1. A

    Need recommendations for bassy (but not basshead) IEMs under/around 70

    My current earphones are the Sony MDR-XB50APs, and I'm almost perfectly satisfied with the sound signature except for the fact that the treble/high mids are a little too muddy. I'm only thinking of investing in a new pair because these are not as sleek-looking as I'd like, and they don't really...
  2. Kisame

    Want to upgrade my HD800 (making music/mixing)

    I've been using HD800 + JDS o2 amp for creating music and mixing, and compared to monitor speakers (don't have treated room, so I don't want to use speakers if I can help it) the HD800 seems to have something wrong with its mids, like its mids is missing something. I also do not like the treble...
  3. MuppetFace

    Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM New Massdrop IEMs from.... Massdrop? Yup. Massdrop introduces their first audiophile product under their own brand name: the PLUS universal in-ear monitors. Since everyone is off at RMAF, I figured I’d go ahead and start a thread on...