1. Zachik

    Etymotic EVO: World Tour

    Hello Head-Fi community. Etymotic is getting ready to launch the new EVO, and asked for my help to organize a world tour!! The EVO represents several “firsts” for Etymotic: First multi-driver IEM First Stainless Steel body First concha-locked fit We are looking to run in parallel tours in...
  2. T

    Etymotic er2xr vs er3xr

    Hi, I'm looking for a good, isolating, non fatiguing iem under 200. After some research I've came down to the Etymotic er2xr, er3xr, and the er4xr. I plan on using these during study sessions in my school library and stationary listening. These will be plugged into my phone (iphone 11) for...
  3. mobbaddict

    What's the advantage of multi balanced armatures designs versus singles ones?

    I was looking for concrete information about the advantages of multi balanced armatures designs for IEMs versus single armature ones when I came across this video posted by Knowles, which explains a lot of things: I thought I would share it here since it's very educational. The video contains...
  4. drosehill

    Do Etymotic IEMs still offer the very best passive noise isolation possible?

    I'm looking to buy another pair of IEMs. I have two MK5s already but one has just started making a hissing sound (probably a bad cable). Is Etymotic with triple flanges still the undisputed king of passive noise isolation or are there other options that have come on the market since I last...
  5. J

    IEM for Etymotic HD15

    Hello everyone, After lurking for so long, i am now taking the leap forward into the IEM world. I've been using etymotic's HD15 earplugs for work and hunting, but lately i have stopped using them because i hate ear tips that never made the right seals perfectly each time. When it's in...
  6. petezjunior

    [Wtb] custom cable for the er4xr

    Hi I'm looking for a custom cable for the er4xr. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  7. kerwin

    Moving on from ER4PT?

    I've been loving my Etymotic for years now. Been loving them so much, that after breaking one cable and i couldn't find a new one; just ordered a new pair. This cable broke too (both at the Y split), and believe me that i'm damn cautious about handeling and storing my IEM's. It's just too sad...
  8. H

    Etymotic ER4SR + Universal MMCX adapter *PRICE DROP*

    Selling EX+ condition ER4SR that’s been burned in but only listened to for less than 30 hrs. I’m the first owner. You know Etys for their single BA reference tuning. The earphones are also really deep and can achieve 36dB of passive noise isolation, you can only hear yourself and the music...
  9. mayank11280


  10. S

    ER4XR twice the normal resistance, extremely quiet, no low end. Possible to fix?

    A week ago I sniped a pair of broken ER4XRs on eBay for 80€. The seller said that one side didn't play and I was hoping that a simple cable swap would fix the issue. Sadly, it wasn't the cable's fault and instead the driver's. With my multimeter I measured 45 ohm for the working driver and 90...
  11. twiceboss

    WTS Etymotic ER4SR

    Im selling my er4sr, im the second owner but i rarely use it due to huge collection that i have. Nothing wrong with it. Work flawlessly. The tips will be included, i will provide some alcohol swabs for u to clean them. One of the 3 flanges has been cut to be 2 flanges for comfort purposes. Pics:
  12. Pentagonal

    -SOLD- Etymotic ER4S microPRO

    (Relisted for sale) For sale are my Etymotic ER4S. I bought them in pursuit of the best sound within my budget several years ago. Now that my budget has increased, I have a different pair of top IEMs and am happy to pass these along. They are 100% functional. Included are the original box and...
  13. Etymotic ER2SE

    Etymotic ER2SE

    From the official site: The new ER2SE delivers clear, accurate sound using high performance dynamic drivers. The ER2SE offers Etymotic’s renowned isolation featuring a variety of eartips to provide 35dB+ of noise reduction so you will hear all the detail buried in the mix without raising the...
  14. desaturated

    Sony MDR-7550 or Etymotic ER4XR or Massdrop Plus

    Hi gurus, I had a hifiman RE400 and I am looking for an upgrade. This is actually my first real audiophile earphone. I will prefer something clear, accurate, comfortable and neutral sounding. Something I can plug into my office computer and listen for long hours.
  15. Sybase

    FS: Etymotic ER4XR

    Like new Etymotic ER4XR with no cosmetic damage, and they work fine. Selling as I am upgrading. I'm the second owner. Comes with original accessories (all eartips, carrying case, filters, filter cleaner, shirt clip) except for 1/4" adapter. If you want, I can throw in one from another pair of...
  16. csglinux

    Etymotic ER2SE - A Reference Headphone for your Ears and Your Couplers

    After some discussion with fellow headfi measurement enthusiasts, I thought it would be helpful to send a pair of Etymotic ER2SE dynamic driver IEMs out on a world tour. The aim isn't to produce a set of reviews for these headphones (and I'm not going to give them marks out of 5 here), but...
  17. sainteb

    edit: sold

  18. wquiles

    (SOLD) Mint ER2SE for sale ...

    Several months ago I acquired new the ER4XR, and I really like them. But I wanted a second set, to take on the road, to work, etc., so I tried the ER2SE and the ES2XR. I feel the ES2SE is the more "even" and closer to a "reference", but in the end I like the "boomy" sound from the ER4XR, so I...
  19. silvahr

    Sold: Etymotic ER4XR (mint bought February 2019)

    Selling Etymotic ER4XR IEM's (mint condition). Bought online ( February 2019. I'm the first owner and will send the invoice by PM. In original box with all original accessories (I have my own tips so the package is complete). PayPal fee and shipping to most of countries in Europe is...
  20. fuzzychaos

    Etymotic ER4PT - Price Update

    Purchased an RR4PT last month a gave them a good go. They do sound great, very neutral, but the deep insertion is too much for my canals. Asking $165 shipped CONUS, other locations as per a shipping quote. Original packaging and accessories included. Open to possible trades
  21. T

    Deep insert earbud like etymotic?

    I'm a fan of etymotic's deep insert earbud style. ER4XR was great but it lacked bass I craved. Any other earbud that has similar deep insert style like etymotic?
  22. SoundDouble

    Final F7200 vs Etymotic ER4

    Hello all and thanks. I'm looking into a single BA iem with replaceable cable and wanted to know how these 2 compare. Etymotic ER4 and the Final audio F7200? You could also include the ERa and the F4100 if you got experience with them.
  23. drosehill

    Which Etymotic triple flanges to buy?

    I have the Etymotic MK5s. They're pretty much single-handedly responsible for allowing me to get any work done in my current open office environment. After a couple of near misses with the flanges getting disconnected while in my ear, I've vowed to take replacing them every so often more...
  24. T

    [Cancelled] Etymotic ER4P (plus lots of extra accessories)

    [Calcelled due to loving them and not wanting to let them go] Title really says it all in this case. Loved these babies with my soul for a few years; bought lots of replacement fliters, ear tips, and babied the hell out of them. It's time to part ways and let someone else enjoy the incredible...
  25. T

    [Cancelled] ALO audio sxc 24-strand ER4 3.5mm trrs (spc)

    [Cancelled; reterminated for Ether Flow C.] Yes, 3.5mm trrs (balanced); NOT 2.5mm. For sale here; pristine conditon cable as per the title. They aren't made or sold anymore but it has been used maybe 10-15 times. Original product link (price was $250 ish)...