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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. Cloud6
    How do these compare to the Audio technica LS200?
  2. mashuto
    Just got mine a little while ago. First impressions are quite good. A very pleasant smooth feeling sound. The sub bass boost is rather nice and is surprisingly more than I was expecting from BA drivers. Will have do to more serious listening later when I have time. Hoping these are comfortable. My ears are always iffy with these hybrid-custom type shells and I can feel that there might be some pressure points for me. Gonna have to do some tip rolling.
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  3. ra990
    Just put mine in my ears. They're my first real IEMs. I quite like them, they're perfect for my purpose of listening on something good while at work. Do these need break-in like regular headphones? I'm assuming yes.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
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  4. Soaa-
    Lucky! Mine are scheduled to arrive next week. It's hard to contain my excitement.

    Mind posting pictures of the final product?
  5. ra990
    20180202_201658.jpg 20180202_201558.jpg 20180202_201519.jpg 20180202_201317.jpg 20180202_201311.jpg
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  6. Soaa-
    Thank you! I'm loving the simple packaging. The IEMs look fantastic.
  7. tinyman392
    I received these yesterday, but wasn't able to get to them until last night. Initial listens were positive, albeit needed a little tip rolling. The IEMs are quite comfortable in the ear and do sit flush, even in my tiny ears.

    In terms of acoustics, my initial impressions of the IEMs is as follows. The subtle, but deep bass with a nice strong body that keeps it's weight without being overly present. Although the sub-bass is present and strong, the texturing isn't quite at the area I'd prefer it to be. The midrange has a warm tilt to it with quite strong detail retrieval allowing instrumentals to really shine through. Vocals offer ample energy up high, but offer more of a lushness to the vocals that stands out overall. The treble is quite detailed, but takes a step back in terms of presence. It's quite soft in nature but extends pretty well and offers a nice energetic snap. What is lacking, however, is the idea of airiness, this causes them to seem a little closed off.

    The entire way the treble is tuned reminds me of the UE900 which works exceptionally well with more modern and louder tracks in general as the treble is kind of muted off and sounds at a more neutral level.
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  8. beedee
    @tinyman392 - what tips are you using and what is your source?
  9. tinyman392
    Dual flange tips (medium which is odd since smalls normally fit me better). My source is the iPhone X with Apple’s adapter.

    I’ve also tried the AAW lightning cable with 2-pin connections. With any IEM I’ve used with it it always has hissing, which is annoying with it.
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  10. JohannLiebert
    They sound like winners.
  11. drm870
    Got these this past Friday, but haven't had much time to listen to them. I did plug them into my Galaxy S6 and give some Spotify tracks a whirl, though. In short, they're about what I expected... which, considering I was expecting an "ER4XR done right" based on the impressions I read, is saying something. The biggest issues with them, for me, are ones I foresaw when I bought them: I'm not a huge fan of IEMs that are designed for over-the-ear cable-wearing, and I typically prefer a smoother sound signature. I'm determined to get over the first preference quibble (if only because so many good value IEMs use said style), and bought this to function as my "fun but clear" listening option, so these aren't really problems. I guess the bigger thing is, I'm not used to having purchases live up to the hype sound-wise recently. I suspect a higher quality source would help, but even as-is I'm definitely pleased I made the leap of faith. :)
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  12. TheGame21x
    Got my pair in after taking a leap of faith on them all those months ago and I'm glad I did. It's exceptionally smooth without being slow or smeared with a great midrange presence and vocal performance. The timbre is is quite natural and detail across the range is impressive throughout. Highly recommended once Massdrop decides to drop these again.
  13. snip3r77
    If there is a faster lead time I might consider
  14. Radec
    Listening to my pair now. I hate the cable but other than that I have zero complaints so far. Easy fit, easy seal and extremely pleasant sounding right out of the box.
  15. rawrster
    I picked mine up in the used market today. My initial impressions are good. I only have a triple flange tip from my pinnacle p1 and they definitely isolate better than the ls200 and better comfort.

    I have the ls200 as my main iem however I never liked the cable and there are limited aftermarket cable options. I'll probably end up selling them since I don't need both. I should really sell my pinnacle p1 while I'm at it. I had a ls200 cable pending and hoping I'm able to change it before I get it.
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