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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. Raketen
    I think people are being smart in waiting the first batch out- recognizing the risks associated with first time manufacturing (unlike collaborative MD products which are able to exploit existing brands to create a sense of value) & the probability of a future re-release unless it's a total dumpster fire.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
  2. yiannis550
    Personally I want more sound description and comparison with earphones and headphones I know. How does it sound compared to TF10, or Westone um30 pro, or Sennheiser HD650 and 800
  3. snip3r77
    Yeah it's a want more than a need, ppl will make their decision after the first batch and probably 2nd batch ( if there is ) will have faster shipping time . 2 cents
  4. Tommy C
    It will be nice to know who is producing them for MD.
  5. JohannLiebert
    Do these have a 3d soundstage like higher +1k Monitors or the stagediver series?

    And from description they sound like my shure846 with maybe a bigger soundstage and higher extending treble?
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
  6. ejong7
    Hi everyone. Here is my review of the Massdrop Plus! Hopefully this can help some of you with your decision on the Plus

    My apologies to Christian and the rest of the MD team as I was under the weather for the past few days, hence the delay in delivery.
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  7. yiannis550
    Thanks for your nice review.
    Can yiu compare the sound to TF10 or Westone um30pro?
  8. ejong7
    I a little more familiar with the UM3X than the UM Pro30, so I will refrain from that.

    The TF10 has a V-shaped sound signature.

    Bass: TF10 has an bass boost across the region, but is less controlled relatively. Plus is more detailed and hits harder at the sub bass region.

    Mids: Much prefer the Plus. Clearer, a touch richer and definitely more detailed.

    Highs: More of a wash. TF10 has a little more energy but Plus is more naturally detailed and extended.

    Soundstage : Plus wins a little in width, triumphs in depth

    Fit: Really. Just try on the Plus one day and you'll understand why its so darn good.

    Hope that helps!
  9. JohannLiebert
    Thanks for your review, ejong7.
    I currently own an Akt8ie and Shure846, one is very relaxed and cozy, the other very engaging with beautiful mids.
    Hoping for the massdrop to fit inbetween, since I am missing a product with tonally neutral mids.
    I would burn for a Massdrop - Shure846 comparison!
  10. xoxiax
    Hi friends!

    Thank you all for the rich information provided. I´m, as many others here, deliberating about pulling the trigger on these. So i'd like to ask about a comparison, if t's possible, with my own references, which are the Flare r2a and the Sennheiser ie800. I know they have different sound signatures, but if someone could tell me if i will find a significant improvement with the MD plus and which could be the most relevant differences in sound between them it would be a great help for me.

    Thanks in advance!
    yiannis550 likes this.
  11. ejong7
    Key is: Burn what? :D

    I'll try my best. I've only really listen to the stock filters SE846 at shows. Found it to be more of a warm sounding IEM, like most Shure IEMs.

    Bass: 846 boosted on both sub bass and mid bass, and for me the sub bass quantity > mid bass quantity. Impact is hard and visceral, with amazing texture. Plus sub bass boosted a little higher, but loses out in impact relatively.

    Mids: Plus is closer to neutral and maybe a touch clearer (not sure have to compare side to side). SE846 is rich, lusher by a mile.

    Treble: Weakest point of the 846. Think its a tad toned down though not recessed. Plus will be more north of neutral relatively, with more energy and vibrancy in this area.

    Soundstage: Width is with the 846. Depth is also with the 846 but not to the same extent as the width.

    Fit: I prefer the Plus. Always felt the Shure sounded better with their olive foam tips but I personally don't enjoy wearing foam tips. In terms of shape, I'll still give it to the Plus.

    Think it's a little harder to compare the two due to my limited experience + the fact that the price range is a huge gap. But if you're looking for an IEM that is engaging with mids that are leaning towards neutral then the Plus is for you!
  12. ejong7
    Not really listened to the R2A so no comments on that.

    The IE800s for me is a warm, leaning towards dark sounding IEM. Not a fan of the IEM as its the complete other direction of my preferences

    Bass: Always felt that the IE800 bass was overboosted, or rather theres a lack of subtlety and control within the region. The sub bass bleed into the mid bass, mid bass into the mids. Plus only boosted in sub bass, but very well controlled, punchy rather than boomy.

    Mids: Plus way clearer in this area. IE800 thicker but feels veiled due to the excess in bass.

    Treble: Plus has more energy in this area. IE800 is more recessed and lacks apparent detail.

    Soundstage: I feel that the IE800 would fare better in width only if the bass was more controlled. IE800 wins by a hair in depth.

    This is not a side to side impression, so YMMV.
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  13. ejong7
    I'll try my best to answer any more queries before the drop ends, so please feel free to ask. I may or may not reply it immediately as I am going into office now.
  14. xoxiax

    Thank you very much, now i know what i shouldn't know and tonight i'll dive on my self immerse in an internal fight between my consumerist impulses and my wallet's claims. You sadistic head-fi fellows... why did i ask?
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  15. PopZeus
    I'm curious how this stacks against the LZ A4, in terms of tuning and overall SQ. That is my current IEM champ.
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