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Oct 13, 2019
as I am travelling a lot and decided that my 10h train drive to the factory for engineering is my better way to travel.

Dear fellow audio nuts.
I am searching for a headphone closed back, perhaps wireless perhaps not ( have a fiio btr7, btr1, moonriver 2 and 220-powered headphone amp I can plug in on the train and in the hotel. I like a warm-sounding headphone with nice full bass without losing detail and a good build, do not mind doing some eq.
so far i am looking at , hifiman he-r9,audeze maxwell , audeze lcd-2 closed .
have a smal preferenace for planar . rest of all my headphones are open so.

greetings from Belgium and have a nice day

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I've tried wired headphones for travel and they're a lot more bulky than IEMs. The Bower & Wilkins PX7 Carbon are excellent with super fast charging and auto on off feature. The Bose Quietcomfort 45 doesn't disappoint for comfort.
The Sennheiser Momentum 2 or 3 from the Sennheiser store gives a 10 percent discount if you sign up for the newsletter and 2 year warranty from them. My daily driver is the Simgot EA500 and I would never sell them, with Dunu S&S tips they don't need EQ and epic value. For the business I've had the chance to try 200+ headphones and IEMs and ear buds, and those are my keeper set.
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If you do not mind planar open-back IEMs for the hotel, then consider getting the Audeze LCD-i3 and pairing that with some closed-back Active-Noise-Cancelling over-ears for the train to watch several movies/docs or get some decent sleep, like the Sennheiser Momentum 4.
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I travel with Audeze Maxwell, Monarch MKII and an A&K KANN Max.

Unbelievable pairing.
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The travel setup will be my trusted imr dark matter, hifiman he-r9, focal elegia, audeze mobius. With btr7 , moon river 2 and smsl desktop headphone amp with xlr and 4.4 mm. Isine 20 olso for when sitting at the cafe afther hours.

The re-9 and mobius are the new addons.
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My B&W PX8 are my choice for travel. The noise cancelling is there when you want/need it.
Love mine.

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