1. jude

    Dan Clark Audio E3 Review: Interview, Measurements, Impressions

    Dan Clark Audio E3 Review: Interview, Measurements, Impressions The E3 is the latest headphone from Dan Clark Audio, and, though it's half the price of their actual flagship models, that just makes this very open-sounding closed-back headphone their most cost-effective flagship-class headphone...
  2. Diederik1986

    travel and hotel headphones

    as I am travelling a lot and decided that my 10h train drive to the factory for engineering is my better way to travel. Dear fellow audio nuts. I am searching for a headphone closed back, perhaps wireless perhaps not ( have a fiio btr7, btr1, moonriver 2 and 220-powered headphone amp I can plug...
  3. Phonon SMB-01L

    Phonon SMB-01L

    Specifications: Type: Enclosed dynamic / Semi-open Driver:φ50mm Sensitivity: 102dB/1mW Frequency response::10Hz-40,000Hz Maximum Power:1,000mW Impedance:32Ω Weight:343g (Excluding wires) Plug:Φ6.3 / Φ3.5mm gold-plated stereo 2 ways plug Cable: Detachable 3m (4 wires-type L/R independent ground...
  4. Drop + Hifiman R7DX

    Drop + Hifiman R7DX

  5. M


    Hey Headfi community, Mike from Drop here. Wanted to let you know that we released our first closed-back headphone collaboration with HIFIMAN. You can check out the price and more details by following the link to our product page and we already have some reviews from the community with...
  6. T

    1000 Dollar Headphones?

    I have a pretty solid understanding about the IEM world, but am pretty clueless when it comes to headphones. As I feel like 1000 dollars is the threshold for stepping into "higher-end" IEMs/headphones, what would you guys say are the best headphones at/around that 1000 dollar price point?
  7. Focal Stellia

    Focal Stellia

    2990 USD Closed Back Beryllium Drivers 35 ohm, 106 dB/mW Made in France
  8. TaronL

    Dan Clark Audio Stealth - Available for Pre-Order

    The new flagship closed-back from Dan Clark Audio is available for pre-order from Get free overnight shipping and 365-Day returns as soon as the Stealth is in stock and ready to ship! Pre-order now to secure your Stealth launch unit...
  9. RockStar2005

    Closed-Back Planar Magnetic vs. Open-Back Dynamic Headphones: Which One Wins Out?!

    What do you guys think about this topic? We know that the general consensus is that planar magnetic headphones are considered superior to dynamic headphones, but what about when you have a CLOSED-back planar magnetic vs. OPEN-back dynamic headphones?! Planars are generally open-back, but now...
  10. JD1993

    $800 Budget - Closed back, portable and comfortable for office use and travel

    Hi! I'm looking for recommendations for some comfortable closed-back headphones I can take around with me to use in an office setting or just for traveling in general. Ideally I'm looking for headphones around the $800 mark. I'm looking for a pair that provides great isolation while still...
  11. Drew Neilson

    open-back vs closed-back: fidelity to input signal's sound stage and HRTF

    According to the headphone buying guide, open-back headsets and headphones have a wider sound stage while closed-back headphones sound more direct. I'm speaking broadly, and not about specific models. Do open-back headsets and headphones add more spaciousness than already exists in content being...
  12. Spirit Torino Radiante

    Spirit Torino Radiante

    Here's a link to the specs & details for anyone that is interested - Technical Specs RADIANTE / RADIANTE TORINO 1706 TECHNOLOGY Passive radiator Spirit System DRIVE 1x drives Spirit CABLE LENGTH 1,2 m -2,2 m detachable cable by Portento Audio...
  13. plugincitizen

    new member, looking for good value over-ear headphones under £200

    I have VERY little knowledge so far headphone-wise and not much money at the moment so I'm trying to find a pair of good over-ear headphones to use mainly at home for music listening and movie watching. I'm not too fussed about bluetooth or noise cancelling - just that the sound quality is good...
  14. Nikolay Vutov

    Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Audio-Technica has announced new Hi-Res closed-back “Sound Reality” headphones ATH-MSR7b as an upgrade of the award-winning ATH-MSR7. They are available in black and gunmetal. The ATH-MSR7b headphones give you the latest in high-resolution headphone technology, combining the advanced...
  15. wgrish7

    Communication headphones needed for live production - over-ear, closed back, with detachable single cable

    I am in need of comfortable headphones for my camera operators. The headphones must have a detachable 3.5mm cable, that I can swap with V-MODA BoomPro mics. The female in must be 3.5mm, so Bose headphones are out of the question. Bose ear cups are also too small. These headphones must be as...
  16. maikenhh

    Closed-back headphones recommendation needed for detailed dialogue editing

    Hi all, I'm a sound editor working on dialogues that need to be cleaned very thoroughly. I'm looking for closed-back headphones around £400 ($500) mark. I'm currently using Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro, which are not mine. They seem to be doing the job fine, but I need to buy my own, and I was...
  17. Krysztof

    Headphones under 100€ (classical music, portable)

    Hello, I am new here so I hope I'm posting this in the right forum... Pretty much all of the relevant threads I could find were quite old so I thought I'd start a new one myself. I am looking for headphones that fit these criteria (bullet points for the sake of easy reading): closed-back good...
  18. B

    [Buy help] Closed-back headphones gaming/music (Under or about 1000€)

    Hello, this is my first post and to tell the truth, I'm not that familiar with the types of headphones or acoustics. But let's get to the point. I want to buy a proper closed back headphone that I would use at home only. The focus would be on the following things: Mainly: Immersive gaming...
  19. Beng Yeow

    Pioneer's new TOTL Closed Back SE-Monitor 5 headphones

    Taking many a cue from its flagship SE-Master 1 design, audio specialist Pioneer has just added a new headphone to its ever-growing range - the SE-Monitor 5 - offering hi-tech audio performance as well as support for both balanced and unbalanced audio. This new set of closed-back, over-ear cups...
  20. K

    Recommendations for versatile, circumaural, closed-back headphones?

    Hello everyone! I just joined, and this is my first post, so bear with me. Also, brevity is not my strong suit, so be warned that this may be a bit lengthy, though I feel it's necessary here. I've had the Sennheiser HD 280 PRO for about eight years, and I'm looking to replace it. The headphones...