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The discovery thread!

  1. thejoker13
    Lol, I know what you mean Peter, it really is a relief. I started this hobby on a quest to find a conduit to fully immerse myself in the music and was able to get close multiple times, but there would always just be one little thing I would want to change about an iem if I could. I'm not very good at putting my thoughts to words, but I immediately started smiling from the first note after putting in the A6's. I've been waiting for that one thing to appear that I would want to change, but it isn't showing up.
  2. CactusPete23
    Thanks for posting this. But trying to make sure I understand...

    1) For the Port mod, Did you cover the port with the silicone o-ring BECAUSE you poked too big a hole when trying to use the pin? If "unpoked" would one still cover that vent with an o-ring??? Wonder if you could have covered it with micropore tape instead of the o-ring (IF, After trying to prick the vent with a pin, it opened too large.)? This seems like trial and error is needed.

    2) Are the Blue Tips From a set of Tin HiFi T2's ? Would you expect other foam tips to work?

    Lots or mods needed, but the base earphones are not so expensive...
  3. crabdog
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  4. lgcubana
    The beauty of the Walkers is that their sound signature is over the top, across the spectrum, in stock form. As it's always easier to take away, than add, to a sound signature, the Walkers allow each person to customize the low end, mids and the uppers to their wants.

    My mods are specific to my ears and my likes. Some will prefer the taping to have more pass thru, others will be satisfied with the pierced port or combinations of both.

    1. You are correct. I could've just covered the port with the o-ring (or tape) and avoided piercing the port cover. But going through the sequence (laid out by @james444), the "poke" came 1st. Microtape would've been another solution and I would have gone that route, if the o-ring didn't work. But the tape would look shoddy, IMO.

    2. Yes, the blue tips are from the Tin HiFi T2. For my ears, the shorter Tins gave me the best fit. Yes, other foam tips will work, for other ears. Unlike my other bullet style shells (Moondrop Crescents), the girth of the Walkers allow me to get a better grasp of them, for seating and I don't have to wedge them down my ear canal, as I do the Crescents.

    The initial mods took all of 20 minutes, due to trial and error. 25% of that time was spent in wrestling the o-rings. When I took the pics, the left earpiece's tape job got skewed, when I removed the Tin tip. Re-taping only took a minute.
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  5. olinko
    Thanks! Now I feel better about not buying the TRN-V90 over the ZSX :)
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  6. jant71
    ????? Did you quote the right post? :) Carbdog's GR-i review compares to V2 and KB1. Didn't see any KZ or TRN in there. Wrong quote or confusing with HBB's video 3-way GR-i vs. V90 vs. ZSX?
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  7. TeaCake
    Me too! I also bought the Guideray and I am happy to say I'm glad I bought this instead of TRN V90 too. . :) for me, it is comparable to my V2... I love it!
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  8. FreeWheelinAudioLuv
    YES!!!! Let's say this!!! Who's my favorite iem at the moment? the NX7!! More than the JVC. More than the MD. More than the Sennheiser! Yep!

    p.s. Let's see how long it lasts? lol
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  9. FreeWheelinAudioLuv
    I enjoyed the LZ A2, LZ Z04A, and A4. The LZ A3 was a P.O.S. Never tried the A5, but I think i'm gonna order the A6 on 11.11 since it seems to come highly recommended. I want to start winding down the earphone purchases, and go in the direction of cans maybe?
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  10. james444 Contributor
    I use 3M Magic Tape (which is almost invisible) to "repair" a vent and poke a tiny hole with a needle. But your o-ring solution is probably more durable.
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  11. olinko
    Sorry, I cut down what was originally a much longer post so now it's nonsense haha
    I bought the ZSX and then I saw the BGGAR videos comparing the ZSX to the TRN V90 (and then to the GR-i) and the ZSX ultimately came in third. But then I saw the review of theGR-i posted above and from how the sound is described I think I the ZSX is a better addition to my Tin T2. I want a different sounding IEM, not just a better one
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  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    A bit of an update on the Kbear Hi7. This one is going to be matter of preference really. The Hi7 is more neutrally tuned with the tuning leaning more toward a detailed presentation with upper mids and treble emphasized more than the rest of the tuning. The sound presentation is more wide than deep giving off a fairly flat neutrally brighter tonality to the sonics. It does instruments and vocals better than anything that requires a healthy amount of bass. It has good detail and imagery but really does nothing to separate itself from the myriad of other earphones in the market already.

    For the price I bought them for at $89 it isnt a bad earphone in fact I think the sound is on par with this price point but for $120 they are asking for it at MSRP. I would choose the NX7 and a new cable for that price every time.

    Considering Kbear is a newcommer to the audio game. It seems they are related to a bunch of other sellers on Aliexpress. These are your typical phone from OEM that a lot of the other resellers get their earphones from. KZ BGVP and the like. It is decent for the price but nothing that will win an award.
  13. Dsnuts Contributor
    So this is interesting. This is a Fr of the NX7.

    I have always thought they sounded a bit like campfire audio stuff. This is a new graph of the Andromeda golds that just sold out.


    Minus the treble being more even on the Andromda G and probably with better stage. Similar in upper mids emphasis and even in the bass emphasis. Somehow I have a feeling the NX7 is actually better in the bass end. What you know. So the guys that own the NX7 can figure out how the Andromeda golds are like. This a case of chi fi mimicing higher end or higher end mimicing chi fi?/!
  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    crin andro.jpg
    crin DM6.jpg

    BGVP did their best to mimic another 5BA with their own 5BA and came close. Q.C. Killed em. I confirmed this was the case.

    I disliked the Andro's ironically and hyped DM6 but my graph was a lot diff. Q.C. of course
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  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    I read about the QC stuff on the thread. I remember when I got the DM5 a while ago some guys had the nozzle just coming off alltogether from the housing. That was kinda weird. Somewhat isolated but still a bit off putting. Chi fi manufaturer makes so many earphones. The OEM that makes earphones for BGVP is the same place that make earphones for KZ,CCA, Opera factory, kBear, NiceHCK, AK, Woo among many others.

    You gotta wonder with so many different phones they are pushing out QC can't be as tight as it should be.
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