1. -Daan-

    Headphone for big ears

    Hi, I've been rocking my Sennheiser HD25-II for 12 years now, and it's time for something more comfortable and better sounding. What I'm looking for is: - Over-ear (I have big ears ) - Open back - Easy driveable (I don't intend on purchasing an amp) - Comfortable - Bassy sound Bonus points...
  2. dezzadk

    Closed basshead headphone suggestions? <$1000

    Hi guys. I am looking to replace my Ultrasone Pro 900 which have served me well, but now does not impress me the same way they used to. I have a Leckerton Audio UHA6S.MKII to go with it. Max $1000, but a great deal is a great deal and I don't wanna spend 4x the money on a small difference...
  3. tamir124

    Upgrade from v-moda crossfade m100 less then 1000$.

    I can dish out 1000$ although ideally I would like to be in the 600$ range, and I highly prefer closed back or at least semi-closed back over ear headphones. My m100s are reaching the end of their life, breaking apart after many good years. I wouldn't call myself an audiophile and can't...
  4. W

    Headphones similar to Aeon Open X

    I am listening headphones to find something suitable for me. Mostly I use them for computer games and movies. I need great punchy boom bass, good soundstage and good details of sound in general, prefer neutral sound signature ( but it's not for music in there most cases ). Yesterday I listened...
  5. pasi123567

    DT 880 from 2017 sounded different than the one I own now

    I had the DT 880 250ohm back in 2017 right after getting the K702 after asking for recommendations here. I found that the DT880 back then was very bright in comparison to the K702 and had way less sub bass as well. I also thought it had the hardest hitting fastest bass I have heard until then...
  6. squadgazzz

    Darkest planar magnetic headphones?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for the darkest planar headphones. Today I use Campfire Cascade which has huge bass and great details at the same time. But Cascade has a very annoying tube effect. I've tried to compare them with Audeze LCD-2 Closed and I really liked LCD's bass response which doesn't...
  7. luizcrf

    Is there a Headset like Ks Ks z10 pro, but with deeper bass?

    Guys, I recently purchased a Ks Z10 pro. I use it with a Fiio A3 and found it almost perfect for a headphone in this price range. The mids and highs are very good, but I wanted something with stronger and deeper bass. I tested the Sony WF-1000XM3. An impeccable headset, but I still miss a...
  8. amankrokx

    Help - Soundmagic E10C lost bass after reinstalling casing.

    Hi ! I am using these Soundmagic E10C for a while now, until yesterday while walking the wires got struck in door knob and got pulled really hard that the left side speaker came out of the casing (yes, the earphones didn't left my ears 😆). The solder joints were perfectly intact that I even...
  9. P

    Not satisfied with the Akg k240 need help finding replacements

    I bought a pair of AKG K240 like 2 years ago and I'm not satisfied with the sound, I regret investing in the whole open back thing. I always used cheap closed back headphones so I thought open back weren't going to be such a problem for me, but I was wrong. I can't focus on the music and every...
  10. Shabda

    Help understanding bass texture (comparing sundaras and k553 mkii)

    Hi All, i was comparing my hifiman sundaras to my akg k553 mkii’s the other day and noticed that the akg’s had a more textured bass, a little more grumble gravel if you while. Is this distortion maybe or something with closed backs in general vs open backs? Planar vs dynamic? or their tuning...
  11. Z

    Looking for a smooth BASSY arse amp and dac

    Hey as the title says I am looking for a headamp that can function as a preamp to studio monitors. In a best case scenario it would have an output toggle switch or at least logic . What I need is a super powerful bass response with some great macro dynamics and speed. All while being liquid...
  12. CTM (Clear Tune Monitors) CE320

    CTM (Clear Tune Monitors) CE320

    CTM CE320 is a $249 triple driver in-ear with a bassy sound signature. CLEAR TUNE MONITORS CE320 Sensitivity: 124 dB SPL @ 1 mW Impedance: 20 Ω @ 1 kHz Frequency response range: 20 – 16 kHz Noise Isolation: – 26 dB Plug diameter: 3.5 mm Driver units: Triple Balanced Armature Official web-page
  13. Audiofly AF140 MK2

    Audiofly AF140 MK2

    For artists who are all about that bass. The triple hybrid-driver AF140 features one dynamic bass driver and two balanced armature drivers to deliver a rich, full-bodied bass with well-defined mids and highs.
  14. I

