1. D

    Hello, I'm looking for some help with purchasing a Quality Speaker setup for 5.1 audio to use with my Computer.

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well today. Hopefully this isn't too long of a message, but I want to explain my situation and what I've learned thus far. I hope this is the correct place/forum to post this question as this site seems to be mainly a Headphone forum (I see there is a...
  2. newToAudio100

    High/low pass 2.2 channel setup

    I have my primary and secondary headphone setup already mostly complete. I'm looking to build a speaker setup as an additional system. I don't have a lot of experience with speaker systems other than surround sound and low end 2ch systems. I was considering using my secondary dac (the yggy og...
  3. FiiO SP3 - Compact Desktop Speakers

    FiiO SP3 - Compact Desktop Speakers

    FiiO SP3 is a fantastic compact desktop speaker FiiO Website
  4. overhaze

    Comparably sized PC speakers to replace my Edifier E25HD?

    I've had my Edifier E25HD speakers for 5 years but unfortunately the left speaker has started to distort so I guess it's time to look for a replacement. I am space starved so I can't go much bigger (which rules out bookshelf speakers) and while I could import the often recommend Klipsch Promedia...
  5. DelayedEnd

    Poll - New Headphones VS New Speakers

    Hello, So I have been thinking for a while that I would like something new. Now, I am trying to decide what I want to do. My current thoughts are either, buy a new pair of headphones (Probably HiFiMAN HE1000 V1), or finally, properly get into the speaker space. Currently have HiFiMAN XS +...
  6. Apos Audio

    $200 Discount Off the Kanto TUK Premium Powered Speakers on Apos

    Hi all, Here’s an exciting bit of news we feel you all would be interested in. For a limited time, we’ve taken $200 off the Kanto TUK Premium Powered Speakers! Delivering clarity and performance that put it in a class of its own, the TUK is designed to push the limits of what a bookshelf...
  7. Tudorsound

    Help with first Hi-fi System (streaming)

    Trying to get my head around this hi fi stuff so, if you have a sec, please help me out with some newbie questions. Got a small room, using my MacBook Pro to stream Apple Music, got two Sonos One speakers above my desk, but find the sound quality very average (it cracks up with lows and sounds...
  8. Pumpo

    Absolute best speaker setup for under 1.5k USD

    Hello all, I am looking to get into speakers, but have no idea where to start, I am in need of a complete setup (I.E Audio interface, cables, stands) and am wondering what the best setup I could get for $1.5k is. Near field monitors are my main target right now due to my room acoustics...
  9. T

    Hanging Speakers

    I have read quite a bit on mounting speakers, mostly on stands, some on mounting on walls. Found some interesting discussions on isolation of vibration, dampening and transfer of sound. What I am curious about, is why no one seems to talk about “hanging of speakers”. I don’t mean hanging as on a...
  10. M

    What is the most suited distortion for each component?

    I've been passively absorbing a good amount of music listening and hifi gear info for just over a few months through listening to youtube reviews in the background, discussions and reading reading reviews and comments on such. Seems like some enthusiasts like to reference science to justify...
  11. GeorgeA

    Smyth Research Realiser A16 Speaker Edition

    The Smyth Research Realiser A16 SE (Speaker Edition) is a special version of the Realiser A16 for listening to Dolby Atmos and DTS: X movies, music, games or series on two Hi-Fi speakers, using patented AudioXD technology. The advantage would be a Realiser A16 unit with two operating modes...
  12. internaught

    Upgrade from the TH-X00's and Element II?

