1. Ricco275

    Is there a better amp than Ferrum for HE1000V2?

    I just got the HE1000V2 and love the precision and clarity and wide soundstage. I’d like to improve the well known weak points mainly the bass presentation and the low engaging feeling. Is there a better amp than the Ferrum combo to achieve that? Would a Lavricables grand silver cable help or...
  2. CasioTofu

    I want to try "IEM" style in-ears. Something super bassy under $75?

    Hi guys. I'm a piece of shirt basshead. I've been unhappy with wireless so I want to try a pair of in-ears with a nice swappable cable. But it needs to be really, really, really mother-effing bassy. I'm like a little baby. Anything even slightly loud over 8khz seriously bothers me and I start...
  3. nublet554

    Help with my next IEM

    Hello all, Was looking for some recommendations for my next iem in my audio journey, and would love some recommendations. I currently have two IEM being the EE Legend X and the Jomo Audio Trinity Brass (and a custim noble audio kaiser I don't use due to all BA). I like them both, I'm a ass...
  4. sebaz

    Looking for headphones like ATH-MSR7b but with bass like ATH-M50x

    I've had the Audio Technica ATH-M50x for many years, and I love them. But I just bought a Fiio K7 amp and ATH-MSR7b headphones just to see what the whole balanced thing was about. Uncle Jeff told me it was fine, I could try them out and if I didn't like them just return them, he doesn't care...
  5. P

    Most responsive bass for ~$100?

    Hi, this is my first post here. After being bashed by a few ppl on Reddit, a few other friendlier Redditor's directed me to join here, and ask you guys as I'd get more mature responses :) or so I'm hoping. Here's my original thread if you want to look at the comments and original discussion...
  6. Patraputt

    Deleted post

    Post revoked due to irresponsive forum.
  7. JM Audio OpusX (50mm Biodynamic Closed Backs)

    JM Audio OpusX (50mm Biodynamic Closed Backs)

  8. R

    Headphones with the TIGHTEST BASS?

    Hello all! I'm searching for the best headphones for TIGHT BASS. I DO NOT MEAN full, big, boomy, or subby... Some examples of this might be the Skullcandy Crusher Evo, Sony's WH-1000XM4 or so... I DO MEAN DRY, KICK, THUMP and FAST. Just to blow up your eardrums or the cap of your skull with...
  9. Ale1789

    IE900 vs Fir M3 Bass/Technicality comparison request

    Hi, for the last period of time I looked for IEMs with good punchy bass and a warm, not too forward mid and treble presentation, coming from a Moondrop Variations which in stock form I don't love (too thin sounding) but has great details,stage and punch after some EQ . After searching for quite...
  10. cstjean

    Punchy bass earbuds under $250 IPX4+?

    Hello! I like to powerwalk around town and listen to music, but I can't exactly take my planar magnetics, amp, and dac with me. My company gave me some AirPods 2 that I've been using, but I'm not a huge fan. I'm looking for some better earbuds for metal, trance, and occasional orchestra. Some...
  11. HiFiGuy94

    Best warm and bassy IEMs under $1000? Bonus if it has good vocals.

    So i'm looking for an IEM with good warmth and bass under $1000. Im currently considering the Kinera Nanna 2. Please let me know wether this would be a good choice for me or not and feel free to recommend better IEMs for what i'm looking for. Thanks.
  12. S

    Moondrop Kato Bass

    Hi, so I recently got the Moondrop Kato and for the most part they are great. I've been comparing them a lot to my Airpods Pro and I kinda feel like the airpods have a nicer punchier bass which makes the Kato almost sound tinny and lacking sometimes (They are fitted properly). I also used the...
  13. phuoctue

    Which planar headphones has the best bass slam?

