on sale on newegg - 44.99
Sennheiser HD 428 SC on newegg - 36.99
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I received mine last night and I have been using it today. So far, I am pretty impressed for $20.

Received mine earlier today and I feel the same way. Very good amp/battery pack for $20.
Certainly makes for an easier to carry portable rig.
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Anybody know if the ifuzen fits a ipod touch?

Should fit fine with a spacer behind. Problem is that the review from the site says it makes the IPhone more highs prominent. Not really a need along with a recommended load starting at 32 ohms. Compromise type amp designs amps often don't help Iphones/Ipods unless additional V is needed.

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