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[POLL] Need help deciding on a pair of Mid Range IEMS [100-200 Dollars]

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  1. Techno Kid
    From what I understand about the MA is its a cross between a BA and dynamic driver and I believe they use a bigger diaphragm than a normal BA as well.  They sound more dynamic than a typical single BA and the bass sounds like a faster dynamic driver more than a BA.  I don't know if its the moving armature or just how the tuned them but the soundstage is one of the most spacious I've heard and has a very good 3-D effect which makes edm sound (and I'm going to use a word I haven't said in years) trippy [​IMG]
  2. glac1er
    Isn't that the point of edm [​IMG]? It's interesting that their detailing/weight sounds halfway between dynamics and BA too. Dynamics and multi BAs can create a good 3D depth too like the ASG-1 and the SM3, though for the SM3, it can sound a bit artificial. 
  3. Techno Kid
    LOL, I know but the e-Q5's ability to portray that effect is better than most of the IEM's I've heard.  
    There's been a few moments that certain tracks had an artificial quality to them (rock and other types of music like that not edm) but nothing that takes away from the balance and signature of the e-Q5 and vocals sound just as good as they did on the e-Q7 imo.
  4. Swimsonny
    +1 on.eq5. Better than everything you listed for reasons said above!
  5. Rp4k
    i have found that for 100 dollars or so if you are a very big audio buff and you care about the quality of the sound i would really go with the SHURE's 215 class. they are the best quality sound for 100usd. not to much base and rich low's and highs . if you really want lots of base then you are stuck with only using the 50cent brand or the Monster brand. 
  6. Prashanth R
    Rockit Sounds R-50!
  7. mrlolftw
    The GR07's have 1 driver, and the GR01's have 2 drivers. Apart from the fact that the GR01's look like a zuchinni, is there a significant difference between 1 and 2 drivers? Like how will that translate in an overall listening experience, since the GR07's look to be the most comfortable and durable.
  8. mrlolftw
    Also, looking at photos of the GR07 just a small question, what does it actually say on the IEM? It looks like GR07 then Walkaudio? what...does it mean! Or does it just say Vsonic and the crappy resolution of the eBay photos are making it look odd?
  9. mrlolftw
    The R-50 looks nice, but is there any way to order it off eBay? Not living in America, so Amazon is a no no.
  10. Techno Kid
  11. Swimsonny
    2 BA drivers in the GR01 and 1 dynamic in the GR07. Driver count does not mater though so do not think two is better! BA drivers have a softer approach with less bass and awesome detail (as a stereotype) and dynamic on a stero type are more bass but this is not the case here by any means, just sterortype. The R-50 is a dual BA driver as well (same driver as the GR01) and is meant to sound very close to the GR01 with a perhaps better form factor.!
    Plus i am in the UK currently selling my R-50 for a silly price and the r-50 is worth at least 3x the price im selling at! Will include world wide shipping in asking price!
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor

    GR07 MK2 says.


    I'm not sure you have seen the 265 page appreciation thread for GRO7?


    Looking at your poll I think an answer is becoming quite obvious. :wink:
  13. JosephKim
    Just wanted to address a few of the IEMs mentioned so far. The eq5 is a great IEM, but for me it always had a strange artificial quality to it. the gr07 compared to it is much more natural and organic. I have not tried the hf5 but I owned the er4p, if they can be compared. Good detail but like someone else mentioned it doesn't trump the eq5 or the gr07 in detail; actually pretty comparable to my ears. Unless youre looking for a slightly lean sound the hf5 may disappoint.
  14. mrlolftw
    I suppose its the GR07 then! Now all i need to do is save up for about 2 weeks and ill order one :p
  15. mrlolftw
    Actually..... I had abit of a look around, and i think instead of the GR07, ill get the GR06. I read some reviews, and they seem to say that the sound is very similar to the GR07, and cost 3 times less. this way, i can save up for the K702's i was planning on getting alot sooner! Anyone have the GR06? Are they great value?
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