ath m50x
  1. WeaponX

    DAC/Amp vs new headphones?

    Hi everyone. I own the IE 800 and sometimes I miss the punchy bass of the IE 80, what do you recommend? a budget (max $130) dac/amp or instead buy ATH-M50x or HD 569?
  2. xdeedledeedoo


    Hi, this is my first post on these forums and I'd like some help with my ATH M50X headphones. I was first using a bad "gaming headphone" that i got for like 30 euros and wanted to get better sound quality. I decided to go with the ATH M50X headphones and connected them to my pc. They sound...
  3. Kounter Torque

    New setup

    I’m looking to get the most out of my iPhone XS Max while using Spotify premium set to 320 kbps. Now I realize this isn’t lossless or even “super high quality” by any means, but it’s what I want to use since it has most of my library. I’ve been looking into a new DAC/amp combo for it. I have the...
  4. rhyyhm

    Earpad Sale - Fit ATH-M50s & Taction Kannons

    These are pads for ATH-M50s or Taction Kannons. Rarely used. Shipping not included. Dekoni Leather Pads - $30 Wicked Cushions - $8
  5. hifi80sman

    Audio-Technica M50xBT Impressions Thread

    Just picked these up yesterday and have been listening to them for about 8 hours (cumulative). So far, very impressed. To me they sound very much like the M50x (based on memory and "emotive impressions"). Unfortunately, I don't have a wired M50x on hand to A/B. Over AAC, the BASS is textured...
  6. Jsingh4

    Headphones to feel and enjoy music with wide Soundstage

    Hi guys would like to buy a headphone with wide Soundstage, clarity, smoothness, instrument isolation but at the same time good bass not booming or over powering or too much just deep enough to enjoy music, I really prefer a natural sound. I like Trap and dubstep, as well as classical and metal...
  7. trevinthefionaapplefan

    Headphone suggestions? Help I'm stressed.

    Hi, This is my first post here. I made this account because I have a big dilemma and that is that I don't know what headphones I need to get. Here's some backstory, skip over this next paragraph if you don't care. So I've only ever had about 3 expensive pairs of headphones. A few years ago...
  8. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    Wellcome to the Zone...

    Greetings, :warning: First of I would like to excuse myself for starting yet another "what do you recomend" thread, but as someone who has just started to deal with a problem of sound on my computer, I would like to hear your advice. I am looking for a set of headsets/headphones that will be...
  9. S

    DT 770 Pro 32 ohm vs ATH M50X

    Hello everyone! I am having a hard time choosing between the dt 770 32 ohm vs the m50x. I generally listen to edm, hip-hop, indie and pop music and am a fan of bass(not a bass-head though). Which one would you recommend and why. Thank-you
  10. semicoln

    FS: Good condition Audio Technica ATH-M50x - SOLD

    Hello, I've got a pair of ATH-M50x headphones in decent shape with the original carry bag and all cables. They were used by my girl for a while and she's moved on to some in-ears. The pads have very little wear and the headband has a tiny nick in it, but they were treated well. I'd like to...
  11. cathee

    [SOLD]: Audio-Technica ATH M50x - Mint + New Shure 1540 Pads

    Had to see what all the hype was about myself. Verdict: very capable monitoring headphones with a major PR problem - people keep expecting these to be $700 "fun" headphones for $150. FOR SALE: Mint condition ATH M50x (burned-in/auditioned: ~150 hrs total over ~10 days) I've switched out the...
  12. MajalGuy

    Looking for a ATH-M50X replacement ear-pads recommendation

    Hello, As the title reads, I've been thinking about buying an ear pad replacement for my ath-m50x headphones. I am looking for something that is both more comfortable (the original ones give me a bit of an headache, they squeeze a tad too tight), without compromising on the sound quality and...
  13. bloodhawk

    SOLD Audio Technica ATH M50X (LNIB)

    These ATH M50X were more an impulse purchase, but i never ended up using them much, maybe 4-5 hours i think. (and im exaggerating) These come with the Brainwaves Velour Pads installed, the stock pads are included as well and were never used. Comes with everything else that was in the box...