    Though the Hifiman Arya still my all-time favorite head phone but I still long for some more bass slam from it. Let's say price is no object, can you guys vote for a best bass slam planar headphone while it has the closest match to the Arya sound signature? Then it will be a combination of Arya...
  14. J

    Sub bass iem under $300

    Can you guys recommend sub bass iem under $300? The store told me that ikko oh10 sub bass is better than bgvp ns9. Recently, I have also considered nakamichi mv500. Give me some suggestions. Thanks🙏
  15. LittleEarz

    LCD-X VS HarmonicDyne Zeus

    Preface I did a short writeup on the Zeus vs the 660s a while ago and at the end of that review I didn't think I would venture above the $350 range. I was totally happy with everything that the Zeus was but as with all addictions I wanted to know if I hit the ceiling. I really wanted to know...
  16. P

    Recommendation for crunchy bass easy to drive fun warm IEMs

    Background I come from the 1More Triple Driver, which I enjoyed even though they were slightly relaxed and not amazing. Anyway they did a fine job. When the cable broke I hate I could not replace it. That is why I am not buying those iems again, I am looking for replaceable cables. Now I've got...
  17. Kavhat

    Bassy Earbuds? Upgrading an Edifier P180

    Hello everyone, The cable of my P180 earbuds is starting to fail, so before buying a new pair of them, I would like to buy (if there is) an upgrade to them. The only requisite is to have that bassy sound P180 have and to be wired earbuds (not IEM). Today I tested my brother's IEM Moondrop Aria...
  18. -Daan-

    Headphone for big ears

    Hi, I've been rocking my Sennheiser HD25-II for 12 years now, and it's time for something more comfortable and better sounding. What I'm looking for is: - Over-ear (I have big ears ) - Open back - Easy driveable (I don't intend on purchasing an amp) - Comfortable - Bassy sound Bonus points...
  19. dezzadk

    Closed basshead headphone suggestions? <$1000

    Hi guys. I am looking to replace my Ultrasone Pro 900 which have served me well, but now does not impress me the same way they used to. I have a Leckerton Audio UHA6S.MKII to go with it. Max $1000, but a great deal is a great deal and I don't wanna spend 4x the money on a small difference...
  20. tamir124

    Upgrade from v-moda crossfade m100 less then 1000$.

    I can dish out 1000$ although ideally I would like to be in the 600$ range, and I highly prefer closed back or at least semi-closed back over ear headphones. My m100s are reaching the end of their life, breaking apart after many good years. I wouldn't call myself an audiophile and can't...
  21. W

    Headphones similar to Aeon Open X

    I am listening headphones to find something suitable for me. Mostly I use them for computer games and movies. I need great punchy boom bass, good soundstage and good details of sound in general, prefer neutral sound signature ( but it's not for music in there most cases ). Yesterday I listened...
  22. pasi123567

    DT 880 from 2017 sounded different than the one I own now

    I had the DT 880 250ohm back in 2017 right after getting the K702 after asking for recommendations here. I found that the DT880 back then was very bright in comparison to the K702 and had way less sub bass as well. I also thought it had the hardest hitting fastest bass I have heard until then...
  23. squadgazzz

    Darkest planar magnetic headphones?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for the darkest planar headphones. Today I use Campfire Cascade which has huge bass and great details at the same time. But Cascade has a very annoying tube effect. I've tried to compare them with Audeze LCD-2 Closed and I really liked LCD's bass response which doesn't...
  24. luizcrf

    Is there a Headset like Ks Ks z10 pro, but with deeper bass?

    Guys, I recently purchased a Ks Z10 pro. I use it with a Fiio A3 and found it almost perfect for a headphone in this price range. The mids and highs are very good, but I wanted something with stronger and deeper bass. I tested the Sony WF-1000XM3. An impeccable headset, but I still miss a...
  25. amankrokx

    Help - Soundmagic E10C lost bass after reinstalling casing.

    Hi ! I am using these Soundmagic E10C for a while now, until yesterday while walking the wires got struck in door knob and got pulled really hard that the left side speaker came out of the casing (yes, the earphones didn't left my ears 😆). The solder joints were perfectly intact that I even...