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[POLL] Need help deciding on a pair of Mid Range IEMS [100-200 Dollars]

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  1. zloy loup
    Agree with this. The soundstage on them is decent for the price, but not much more than that, I think.
    For my electronic music it worked quite fine though. It was the classical I was having issues with. :)
    They also seem to have quite a solid build, but I haven't tested with water. :p I think that for the price range the most abuse-resistant would be the EPH-100, being metal and all.
  2. Techno Kid
    Yea the EPH-100 are good but there's just something about the highs that never sat well with me.  I mean the have good detail and are a bit laid back but that had a strange signature to them that didn't always sound, I don't know how to put but the didn't sound real.  It wasn't so bad that I didn't like the they were actually my favorite dynamic IEM I had but the highs can sound strange from time to time.
    I the OP's price range the e-Q5 would be hard to beat for its over all package.  The to are made from aluminum and I think built as good or better than the EPH-100.  The highs sound very nice but once in a blue moon they can get a bit sibilant but not very often.  Mids are smooth detailed and just a touch forward but really quite balanced with everything else.  The bass doesn't sound like a single BA but more of a fast dynamic driver and the soundstage is one of the best I've heard.  
    I feel bad for my R-50's now [​IMG] they don't get used as much anymore but they will its just the e-Q5's are still very new to me.
    Lastly the Sony EX600 might also work.  I've heard them briefly and they sounded very nice with good detail, bright highs, good bass and a spacious soundstage.
    There's really a lot of good choices in the $100 to $200 price range so its tuff to narrow it down, good luck [​IMG]
  3. zloy loup
    Your new favorite? [​IMG]
    I haven't heard the Yamaha, but from what people say they are a touch bass-heavy.
    EDIT: I see the Ortofon seems to lack strain relief at the shells. What do you think about that?
  4. mrlolftw
    Ok thats all good and all, but seeing as i dont really know every IEM in the market, would it be possible to list a brand name with the model? e-Q5? EPH-100? searching these on eBay just result in either torches, or no results at all. Care to refine it please? Thanks.
    Also, i looked at the Sony's. They look uncomfortable and are $250. Although they seem to get rave reviews i suppose.
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Yamaha EPH-100

    Ortofon EQ5

    Punching such "codes" into our search bar here should get you some hits.

    GR07 soundstage: It's decent in width but doesn't portray depth as well being a stage monitor. Wasn't really designed with depth in mind, by all means there's some there and your source will help contribute to that. It lacks some imaging (placement) compared to Sony MDR-EX600 or Triplle-Fi 10. also some depth (how far it goes back in your head) is there but it's not very deep compared to Yamaha EPH-100.... But if you want natural and balanced it certainly has all of that and the width of it's stage is definitely decent.
  6. Techno Kid
     Yea just type in Ortofon e-Q5 and there are some for sale on ebay but Musica Acoustics has the for $198.99 with free shipping if your interested and the use PayPal like on ebay.
    Now I don't know where all the Yamaha EPH-100's have gone but I can't find them anywhere.
  7. mrlolftw
    I took a look at the e-Q5's. They seem to be really nicely made and look rather unique, along with having 5 star reviews pretty much everywhere. My only gripe is the way they are shaped. It seems to be the most unnatural shape for a pair of IEM's. Are they actually comfy? Because going back to my original post, they could sound sensational, but if it was like stabbing knifes into your ears, i think ill settle for something more comfy.
    GR07's look to be the final pick as ive read alot about them and they seem to be the best in this price range. That is, unless the e-Q5's are actually comfortable.
  8. Techno Kid
    They fit great for me and I have no discomfort.  I've had them in almost all day today and my ears haven't been hurting or feeling sore at all, I'm listening to them as I'm typing.  The aren't heavy feeling either, the aluminium is quite light on these.
  9. glac1er
    I don't think the Ortofon will serve well as a beat-up pair. Its strain relief, straight angled jack and filter system do not like moisture and being stuffed into a pocket. I have had one broke on me due to that kind of abuse. They are more durable than average but not to the level of beat-up pair yet. For a natural sound, I think GR07 at least matches the e-Q5, its overall tone weight is more appropriate despite yielding instrument separation to the e-Q5.
    Also if you are considering the e-Q5, you should also look into the GR01, another natural and balanced sounding armature IEM. Very comfortable, although it's not been around long enough to have a proven long-term durability.
  10. Techno Kid
    I have the Rockit Sounds R-50 which sound almost the same as the GR01 so I'm good.  The GR07 is a good IEM just not as good as the e-Q5,  the GR01 and R-50 sound better imo but everyone has different preferences.  I've always been one of the few that think the GR07 isn't as good as what most people do, the lack of depth in the soundstage makes them sound strange to me and they don't have the energy of other IEM's I have or had know since I've sold so many of them but the GR07 its a quality IEM.
  11. glac1er
    The gap is close between the sub $200 top tiers since most of them are already very balanced in the first place. I think the GR07 has more than enough energy for a natural tone. For my taste, the e-Q5 sometimes is a touch too light, airy and sparkly sounding for instrumental recordings, though this works wonders with synthesized music.
    The ortofon is still one of the top set sub-$200 after its news pricing, it's just that I prefer GR01 and GR07 to it. GR01 is the most refined sounding TWFK set I've listened to, and TWFK's aggresive detailing is addicting. One can argue that the small refinements are not worth the extra price though over other TWFK sets. 
  12. Techno Kid
    Now that statement is true but they also sound very good with rock like Korn, Deftones, Nirvana and such so it just depends on the recording but they are awesome for edm/electronica.
  13. Techno Kid
    I really tried to like the GR07, making myself listen to them for pretty long periods of time to try and get my brain adjusted to them but I could never get into the sound signature.  Everyone has a certain type of signature they like and the GR07 is not for me, it took some trial and error of buy different IEM's (like most of use on Head Fi) whether BA or dynamic driver and I've come to the realization that I'm a balanced armature type of guy.
  14. glac1er
    e-Q5 is a moving armature, still not completely sure what it is technically. They do sound a bit different from a typical BA.
    I admit that I like dynamics most of the time more than BAs.
  15. jasonb
    Id say GR07, or the GR01 if you want something even more neutral.
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