1. Derek411

    Why headphones win for me.

    I don’t mind an Alexa for occasional listening. I have a decent Bluetooth sound bar which is ok. But unless I dedicate a room in my family home with my wife and two young daughters for speakers. Then be told it’s too loud (probably) and not suitable for late listening when everyone goes to bed...
  2. R

    Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 and BX Centre (dark walnut)

    Hi, I am selling Monitor Audio Bronze front and centre speakers - BX2 and BX Centre. The finish is dark walnut and they are in excellent condition - see photos. I will also include the black front grills for all the speakers (not in photos). If you pick them up in Leeds where I live then I am...
  3. M

    Recommendations for active speakers under 200?

    I was considering the Monoprice Monolith MM-3 but those seems to cut out at low listening levels. So I'm currently looking at the Fluance AI40. Any advice on this matter? Any recommendations or suggestions? It would be really appreciated.
  4. Roksan Caspian M2 Integrated Amplifier

    Roksan Caspian M2 Integrated Amplifier

    The Caspian Integrated Amplifier, like other products in the range, has received awards and accolades from around the world for its smooth, grippy and powerful sound. A true high-end amplifier without the price tag, it is used as reference in multiple situations. Using independent power...
  5. Polk Signa S2 Soundbar & Subwoofer

    Polk Signa S2 Soundbar & Subwoofer

    Signa S2 Universal TV Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System Elevates home theatre and music well beyond what you hear from your TV's small built-in speakers Works with your TV and includes HDMI and optical cable for quick, easy setup 2” tall, low-profile design won’t block your TVs bottom...
  6. goyete

    Mourdant Short Genie 5.1 system (without sub-woofer)

    I sell the satellite speakers from the Mourdant Short Genie 5.1 Combo, only the sattellites (4 units of MS402 speaker and 1 unit of MS404 speaker). I don't have the subwoofer. I also include 2 original stands for 2 units of MS402. The speakers sounds/works fine, please ask me any doubt. The...
  7. MonoJon

    Nichicon FW caps for subwoofer amp power supply?

    TL;DR Are Nichicon FW series caps appropriate or the power supply of an amplifier-integrated power supply? Hello, I need to recap the power supply (left side of the PCB in this photo). Are Nichicon FW series caps appropriate for this? I am a novice with this, but as I understand it, "audio...
  8. pichu

    Looking for a DAC with multiple XLR out

    Hey all, i want to connect my Liquid Plat and my active powered ADAM speakers to the same DAC. I currently am using the Mytek Brooklyn. I would really like a DAC with multiple XLR out and the ability to cotrol the volume of my speakers through. Preferably a passive design on the volume control...
  9. willsw

    Fern & Roby Open House, 11-23 Richmond, VA

    Event page: https://www.fernandroby.com/blog/2019/open-house-nov-23rd Fern & Roby has been building a listening room within their huge machine shop just south of the 14th St. bridge and are teaming up with a few other manufacturers to host an open house. There will be vinyl, digital, speakers...
  10. sponsor

    Speakers needed, €300 max.

    I have a budget of about €300 for some speakers for my computer. Focus is on clarity for music/movies/games with enough bass to give a good feel to movies and games, but not overpowering enough to cloud the dialogues. Also for music, preference is old rock, so a lot of high end cymbals and...
  11. thehexagonal

    If I was looking for a Studio Monitor equivalent...

