1. Astrotec AM850 MK2

    Astrotec AM850 MK2

    New developed 10mm dynamic driver, equipped with Japan 2nd gen LCP diaphragm Wide treble / Rich details / Smooth transition Optimized magnetic circuit system SQUAMA Damper Balance System The special high-density pattern etched inside the cavity is our creative design, so as to reduce the...
  2. Dèng

    Linsoul x 7HZ x Crinacle Salnotes Dioko Product Launch

    🎉 Linsoul x 7HZ x Crinacle Salnotes Dioko Product Launch 🎉 Greetings everyone! It has been a while since 7HZ launched the 7HZ Timeless and it has been popular among many people till date. Crinacle, the founder of In-Ear Fidelity and a well-known reviewer, popularised this as well. To all...
  3. Wasaabi

    Kinera URD Review - The best looking IEM I've ever seen

    Kinera URD is probably the most beautiful iems I've ever seen The meaning of URD: URD is a word related to Norse mythology. URD is one of the Norn who are in charge of fate in Norse mythology, and is also known as the Dís of Death. She is the guardian of the well of fate under the Yggdrasil...
  4. C

    Please help with first non-limit budget purchase in this hobby! (Even better if you are a kinda lava owner)

    I joined this hobby like 2 years ago with some chi-fi 100-200$ iems. They last me for not that long period of time, and i decided to dive deeper and find good option. Now, im out of all my headphones and iems, brain storming my self and doing ton of research to find something. I finally got the...
  5. Moondrop Chu

    Moondrop Chu

    SPECS: Impedance: 18Ω. Sensitivity: 120dB/Vrms@1kHz. THD: ≤1%@1kHz. Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-35kHz. Effective Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz(IEC60318-4, -3dB).
  6. Wasaabi

    BUDGET BEAUTY IEMS - Simgot King Wonder EN1000

    The first time I became aware of the brand "Simgot" was around 2016, when I was attracted by one of their products (EN700-SUZAKU): metal case, nice resolution and good price for me. At the end of last year, their new product EN1000 once again attracted me with good looks and nice sound at the...
  7. Hidizs MM2

    Hidizs MM2

    Intro 6mm Low-voltage Magneto-static BM Driver 10.2mm dynamic driver for overall Enhancement In The Mid-bass Range 3 Tuning Valves for 3 Different Audio Experiences Mix braided quad-core high purity silver & OFC wires Eco-friendly Resin Body & Lozenge-cut Faceplate 6mm Low-voltage...
  8. S

    Looking for a starter amp/dac stack or combo for IEM's - especially T800

    Hey guys, I'm new here. Please take in to account that i am dumb probably and dont understand something correctly Couple of days ago I met with a new friend who is really into hi-fi audio and he reignited my passion for headphones and music. Came back home and realised I didn't drive my...
  9. Damien Grief

    Upgrading IEMs from Moondrop Aria

    Per the title, I'm looking at potentially upgrading my IEMs soon. I love the Arias. They've been great. But I just ordered a FiiO M11 Plus DAP and was thinking it might be a good time to get better IEMs, too. In researching, the most recommended upgrades from the Arias seem to be the Moondrop...
  10. TFZ Tequila Pro

    TFZ Tequila Pro

    Description TEQUILA PRO It is a work of TFZ brand that has been upgraded for three years. It is a new generation of ultra-high-definition resolution reference earphones, which not only strengthens the overall quality presentation, but also gives a crystal-like transparent musical experience...
  11. TFZ T2 PRO

    TFZ T2 PRO

    Description Dynamic benchmark, even rarer species, ultra-clear sound quality series Five VGP Award-winning basic units Tesla driver Dual magnetic circuit 2.0 dynamic Ultra-high frequency independent frequency division Three-strand braided gold-plated silver + high-purity copper cable Support...
  12. Dèng

    Linsoul CNY Sale 2022, CNY and DUNU Giveaways, and more!

    🍊🍊 Linsoul Chinese New Year Sale and Giveaways 🍊🍊 Greetings everyone! There are so many updates, where do we begin? First, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year in advance! 🎉 Next, mark your calendars as we will be holding a CNY Sale from 28th January till 7th February, 2022...


    IMR OZAR IEMs When it became time to replace my highly praised Aten driver I had to look at everything it did amazingly well and retain those qualities and look at what could be improved and build a stronger foundation for the next generation of driver. The Ozar features an all new CNT ADLC...
  14. ChrisOc

    The Head-Fi Members' Poll for IEMs 2021

    Another year of very interesting IEMs. Which IEMs were the best? It is time to find out what your thoughts are on the matter. Your Poll Team members are: @AmericanSpirit @dharmasteve @Nimweth @ChrisOc We will be available to answer your questions. The Poll starts at 0.00 GMT on the 7th of...
  15. Dèng

    Linsoul X'Mas & EOY Sale and Giveaway 2021

    Greetings everyone! :santa: We will be having our Christmas & EOY Sale from 25th Dec 2021 till 1st Jan 2022 (GMT+8). Details of our Event can be found here: Before we start our Sale, we have also launched a Giveaway, which...
  16. TankedThomas

    Please Help Choosing Chi-Fi IEMs... For My Mother

    Title pretty much says it all (but my post is needlessly long anyway). My mum wants some new earphones because her current pair are busted, so I've been looking at the KZ range. She doesn't need anything fancy, but I just want to get her something nice that should last (bonus that you can...
  17. Penon

    PENON Serial - Triple Dynamic Driver Audiophile IEM

    PENON SERIAL Triple Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm Audiophile In-Ear Monitors Medical grade resin cavity, light and beautiful, comfortable to wear, no strange feeling in contact with the skin. Semi-transparent black shell, the panel is made of stabilized wood red, blue, and green 3 colors mixed...
  18. Penon

    Audiophile Fans In-ear Monitor

    Penon FAN Single Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMS Description 3D printing resin, stabilized wood panel Sound Signature: The Penon Fan has a fun sound to appeal to all audiophiles. The bass is very addictive with good dive. Vocals are crystal clear. The treble has...
  19. TRN X7

    TRN X7

    A weĺl balanced BA set to add to the many TRN offering.
  20. TRN CS2

    TRN CS2

    The CS2 is an inexpensive fun set in the TRN range.
  21. redrol

    Can A Graph show IEM Soundstage: maybe so!

    I ran across this: Which is actually's scheme to measure heapdhone stage. Obviously this is intended to apply to big over the head headphones. Still, I applied this theory to IEMs I've listened to and have graphs available and...
  22. tlite

    What are three Good 'Schiit-Grade' First IEMs (with Soundstage!) to try?

    Title pretty much says it all. I'm new to everything, wanting to try IEM's to see if I like 'em. I tend to go for the entry to mid-grade stuff that punches above it's weight class initially while I get a feel for stuff. Then if I upgrade to something else or try something else I have a...
  23. TSAVWayne


    From TSAV. The Torrance Store Front Will Be Closed Friday & Saturday This Week, But Will Reopen In Irvine This Saturday & Sunday For CanJam 2021.
  24. Wasaabi

    TANCHJIM PRISM-How can it be so pretty?

    And sounds so good! The color of its sound is like its appearance, which is cold and metallic, but the whole is balanced. The bass is flexible, very compact, the treble is a little bright but rich in details. But the flaw in the beauty of the PRISM is that the connection between the DD and the...
  25. Oriveti OV800 - TOTL 8 BA Drivers IEM with 2 switches

    Oriveti OV800 - TOTL 8 BA Drivers IEM with 2 switches

    New TOTL from Oriveti - The OV800 (8 BA with bass and treble switches)