    Headphone-amp problem/question (Auzentech X-Fi Forte 7.1 vs. Creative AE-9)

    Hi! I've been searching the whole web, including this forum. My question(s) is kinda complex, sorry if the title is not meaningful enough. I was using an Auzentech X-Fi Forte 7.1 with built-in headphone-amp as daily driver, most of the time with my headset Audio Technica ATH-AG1X. After...
  15. F

    Best Audiophile Closed Over-ear Headphone with Good Bass (Around $1500) - Recommendation

    Good day everyone. As the title stated, I am interested in buying a closed-backed over-ear headphone with a budget of up to $1500 (+-$200). I am looking for a headphone that will work with my already existing set of DAC/amp and would be suitable for jazz, classic rock, rock/hard rock, indie...
  16. N

    Most engaging/dynamic closed back headphones

    Hi, I love my STAX L700 setup for sitting down and really appreciate my music library. Now i am looking for a more portable option preferably closed back for my more engaging and energetic genre's of music(ex Sons Of Kemet, Dub Inc, Chemical Brothers, Faithless,...). Emphasis on a dynamic sound...
  17. YAS-207 Sound Bar with DTS® Virtual:X

    YAS-207 Sound Bar with DTS® Virtual:X

    World's first sound bar with DTS Virtual:X virtual 3D surround sound* Slim, understated design perfectly complements your TV Wireless subwoofer for powerful bass with flexible placement Bluetooth® wireless music streaming Simple setup with HDMI®, optical or analog connection Enhanced Realism...
  18. B

    Newbie Advice

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a new pair of closed back, wired headphones. I've been doing my research, but I keep seeing contradicting opinions and I'm kinda lost. I'm looking for and everyday pair that I can use for music and games. I'm looking to spend less than $300 USD and as I said above, I...
  19. G

    About the Sennheiser HD 6XX and HD 58X..

    Hello all! I've just purchased the ALEX CAVALLI TUBE HYBRID AMP and GRACE DESIGN STANDARD DAC. I have always been into audio, but never really pulled the trigger. I was looking to pair the two with the SENNHEISER HD 58X JUBILEE HEADPHONES, so I purchased them too. Sometimes I feel extremely...
  20. A

    Best IEMs under £50 for bass and no fatigue.

    I am looking for a good pair of wired in-ear headphones which will be in my low £50 budget. My preferences are: -Plenty of bass (more than average of both mid and subbass but not so much everything else is gone). -Recessed mids (I don't like it when the vocals sound shouty and "aggressive")...
  21. M

    Recommendations for an all rounder kinda bassy headphones?

    Hi, I'm new to these forums so kinda just learning about em. Anyways, I just recently bought a SBx G6 because I thought it was like the battery-less version of the e5 that almost blew up on me but no mic unfortunately lol. Anyways, I've had a pair of AKG M220s for a while I like them a lot but I...
  22. R

    Need Help Finding the best headphones under $75

    I got some extra money and have wanted a new pair of headphones for some time. I'm not very knowledgeable with headphone specs so I've come here for some help. I would like headphones that allow me to hear all the footsteps in Modern Warfare, Yet also listen to and enjoy my bassy punk rock music...
  23. Deolum

    Best closed bass cans for ~ 300 bucks

    Hello i'm looking for over ear closed headphones with a lot of bass for electronic music. My source is chord mojo. I prefer a brand which is widely available in europe and not an exotic one since i wanna have the opportunity to test it and send it back if i don't like it. My main earphones are...
  24. Rolley

    Upgrade from HiFiMAN HE-4XX (or your favorite fun headphones under 500)?

    Hey guys, I've had my HiFiMAN HE-4XX for about 18 months now and before this I used Sennheiser HD6XX and Beyerdynamics DT770 (80). I've enjoyed the HE-4XX the most by quite a large margin. To me, these are a fantastic fun headphone with a decent amount of bass which I like. I'm looking to...
  25. DecrepitClanker

    Best-budget bass headphones?

    After doing some research, I've come to the conclusion that BeyerDynamic DT 770 PRO 250 Ohm would best fit that titular description. In addition to comfort and price. However, since they were released some time ago, I was wondering if this still holds true?