1. P

    Recommendation for crunchy bass easy to drive fun warm IEMs

    Background I come from the 1More Triple Driver, which I enjoyed even though they were slightly relaxed and not amazing. Anyway they did a fine job. When the cable broke I hate I could not replace it. That is why I am not buying those iems again, I am looking for replaceable cables. Now I've got...
  2. F

    Comfortable wireless earbuds

    Hi all, I have been looking for a comfortable pair of wireless earbuds with ANC that also offer decent music audio. I use over ear headphones at the moment (Sony WH-1000XM3) which are generally comfortable, but can be painful when wearing glasses (they press the frames into my head) and also...
  3. Fischer AMPs Rapture IEMs

    Fischer AMPs Rapture IEMs

    Driver Configuration: Three-way crossover, four balanced armature speakers (2 x bass, 1 x mid, 1 x high) Sound Characteristics Decent bass enhancement with defined overall mids, clear and detailed highs. Perfect for in ear monitoring on stage or for audiophiles for use with portable music...
  4. morunas

    LF comfortable open circumaural headphones up to around $50

    Hey everyone, As "comfortable" is a metric only experience can speak of... could you help me find headphones for my girlfriend's head for long online dungeons and dragons sessions? So most importantly comfortable: minimal clamping, many hours without warming the ears, comfy pads Sound: as main...
  5. S

    Need suggestions for over-the-ear headphones

    I'm looking for headphones with some of this qualities: 1) Looks: I'd prefer headbands that are almost perfectly round like the ones in the photo below. Shallow ear pads would be nice, too, but not a must. 2) Wired. It can have bluetooth, but I need to use it with cable. 3) Active noise...
  6. 5

    Wired Over-Ear headphones recommendation

  7. V

    Looking for in-ear headphones under $30

    No amp, source will be my phone, usually Spotify on high/very high quality, also Youtube videos ofc. I listen to all kinds of music: metal, rock (mostly alternative/indie), bit of jazz, hip hop (lo-fi too), rap, pop and electronic. Would be really good if they have a microphone (+ a button)...
  8. Chamelleon

    Portable and Comfortable Bluetooth Headphones

    Hi, I'm looking for Bluetooth on-ear or over ear portable headphones. I'm gonna use it mostly on my way to office and in the office (4-5h/day) so I need something portable and as comfortable as it can be with decent sound. I really like Bose QC35II construction but for me the sound quality is...
  9. deco cat

    Best earbuds with "earpods" form factor.

    I'm searching something very comfortable that firmly grips my ears but also good sounding. I've found this MEMT T5, are they valid or there are best alternatives? Thanks.
  10. Ladytron604

    BEST Wired Closed Ear Headphones for Electronic Music Genre

    Hello all, I am a newbie looking for expert advice on what are the best closed ear headphones under $300 to buy for the R3 Portable HiFi Music Player Bluetooth MP3 Player High Resolution Audio Player. Right now my setup: FLAC files on my Hi-Fi Walker using Beats Studio 3 Wireless Closed...
  11. heidimilk

    Headphones for relaxing listening sessions [1000$]

    I'm searching for open-back HP's for under 1000$. I've already asked people in my other threads but thought I might as well open a new one. I want them to be very relaxed sounding (e.g. no Beyer treble-peak, not too analytic) and they should be rather comfortable. What are your suggestions...
  12. Crosszone CZ-1 Over-The-Ear Triple Driver Flagship Headphones

    Crosszone CZ-1 Over-The-Ear Triple Driver Flagship Headphones

    Crosszone CZ-1 Crosszone’s CZ-1 is a unique headphone that achieves the External Sound Localization effect with an original technology. Different from conventional headphones that have a problem known as internal sound localization (in which the sound sources seems to be located inside the...
  13. Jsingh4

    Headphones to feel and enjoy music with wide Soundstage

    Hi guys would like to buy a headphone with wide Soundstage, clarity, smoothness, instrument isolation but at the same time good bass not booming or over powering or too much just deep enough to enjoy music, I really prefer a natural sound. I like Trap and dubstep, as well as classical and metal...
  14. K

    Most comfortable IEMs for listening to voices (mids) under 100

    I want a comfortable pair of IEMs. I rarely listen to music. I listen to a lot of audiobooks and youtube videos. My budget is under £100.
  15. klepto

    [Recommendation]: Best Wired Portable Closed Back Headphone?

    Here's what I am looking for: Portability Great Imaging Good Base/Mids Comfortable AF Decent to good Soundstage I'll be using this for gym time, commutes, plane trips, etc. My budget is anything below 700-800 dollars. Thanks for the help, I'm dipping my foot in the world of audiophiles and...
  16. Audeze LCD-MX4

    Audeze LCD-MX4

    Audeze LCD-MX4, the studio LCD-4 for music producers! Features Planar magnetic drivers for better dynamics and frequency response Premium leather for style and durability Made in our Southern California facility Audeze Technology Flux density 1.5 Tesla Large ultra-thin Uniforce diaphragms...
  17. jegarn

    Advice on comfortable, well isolating neutral IEM ~$300

    Hi everyone I am looking for a new IEM for traveling, commuting and open office environment. I tried Bosse and Sonys different ANC headphones after reading good reviews but was turned off by the SQ which I found to lack detail and precision and they had way too much bass. This turned my...
  18. jl1994

    Phonak Audeo 012 - for sale

    I have just bought a pair of Phonak Audeo PFE 012 and sadly the sound signature is not quite to my taste so they are better off going to someone else. Contents: - Original Box - Earphones - Rubber tips - New Comply tips - Instruction manual etc. Payment via paypal or direct bank transfer...
  19. MuppetFace

    Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM New Massdrop IEMs from.... Massdrop? Yup. Massdrop introduces their first audiophile product under their own brand name: the PLUS universal in-ear monitors. Since everyone is off at RMAF, I figured I’d go ahead and start a thread on...
  20. Killcomic

    Which HM5 pads for ATH-M40X?

    Hey guys, I'm considering upgrading the earpads on my M40X as they irritate my ears and get really hot after long usage. I got my eyes on the HM5 angled pads (ZMF are too expensive) but I'm not sure which one to get, the pleather or hybrid ones. I don't want to mess up the sound too much. Which...
  21. 4

    Recommend under $80 On-ear wireless headphones for exercising and other daily activities.

    Hello, I am new to this forum and excited for what this forum has to offer. I am in high school and my teacher told me in-ear headphones (which I am currently using) are not so safe, not good for your ears, and can give you hearing loss. So now I am wondering what on-ear wireless headphones...
  22. dotrunghieu

    looking for a comfortable headphone

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a comfortable headphone for home use that can last several hours on my head without my ears getting too hot or head hurting from the clamping force. I prefer open, full sized headphone. I'm using ifi Pro iCan amp, but I could replace it if necessary. Comfortable is key...
  23. Takstar Pro 82

    Takstar Pro 82

    Takstar Pro 82 Review, impressions and discussion thread Features: • Ø40mm new NdFeB driver features high sensitivity, wide response range and large dynamic • Adopts high polymer coating diaphragm, pure bass, penetrating mids and exquisite highs • Soft and comfortable headband and ear pads...
  24. BenF

    Takstar Pro 82/GM200 Review, impressions and discussion thread

    =============================================== See the Takstar GM200 review here: =============================================== I used to love Takstar Pro 80. In fact...