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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. Aleatorius
    Asked here, answered here.
  2. halcyon
    That's a pity. Even the Isolation 400 doesn't offer enough isolation in my ears. Ah well, next contender :-D
    I wish there were more good quality IEMs that fit the Comply Professional series. The list of IEMS for those is very short and is mostly Shure/Westone.
  3. mark5hs
    Thanks. The Plus definitely sounds more like what I'm looking for. The Noble X almost sounds like an in-ear HD650 by the description.
  4. donyongjin
    In general, is this an upgrade from UE 900?
  5. MuppetFace
    For me? Yes.

    YMMV, etc.
  6. ezekiel77
    So, so interesting, especially the reviews and "UERM with subbass".
    zerogorgor and knopi like this.
  7. ejong7
    Not exactly the same sound signature, but clearer mids, more assertive subbass gives the PLUS the edge.
  8. knopi
    This looks like really great deal case, quality sound tuning, cool looking cable etc. maybe only quality-colour of shell seems could be better and of course more than 4 month wait it is for many no go. Anyway 10 days to consider, Andro or Plus Andro or Plus, $900 or $300, sure from review it is clear that Andro is better option but the price gap and I want listen IEM mainly from iPhone. One thing pushing me a little back is Campfire is well known for their unique, dynamic, soundstage and a little like speaker presentation, so if Plus do not share this than maybe it do not have to have Andro magic which I would like...
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
  9. Kunlun
    Had a few days with this (paired with an earlier, inferior cable to the one it will ship with), and it's really nice. I like the "er4xr with enough armatures to really make it work" comparison. Pretty clear, pretty reference like, window-on-the-music sort of sound with some subbass to make it natural.

    There's apparently some research to support the idea that a little extra subbass sounds more natural, John Moulton cited it, and it's what my ears tell me, so I'm goin' with it.
  10. yiannis550
    How does this compare to UE triplefi10 sonically?
  11. rawrster
    These sound a lot like what I am looking for at a decent price. I was thinking about getting a UE4 ciem at around that price recently as well. The biggest downside is that they won't be shipping for 4 months if there are no delays. I would assume I would be better off waiting until after they ship for the used market or future drops to see if waiting time is more reasonable.
  12. mashuto
    Jumped aboard this drop. Looking forwrard to a more neutral iem (that still has low end bass) and this is looking like it will do that. I dont usually prefer neutral, but I am excited to hear what this one can do especially given the price. Then I should hopefully have all my bases covered... and really really need to stop spending money. So hopefully this will scratch a more neutral itch, and I am hoping they are comfortable for me... the it03 I have were supposed to be super comfortable, but were just the opposite for me.
    yiannis550 likes this.
  13. liquidrats
    How's this for progressive metal?
  14. snip3r77
    < 150 sales at MD and only 5 pages means a lot of ppl need more reviews for them to purchase.
  15. Kunlun
    These are one of the few iems that actually compete with higher priced iems. It deserves to be more well known for sure.
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