1. Drop + Grell OAE1 Signature Headphones

    Drop + Grell OAE1 Signature Headphones

    SPECS Headphones Drop + grell Headphone type: Open-back Ear coupling: Over-ear Drivers: Biocellulose dynamic drivers Sound characteristic: Front oriented diffuse field equalization Adaption to the individual hearing curve: Soundfield pinna interaction Nominal impedance: 38 ohms Frequency...
  2. jacko5

    Headphones for good bass.. Trance music £200 budget

    Looking for some headphones for Trance music listening (good bass). I have a budget of £200 or so. I don't mind secondhand as can renew the ear muffs. Looking for full over ear type, wireless or wired. Thanks for any help given 😁.
  3. TRN MT4 Pro

    TRN MT4 Pro

    Product model TRN MT4 Pro Dynamic Drivers Monitors Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz Impedance: 40Ω Sensitivity: 113dB Jack type: 3.5mm Connector type: 2Pin Cable length: 1.2m±3cm Wear: Ear hook Colours: Flowing silver, Dream blue, Night black Weight: ~7.3g+10g earpiece+cable
  4. W

    DAC/Amp recommendations for the Hifiman HE-R9 or The House That Bass Built

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum as well as audio in general and had a few questions. First and foremost thank you for taking the time to read this. Secondly I listen to a good 95% Hip Hop, so I need that bass from outer space, the kinda bass that inspired simulation theory, the kinda bass...
  5. Y

    Closed-back over-ears for EDM - sub £100

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for a new set of cans. I'll be listening primarily to EDM (Chemical Brothers) at home, so portability and leakage are not important. I already have a good daily driver for media and gaming (PC38X) but I want something more fun with an abundance of bass (v-shaped...
  6. G

    IEM recommendation primarily for EDM - max. 2000 EUR

    Hi everyone, I'd like to step up with my mobile audio lineup, looking for recommendations, below the details, 1 important thing, I live in the EU, preferably buying form EU shop, easier to deal with warranty if needed. Currently I have these AKG N40, RHA T20, JVC HA-FW01 Wood Series, only using...
  7. Y

    I just realized I left my EQ on from yesterday.

    Today I got my Simgot EA1000 Fermant. I had heard very good things about the bass, and I was confused as to why it really wasn't that impressive when I tried it. I was even a little mad, because I found it to be sibilant and the treble could get harsh at times. It wasn't until I thought about...
  8. FATFreq Scarlet Mini

    FATFreq Scarlet Mini

    Experience raw, unadulterated power with the World's First 30dB sub-bass shelf, expertly controlled under 200Hz. FATfreq's proprietary tubeless hyper tweeter system provides stratospheric ultra-high extension and brilliance to 40kHz. Giving you the best of both worlds at incredible value and...
  9. Y

    Best bass texture on iem without breaking bank?

    I'm looking for an iem with the best possible bass texture at the price point (>500$). I've yet to own a single DD iem, so I'm unsure if those are the best in terms of bass quality? I listen to a variety of genres, like almost anything you can think of. any recommendations are welcomes, thank you!
  10. Q

    I AutoEQ'd the Sundaras to sound like an IEM.

    I'm fresh to Head-Fi so here we go. I bought the Sundara kind of on a whim as it was the only headphone in the store that I tried that both a 3.5mm jack and a bass (compared to the other popular choices) under a budget. Nowadays I've been listening to IEMs like the (OG black filter) KZ PR2 and...
  11. Diederik1986

    travel and hotel headphones

    as I am travelling a lot and decided that my 10h train drive to the factory for engineering is my better way to travel. Dear fellow audio nuts. I am searching for a headphone closed back, perhaps wireless perhaps not ( have a fiio btr7, btr1, moonriver 2 and 220-powered headphone amp I can plug...
  12. Whizzer Opera Factory OB1

    Whizzer Opera Factory OB1

  13. F

    Best Hi-Fi headphone for bass heavy music

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, but I've been lurking for some time. Currently I own a Audeze MX4 which is connected to a Burson Conductor V2+. I'm enjoying the setup, but I'm looking for something with more slam in the bass department. Preferably out of the gate without Budget would be...
  14. RaynFox

    Is it possible to increase 40-400 Hz range in headphones?

