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The discovery thread!

  1. Otto Motor

    Hey, I "
    burnt in" my AKG K550 for 350 hours - and they sounded somewhat "burnt-out" thereafter. Joke aside, I couldn't hear a difference. But if people perceive burnt-in earphones as sounding better, then they did the right thing.
  2. Otto Motor
    That's a bushfire!
  3. reiserFS
    Any recommendations when it comes to 10BAs or more?
  4. dweaver
    Ordered the ES100 and a balanced trrs mmcx cable so will see what I think of that :).

    Must resist buying anything else...
  5. chinmie
    if you burn them straight 24 hours a day that is.

    naturally burning it while using (let say 2 to 3 hours usage a day) would take almost a year

    even that is practically achievable. i have several studio gears (speaker and mx50 headphone) that i have for around 15 years...well that passes 1000 hours several times over easily :dt880smile:
  6. crabdog
    According to this thread that should mean your mx50's now sound like the best headphones in the world. An MX50 with 1000 hours should sound better than a Susvara with 1-hour burn-in. Congrats, you just saved yourself $5850. :smiley:
  7. chinmie
    yes.. and I'm willing to sell this for a mere $5849...well for you I'll give special price of $5845..but don't tell anyone :laughing:
  8. Redcarmoose

    I have to say three days burn-in did a nice change to the Magaosi K5, diminishing the aggressive mids, though still not quite enough bass. IMO

    I can though see what people love with it in the end; due to being super detailed with delineated imaging.


    Still this is really a unique IEM in my collection and finding it's different can add an exciting new tone with certain music.

    Energize is pretty cool.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2018
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  9. papa_mia
    Friends: After 250hrs of burning in, these turned out to be not quite as horrible as they were before. Hopefully with another 250hrs, they will finally bloom into something that I can enjoy.
  10. peter123
    This is getting ridiculous.......
  11. Redcarmoose
    Head-Fi is always ridiculous. Nothing new here.
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  12. jant71
    Can't be always just 100 hours of burn in or 300 or 1000. I want precision. I want to know it is 227 hours, 118 hours, or 942. I don't want someone telling me to burn in for a hundred hours when I can actually do it in 67. I could have saved 33 hours!
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  13. superuser1
    The answer is 42
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  14. chinerino
    its always 420 :)
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  15. tripside

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