Headphones to feel and enjoy music with wide Soundstage
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100+ Head-Fier
Sep 8, 2018
Hi guys would like to buy a headphone with wide Soundstage, clarity, smoothness, instrument isolation but at the same time good bass not booming or over powering or too much just deep enough to enjoy music, I really prefer a natural sound. I like Trap and dubstep, as well as classical and metal music, so I was thinking for an open back headphone but not sure if can satisfy my bass needs. I had Ath M 50x but I felt that the bass is overpowering and since it is closed back so music feels suffocating and clamp pressure is way too much for me as well as the headband hurts, so would really like to consider your suggestions a headphone so comfy that I don't even feel its there, music so pure and natural. I was thinking of Monoprice Monolith M 1060 but not sure if it can deliver my bass needs. Budget is also not too much about 300 USD.

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