Which HM5 pads for ATH-M40X?

  1. Killcomic
    Hey guys, I'm considering upgrading the earpads on my M40X as they irritate my ears and get really hot after long usage.
    I got my eyes on the HM5 angled pads (ZMF are too expensive) but I'm not sure which one to get, the pleather or hybrid ones.
    I don't want to mess up the sound too much.
    Which HM5 pads would you recommend?

    PS- Also, if anyone recommends the Shure 840 pads. I've heard they are good too.
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  2. serman005
    If I were having trouble with my ears getting hot, I would stay away from the pleather, personally.
  3. Killcomic
    Yeah, but I've heard velour kills bass. I find the M40x ligjt on the bass as it is. I'd hate to lose too much of it.
    For me, normally, sound quality comes first but the M40x stock pads are way too uncomfortable. I just want something better without compromising the sound quality too much.
  4. serman005
    It sounds like you are looking at some kind of compromise, either way. I do agree velour can at times adversely impact bass response. It is something I notice on my HE400S, for which I have swapped out Focus A pads (for the stock velour ones) to nice effect.
  5. Killcomic
    Those angled sheepskin pads are starting to look mighty tempting...
  6. serman005
    Mmm. Whatever you go with, let us know how they work out.
  7. Killcomic
    For sure!
    I pulled the trigger and ordered the Brainwavz angled sheepskin pads.
    I might do a mini review when I get them and use them for a bit.
  8. almarti
    What about your experience with new Brainwavz pads on M40x?
    I am in the same situation, too tight with stock pads and I considering which HM5 to buy?
    Is there a big difference between sheepskin and pleather?
  9. Killcomic
    Well, it's about 8000% more comfortable. No pain whatsoever and less heat.
    The sound signature does change a bit. The soundstage increases and you get better bass response.
    The vocals do have a slight tendency to sound a bit toward hollow. I recommend you use the foam filters which are underneath the stock pads. This will take care of the hollowness for the most part (although still slightly detectable).

    I must say I fell a bit in love with the new sound. Some songs became hauntingly beautiful.
    It may not be everyone's cup of tea as the signature changes a bit, but by golly, the M40X is a far more fun listening experience now with the angled sheepskin pads.

    As for the difference between sheepskin and pleather, I've heard that pleather does not conduct bass as well as the sheepskin. I only have the sheepskin so I cannot confirm.
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  10. stag lion
    Do you still use these? I know I'm late to the party but I recently got my M40x's and am looking for a pad solution.
  11. Killcomic
    I use them every day at my computer.
    They do get hot during summer when temps reach over 30C. For giggles I went back to the stock pads and could not last more than 30 minutes.
    The angled sheepskin pads were an excellent investment for me.
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  12. stag lion
    The only thing holding me back thus far is the loss of bass; the original HM5 pleather pads I have made some of my old classic rock sound tinny.. I'm assuming the material absorbed the bass. My rock music needs the bass of these cans as I love the sound with the stocks but they aren't comfortable. Of course, you already know that. I also love my vocals, and since the M40x's are my first "good" headphones I assume I won't be able to detect the hollowness you suggested in the vocals. What kinds of music do you listen to?

    Thank you!
  13. Killcomic
    I listen to almost everything, Jazz, City Pop, Synth Pop, House, Disco, Darkwave, Post Punk... I haven't noticed any decrease in bass with the sheepskin. The main difference I found is the added soundstage. Voices no longer sound like they are in your face but they acquire some distance.
    As long as you keep the foam filter pads that live under the stock pads, you're sweet to go. If you don't use them with your HM5, voices sound a bit hollow.
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  14. JediMa70
    Thanks a lot mate! I was already going to put back on the original ones as I found your post! With foam filters on too the sound is just W O W! Same amount of bass but with more detail and a wider soundstage!
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