    Long time lurker, first time poster(?) I spend a lot of time on the PC and I'm a big gamer. I listen to a wide range of music from Drum N Bass and Mindless Self Indulgence to Nils Frahm and Gordon Lightfoot. I'm using the Massdrop / Fostex TH-X00s with the JDS Labs Element II -- Along with...
  13. Burson Funk - 3Wpc Headphone Amp and 45Wpc Class-AB Speaker Amp

    Burson Funk - 3Wpc Headphone Amp and 45Wpc Class-AB Speaker Amp

    3-Watts per channel, fully discrete headphone amplifier that doubles as a 45-Watt per channel Class-AB integrated amplifier! How cool is that? Some Funky facts first: As you are aware by now, their proprietary Max Current Power Supply is what gives their products that power and dynamic...
  14. matthewhypolite


    TRANSITION TO SPEAKERS, TUBE MAGIC! INTRODUCTION I've been a headphone listener for the past 2 decades, starting with my very first pair of hifi headphones the Grado SR60. Since then I've crept up the line of absurdly priced gear all the way up to what I consider my end-game headphone stack...
  15. M

    How do I fix this?

    I made the dumb mistake of not unplugging one of the left satellite on my Z625 while trying to move my subwoofer to another position, breaking the metal cover of that speaker's plug. If I just put the cover back in and plug it back in the subwoofer it works, but if I try to unplug the satellite...
  16. gaming

    How do I use Equalizer APO for speakers?

    I've just put Equalizer APO on my computer, and I'd like to try using it for desktop speakers Is there a guide anywhere that can tell me how to use it properly? And do I need to do anything differently, since I'm using it for speakers and not headphones?
  17. danimeisteR

    Sorry, wrong subforum, please delete this thread :/

    Sorry, wrong subforum, please delete this thread :/
  18. E

    PC audio gear + closed headphone advice?

    Dear Head-Fiers, I have browsed this forum a lot a decade ago and decided to buy an AKG K271 Studio and a Prodigy HD2 sound card. I have enjoyed this experience a lot, but now it is time for an upgrade. I believe this forum is the place to be! I'm trusting you experts. About me: I am not an...
  19. Tronsmart Official

    NEW MEMBER OF FORCE SPEAKER FAMILY--FORCE 2, Tronsmart’s First Speaker Designed with Qualcomm Chip

    In the past two years, we had launched Force and Force+ Bluetooth Speakers which have gotten millions of positive feedback. Force series has undergone the verification of time and is still our star product. This year, we cooperated with Qualcomm, adding Qualcomm chips to speakers for the first...
  20. S

    Question about aune S6/ S6 pro.Can i connect speakers?

    Hello, I was lately thinking about buying a speakers. I have aune s6 pro that I'm using with my headphones. My qestion is: can I connect the speakers to aune s6 pro. Do it need to be active speakers? If i can connect speakers how much power do aune S6 pro. Please can someone explain it to me. Is...
  21. Derek411

    Why headphones win for me.

    I don’t mind an Alexa for occasional listening. I have a decent Bluetooth sound bar which is ok. But unless I dedicate a room in my family home with my wife and two young daughters for speakers. Then be told it’s too loud (probably) and not suitable for late listening when everyone goes to bed...
  22. M

    Recommendations for active speakers under 200?

    I was considering the Monoprice Monolith MM-3 but those seems to cut out at low listening levels. So I'm currently looking at the Fluance AI40. Any advice on this matter? Any recommendations or suggestions? It would be really appreciated.
  23. Roksan Caspian M2 Integrated Amplifier

    Roksan Caspian M2 Integrated Amplifier

    The Caspian Integrated Amplifier, like other products in the range, has received awards and accolades from around the world for its smooth, grippy and powerful sound. A true high-end amplifier without the price tag, it is used as reference in multiple situations. Using independent power...
  24. Polk Signa S2 Soundbar & Subwoofer

    Polk Signa S2 Soundbar & Subwoofer

    Signa S2 Universal TV Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System Elevates home theatre and music well beyond what you hear from your TV's small built-in speakers Works with your TV and includes HDMI and optical cable for quick, easy setup 2” tall, low-profile design won’t block your TVs bottom...
  25. MonoJon

    Nichicon FW caps for subwoofer amp power supply?

    TL;DR Are Nichicon FW series caps appropriate or the power supply of an amplifier-integrated power supply? Hello, I need to recap the power supply (left side of the PCB in this photo). Are Nichicon FW series caps appropriate for this? I am a novice with this, but as I understand it, "audio...