    ...of the ER4SR, which one would it be? Working with dialogue, mixing with already finished music, mastering for web.
  12. dsticker

    ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 bookshelfs (cosmetically blemished mid-range drivers)

    Edit: SOLD I purchased these speakers from Amazon on June 4, 2016 based solely on the very positive early reviews (i.e. internet hype). Fortunately I liked them so much that I bought an identical pair two years later. Now I'm selling both pairs because I bought a pair of Tekton Double...
  13. dsticker

    ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 bookshelfs

    Edit: SOLD! :-) I purchased these speakers from Amazon on July 13, 2018 after owning another pair for a couple years and liking them immensely. Now I'm selling both pairs because I bought a pair of Tekton Double Impacts, which far outweighs (both physically and sonically) the UB5s. And...
  14. Aurender S5W Wireless Speakers

    Aurender S5W Wireless Speakers

    S5W Lossless High-Fidelity (16-bit/44kHz) Resolution without any compression at all. True Wireless Stereo – No Cables Required (Even Power Cable) Machined Aluminum Enclosure Available In Three Finishes High Quality Drivers – Tweeter Unit From Scan-Speak, Mid-Bass Unit From SEAS Up To 50...
  15. spacedrone808

    Small speakers for computer

    Guys, desperately need your advice. Computer equipped with asus essense stx2 audio card + creative gigaworks t40 ii. I have feeling that speakers sucks a lot, even bigger then previous smaller model. Please advice. Size must be not bigger then creative. No room on the table. Listening to...
  16. NoodleBoy91

    LS50 Passive Vs LS50 Wireless

    Hi all, Recently in the market for some speakers and looking at the lS50's. Now initially I was sure and set on the passive version but I keep hearing about the actives and how good they sound. How much better they sound than the passive version. Reading one review, it sounded like they can...
  17. Level5


    Decided to keep!
  18. C

    Need help picking an audio set

    Hey I am looking for an audio solution for my TV/pc for mainly for watching movies and a bit of music(rap, rock, classical). Looking for something in the 400-500$ range. It will be used in a small room not a living room. I don't know if I should get a soundbar + subwoofer or if I'll be better of...
  19. Borat

    FS: Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary Bookshelf Speakers

    Product information from manufacturer: http://www.wharfedale.co.uk/denton-80/ For sale is a pair of Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary Bookshelf Speakers in Walnut finish. The condition is like new and will include all original packaging and accessories. It even comes with a set of white gloves...
  20. W

    New too headphone amps

    I recently bought a SMSL sAp II Pro for my Beyerdynamic dt770 250 ohm and it works great but what i want to know is is there a preference over plugging it in in the front or back headphone jack for sound quality / if i buy a 2 female 1 male aux cable can i have both the speakers and the amp...
  21. TommyFro

    Woo Audio WA7 questions

    I'm looking into getting a WA7 sometime in the near future and just had a few questions: 1. Is the tube psu a must or can I just get that later on and be happy for now? 2. Is the onboard DAC good enough or would I want an external one? - I want to use this as a preamp for speakers so an...
  22. radiofrog

    SOLD * Magnepan 1.7i Speakers

    * * * SOLD * * * 3 year old 1.7i Maggies (used for only about 18 months), black panels, black frame. They have had enough use to be fully broken in. These Planar magnetic speakers are in excellent condition and have been used in a smoke free, pet free environment. They produce absolutely...
  23. victorcc

    C.E.C. HD53N (headphone and speaker amplifier)

    Hi there, My C.E.C. HD53N headphone and speaker amplifier plus a dual XLR 3-pin to 1 XLR 4-pin cable is SOLD: 435€ including shipping cost to EU using PayPal friends and family or IBAN transfer (excluding any fee like currency exchange). Some interesting data: - Very good Japanese amplifier...
  24. tmorterlaing

    Downgrading(?) advise?

    Hey all, I have a pair of Focal Alpha 65s which I want to sell because theyre pretty big and I'm moving to a small house where I just don't need that much oomph. I want to get a pair of speakers (or like, anything) that is better than my 27" iMac speakers, offers relatively neutral audio and...
  25. R

    Running a DT770 for a few months without an amp nor problems, yesterday I tried to plug in my old 2.1 Stereo set into the front panel and I think it damaged my DT770.

    First of all, I am an audio newbie, so I might not use the correct terms and some of the text might be sentenced a bit off as a result of that. So I have not noticed any problems with my DT770, but yesterday I wanted to plug in my 2.1 stereo set so that I can get some sound switches when I need...