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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. ejong7
    I've never hear the unit before. Sorry I can't help.
  2. drm870
    Anybody know what the final sale count ended up at? (I bought it and am just curious.)
  3. shotgunshane Contributor
  4. Radec
    In on this drop based on this thread as several other positive things I've read. I didn't want to take the risk and also wait this long but I've been so frustrated with my recent IEM purchases. If the mids are as good as I've read they are, these will be right up my alley.
  5. PopZeus
    Yeah, I figured. Wasn't sure who else got preview copies. Thanks anyways! Hopefully if a pair does cross someone else's hands that they might offer up their thoughts.

    The reason I was asking was I've never heard the UERM so I wouldn't know what a "fun" version of that might sound like. And tbh everyone's definition of enough sub-bass seems a bit different, so it's hard to know what to make of that as a description. Another concern I have is tip fit. I'm a big fan of spiral dots. I will say, I dig the form factor and 2-pin connector. But basically there are too many open questions for me to throw down so much money on a pair of IEMs.
  6. mark5hs
    Any thoughts on these vs the Periodic Beryllium IEM?
    Came pretty close to ordering but with the long lead time I figured I'd wait for canjam nyc in february.
  7. ejong7
    The Be's are warm-ish, reminds me of the HD650-ish signature.

    Bass: Be lifted in overall region, while lift on Plus only focus on sub bass. Plus is more punchy and dynamic, but the mid bass of Be allows a rich, textured tonality to come through.

    Mids: Plus is clearer and more forward, Be is smoother and lusher but lacks a little clarity when compared.

    Treble: Plus is brighter but may sound sharper if you like the Be sound.. Be is smoother but lacks apparent detail.

    Soundstage: Be soundstage lacks width. Depth is above average. Plus is better on width, depth is similar if not better.

    Key to note is that I always found the Periodic Audio IEMs to be harder to fit snugly for me than the Plus.

    May lead to how the soundstage is less favoured than the Plus.
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  8. AlwaysForward
    Apparently Cee Tee is working on a lightning cable for these as mentioned in some recent comments on the drop page. If they do launch the next drop with a lightning cable that has a mic and hifi audio performance built in, I'm in like flynn.
    beedee likes this.
  9. snip3r77
    I can bet it will be re released and the lead time will be much faster
  10. ansonchc
    Just an update: orders are now on their way through DHL, guess will receive them by this weekend earliest
    AlwaysForward likes this.
  11. tinyman392
    Mine went through FedEx.
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  12. mashuto
    Fedex for me too... though just says label created so far. Im guessing it hasnt actually shipped yet.
  13. tinyman392
    That simply means that FedEx is waiting to receive the product in hand. So no, it hasn't moved yet. I'm in the same boat.
  14. mashuto
    Im aware, I was just phrasing it that way because sometimes theres a bit of lag when they first create the label even after its started shipping.
  15. AlwaysForward
    Anyone who ordered have a 1more Quad Driver they can compare to?
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