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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. ejong7
    First "higher end" IEM is the UE900..... it's very much V shape sound while this is neutral plus sub bass, perhaps even midly U to some who might find the treble hot (it's at a decent spot to my ears).

    While I can't comment about the B400 in production capacity, the one I heard (before it was released) had a V-shaped tonality as well. So it's apples and oranges to me.

    Can't comment about the Vibro ones at all, never heard them.
  2. drm870
    Thanks, that helps. Also, while the new Vibro 'phone is in the back of my mind, at $399 (as opposed to $299 or $189) it's pretty much pushing up against my absolute budget limit for the time being. So it's less of a concern as a competitor than some of the other products mentioned.
  3. Raketen
    If you're ditching full size headphones entirely I rec grabbing a set or two of quality earbuds to complement your IEMs for "open back" indoor listening. I move around constantly for work and over the years have found it a fairly practical combination, at least in terms of enjoyment if not absolute fidelity (compared to something like hd6__).
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  4. Supperconductor
    That's a great idea. Currently all I have is the standard bundled ear buds from Apple. I'll have to look into higher quality alternatives. You know I never even considered ear buds as a viable option until now. Thanks.
  5. MuppetFace
    I have smaller ear canals, and I find them to be just fine, FWIW.
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  6. Supperconductor
    Excellent, thanks.
  7. Mark Ferring
    Do you think the Plus IEM would be comfortable under a motorcycle helmet? That is, are they shallow enough that they will not stick outside of the ear cavity so that the helmet padding won't press against them?
  8. ejong7
    I don't ride a motorcycle but I can vouch that the + is one of the flattest to ear IEM I have in my arsenal. What IEMs do you currently use that fit the form factor? So that I can have a gauge or reference.
  9. Mark Ferring
    Ha, great question ejong! I generally have only used over ears (currently HD650) in recent years, but have an ancient ultimate Ears SuperFi 5. The Superfi goes way beyond the ear threshold.

    Haven't used IEMs much over the years in the home environment, but have just purchased a comm system for my motorcycle that has the option to use my choice of headphones. Since I am interested in the plus anyway, their ability to be used with me motorcycle comm system would be a big plus for me.

    Question, for example, if you try to put your hand flat over your ear (the way a helmet ear cushion would), does the Plus IEM protrude against the hand, or do you feel that the Plus goes beyond the flat plane of your hand? Hope this is making sense!
  10. GnuB

    I drove back home from Detroit today - about an 8 hour drive - listening to ER4Ps / FIIO X3 thinking "Boy Howdy, this is nice... if it just had more umph on the bottom end." So I started reviewing posts for IEMS hoping to find something that might be interesting and joined the drop based on the suggestion that these have a sound signature similar to the ER4s. Can't wait.. but will have to.
  11. ejong7
    The SuperFi 5? Now that's one protrudes a little. I say a little since there a monsters like my old JH Audio Roxannes that makes the SuperFi look puny in comparison.

    Just for your reference, I do have larger than norm ears, as kinda proven by the size of my customs. that said, the Plus barely touches the palm of my hand.

    If I were to draw a straight perpendicular line from the top of my helix, I think the Plus would probably be touching just a bit, or maybe just close to touching. Hope that's clear to you.
  12. Mark Ferring
    Yep, good explanation. Really appreciate the help. Sounds like it might be OK.

    Another quick question oh wise ones. I really like my HD650 sound and don't like overblown highs at all. From what you have said, I think I may enjoy the Plus. You you comment specifically as to whether you believe that HD650 lovers would like the Plus sound?

    Many thanks.
  13. halcyon
    Does anybody know what size foam tips from the Comply line go with Massdrop Plus?
  14. mark5hs
    Any idea on these vs Noble X?
  15. CEE TEE
    Sport Pro 400, Variety Pack 400, Comfort 400, Isolation 400
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