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[POLL] Need help deciding on a pair of Mid Range IEMS [100-200 Dollars]

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  1. mrlolftw
    Okay, so i've decided to try and get some nice and proper IEMS to replace my PL30's. I love them to death, but i feel that i could get something with much better audio quality. As although the PL30's sound sensational, they sound like a 50 dollar IEM. I kinda want something better. So heres a poll. Could you guys help me decide please?
    Ive narrowed down my search to these
    SHURE-SE215 OR SE425 (425's only if someone can convince me they are worth the 250 dollar asking price)
    WESTONE - UM1 or possibly UM2 (again, if someone can convince me that they sound as good as they cost)
    VSONIC - GR07 Seeing as i loved the SoundMagic's, and they were a non well known chinese brand, LIKE VSONIC, im thinking i might love these. Also all of the IEM experts on Head-Fi seem to be raving about them :p
    SOUNDMAGIC - PL50 (Ide love to settle on some rather cheaper phones, and ive heard good reviews about these. Also, im assuming as the bigger brother of the PL30's, i should love them. At $60 they give me enough spending money left over for a decent amp too.
    And now the maybe bit
    Etymotic - HF5 (issue with these stated down below.)
    All the reviews i have read for the HF5's say in short, "Theyre bloody amazing" 
    Thats all cool and all, they could sound sensational, but it seems like they are the most uncomftorble thing in the entire universe. They literelly look like an anal probe, for your ears.
    Ive tried triple flange eartips before, and although they provided superior noise isolation (like, really really good noise isolation) i could feel them touching what i think was my brain, and i got a severe ear ache after 10 minutes of wearing them. These were on some fake Tours that came with these little tips which i tried on after reading about the HF5's. Ofcourse i could be wrong, the Tours are rather chunky and the HF5's look super sleek, so they may be great, but i dont know about how i can justify forking out 155 dollars for a pair of awesome sounding earphones, that i can only listen to 10 minutes at a time.
    Is there anything that will make them more comfy? Ive read using different tips doesnt really help, as it just reduces the isolation, rendering the bass on the HF5's useless.
    Also, reason i choose the Westone's was because of apparently them being the most comfy iems behind Customs. Apparently they dont sound so good though.
    Please help!
  2. mrlolftw
  3. AstroTurf
    HF5s coupled with Comply Foam Tips...

    8 hours plus of sheer eargasmic bliss.

    Throw the NRB Mod at them and the kill all others in your list.

    Good Luck, Jim
  4. mrlolftw
    Comply foam tips? What model, and will they fit? Because if they do, i may just get the HF5's.
    NRB Mod? Care sharing a link? Not sure as to what that is.
  5. AstroTurf
  6. mrlolftw
    If you dont mind me asking, whats the difference between the P and the T100? The T100 looks like its a little bit stubbier. Is there any difference?
  7. AstroTurf
    The P also comes in a short version. But, They can also be had in a longer standard version.
    The P-Series are threaded too. Not sure what difference that makes though.
    Before you purchase the P-Series, have a look at my threads started for an ebay find on Comply Foam Tips. You could save a buck or two.
    Cheers, Jim
  8. GN-0015
    You can try to use some Shure Olives on Etys IEMs. Once you get the right size, you're in for a treat.
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor
    OP: What kind of music genre's do you listen too? What is your preferred sound signature? Do you like a lot of bass, treble, forward mids, balanced etc etc.....

    What exactly are you looking for in this new IEM.
  10. 0o0o0o
    This. Also, if you do decide on the HF5, Shure olives are so much nicer than Complys IMO. 
  11. mrlolftw
    Well, im looking for a natural sounding IEM with a decent soundstage and good instrument separation. I also want it to be really comftorble, and preferably go on like the PL30's (around the ears) as then i can use it at the gym. Some bass would be nice too as i like to listen to some Techno and Electronic, but not an overload, just a small amount. (nothing like the beats) Also it needs to be VERY. Durable. Like, the Nokia 3310 of Earphones. My PL30's have been stepped on, submerged in water and bumped and knocked around, and they work flawlessly. If i could get a pair that sound amazing AND are this durable and comfy, itd be IEM heaven. (keep in mind ill be using these at the gym and on the way to school, and they will be subjected to some serious extremes. (sweat, melbourne rain, stuffing them into my pocket and so so.) Untill this thread and the fact that you could use other tips with Ety's, i was considering either the Shure SE215 or UM1's seeing as reviews state that they are almost indestructable and ultra comftorble. 
    But thats kind of why im consulting Head-Fi, because i know you guys can help me with your much broader knowledge of iems! :D
    Oh the kind of music i listen to is pretty much everything with the exception of Metal.
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor
    My friend, GR07 sounds very close to what you're looking for. I cannot recommend what I haven't heard as you have so many choices.

    It's actually quite big poll so there will be many mixed results. Hopefully some others can chime in, but from what you were saying GR07 is pretty much all of that.
  13. mrlolftw
    Well is there any other pair of IEM's you personally know and love that you could suggest? I do have an "Other" section in the poll for that very reason :p
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Not me personally sorry. But the person that runs this thread will. :wink:



    P.S I still think GR07 would be a good choice it is everything you mentioned here.

  15. Techno Kid
    Ortofon e-Q5 though its at the highest end of your price range at $199 but Musica Acoustics has free shipping.  Detailed, dynamic sounding bass (though not as much impact or depth as the GR07) and the most spacious soundstage I've heard from a single BA or even a lot of multi BA's for that matter.
    You might find the HF5 to be to bass light and the soundstage is just average to slightly below, they do have good detail but imo no more than the e-Q5, R-50, GR07 or others in that price range. 
    The GR07 would be the other that I think would work well.  The only real drawback of the GR07's sound is that they don't portray depth very well, really not much depth at all at least that's how I hear them.
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