    Hi, is there any way that I could possibly increase about 40-400 Hz range in open backed headphones? They are planar headphones and I'd like to achieve something similar to Meze Elite What I want to achieve: What I have: Thanks in advance for any answers!
  15. Ricco275

    Is there a better amp than Ferrum for HE1000V2?

    I just got the HE1000V2 and love the precision and clarity and wide soundstage. I’d like to improve the well known weak points mainly the bass presentation and the low engaging feeling. Is there a better amp than the Ferrum combo to achieve that? Would a Lavricables grand silver cable help or...
  16. CasioTofu

    I want to try "IEM" style in-ears. Something super bassy under $75?

    Hi guys. I'm a piece of shirt basshead. I've been unhappy with wireless so I want to try a pair of in-ears with a nice swappable cable. But it needs to be really, really, really mother-effing bassy. I'm like a little baby. Anything even slightly loud over 8khz seriously bothers me and I start...
  17. nublet554

    Help with my next IEM

    Hello all, Was looking for some recommendations for my next iem in my audio journey, and would love some recommendations. I currently have two IEM being the EE Legend X and the Jomo Audio Trinity Brass (and a custim noble audio kaiser I don't use due to all BA). I like them both, I'm a ass...
  18. sebaz

    Looking for headphones like ATH-MSR7b but with bass like ATH-M50x

    I've had the Audio Technica ATH-M50x for many years, and I love them. But I just bought a Fiio K7 amp and ATH-MSR7b headphones just to see what the whole balanced thing was about. Uncle Jeff told me it was fine, I could try them out and if I didn't like them just return them, he doesn't care...
  19. P

    Most responsive bass for ~$100?

    Hi, this is my first post here. After being bashed by a few ppl on Reddit, a few other friendlier Redditor's directed me to join here, and ask you guys as I'd get more mature responses :) or so I'm hoping. Here's my original thread if you want to look at the comments and original discussion...
  20. Patraputt

    Deleted post

    Post revoked due to irresponsive forum.
  21. JM Audio OpusX (50mm Biodynamic Closed Backs)

    JM Audio OpusX (50mm Biodynamic Closed Backs)

  22. R

    Headphones with the TIGHTEST BASS?

    Hello all! I'm searching for the best headphones for TIGHT BASS. I DO NOT MEAN full, big, boomy, or subby... Some examples of this might be the Skullcandy Crusher Evo, Sony's WH-1000XM4 or so... I DO MEAN DRY, KICK, THUMP and FAST. Just to blow up your eardrums or the cap of your skull with...
  23. Ale1789

    IE900 vs Fir M3 Bass/Technicality comparison request

    Hi, for the last period of time I looked for IEMs with good punchy bass and a warm, not too forward mid and treble presentation, coming from a Moondrop Variations which in stock form I don't love (too thin sounding) but has great details,stage and punch after some EQ . After searching for quite...
  24. cstjean

    Punchy bass earbuds under $250 IPX4+?

    Hello! I like to powerwalk around town and listen to music, but I can't exactly take my planar magnetics, amp, and dac with me. My company gave me some AirPods 2 that I've been using, but I'm not a huge fan. I'm looking for some better earbuds for metal, trance, and occasional orchestra. Some...
  25. HiFiGuy94

    Best warm and bassy IEMs under $1000? Bonus if it has good vocals.

    So i'm looking for an IEM with good warmth and bass under $1000. Im currently considering the Kinera Nanna 2. Please let me know wether this would be a good choice for me or not and feel free to recommend better IEMs for what i'm looking for. Thanks.