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The discovery thread!

  1. Bartig
    FF5055AE-9523-43D0-B6F6-AE77BECC3C26.jpeg Forget burning in. Heared great things about ricing them in. Doing it now.
  2. drbluenewmexico
    Hot fudge world almost as well!!
  3. toddy0191
    Don't do that, it makes the highs sound grainy.
  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Could you give me a track and the part of the track where I could agree or disagree. I am curious.
    So a 70's rock track and a particular part that CL2 does beyond many others. An opening bass line, the resonating decay of a bass guitar string or any subtle not so clear moment that a set with less resolution might miss.
  5. Otto Motor
    Also don't forget to shock-freeze the cable with liquid nitrogen. My Hifi dealer told me that. And if you use shoes with special rubber soles, you get less distortion when moving.

    As to ricing: make sure you only use Japanese short-grained rice from Shizoku island (no basmati or brown rice).
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2018
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  6. chinmie
    what happened to your headphone? surely it wasn't accidentally misplaced in your pocket and went inside the washing machine :sweat_smile:
  7. chinmie
    side note: i know i think i have enough earphones already..but darn it, apparently i went impulse buying yesterday and got myself a DM6.. should arrive today or tomorrow
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  8. battosai
    Where do you buy a DM6 to arrive in 2 days??
  9. Wiljen
    I found the best thing for drying things out is to stop by the drug store. When the pharmacy gets shipments they are always packed with big dessicant packs to keep pills from getting damp. Usually they will give you the packs for the asking. I then put 2 or 3 of the big packs in a 40mm ammo can with whatever I want dried out and seal it for a few days. The packs can be put in the oven at 150F to dry them back out and re-use them. Hope that helps.
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  10. SciOC
    Huh? I've not actually heard the dm6, but I'm not expecting a $200 multi BA set to compete with the CL2 when I think the CL2 is better than my CA Andromeda. I just recently sold the Andromeda and am hoping that the dm6 will be a cheap facsimile.

    A track I find amazing on the CL2 would be bomb track by rage against the machine, or really anything by RATM. Sounds excellent on the CL2.
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  11. Kitechaser
    I have the DM6 and the CL2, and I can't think of a single track where the DM6 outperforms the CL2.
    Maybe except some of the more poorly mastered tracks where the DM6 smooths them over because it does not have the same resolution as the CL2.
    Don't get me wrong, the DM6 are very nice, but the CL2 is a next gen, King Kong ain't got $h!t on me iem.
  12. chinmie

    no, hahaha.. there's an auction in my local forum for a used one. i just got curious and the price was good, so thought i had to try this
  13. superuser1
    This is becoming like the fly episode on Breaking Bad...
  14. Redcarmoose

    "Everyone has limited knowledge which means that everyone's Truth will be different, but that doesn't make them more wrong than someone else. If a person says someone else is wrong he is wrong himself because he doesn't know that the knowledge of the other person is the Truth for him. But in the end, he isn't wrong anyway because the limited knowledge made him act that way."

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  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    No sweat bro,

    I have O.C.D

    Never mentioned DM6. I am about to drop my cash on the CL2 even though the rep for them was about as clever as a cup of dirt. Kind of guy you WANNA meet in a dark alley. The ceramic set they released 2 years back is the worst I ever heard in that price range. But ...I am interested.

    BTW the Andro hype is a phenom of market hype. I loved the Comet and owner loved me.. was sent the ATLAS and did not love it. Guess who gets no love from the owner now :wink: If I hyped ATLAS I would be holding a Solaris with 2 vids online already.

    People who pay do reviews. people like me who get free gear ( I often pay because my attitude limits my options) **waves at Campfire audio**....Free gear getters are promoters.
    Mostly full of crap. Kitechaser paid so i consider.

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