HiFi Go listing first posted early April 2022


    IMR OZAR IEMs When it became time to replace my highly praised Aten driver I had to look at everything it did amazingly well and retain those qualities and look at what could be improved and build a stronger foundation for the next generation of driver. The Ozar features an all new CNT ADLC...
  3. Hisenior T2 Classic

    Hisenior T2 Classic

    About T2 Classic T2 Classic Universal In-ear monitor with Dual Knowles professional drivers CI+ED, the most advanced 2BAs In-ear monitor e for emerging artists, musicians(Drummer/Bassist/Vocalist/Guitarist) New Smaller Mold with Egger Allery Free Resin at Solid black Design, Perfect Ear-fitting...
  4. KBEAR Aurora

    KBEAR Aurora

    KB EAR's latest single dynamic beauty, the KB Ear Aurora. Being a fan of their BElieve, I am excited to try this one. Anyone has hands on it yet, please share impressions. Features:- >10mm Titanium diaphragm dynamic driver. >Bright Aluminum ear cavities depicting the aurora lightning...
  5. qdc Anole V14

    qdc Anole V14

  6. Tingker TK300

    Tingker TK300

    Tingker TK300 SPECIFICATIONS Driver configuration: 1 DD + 2 BA (9.7 mm titanium plated diaphragm + dual Knowles BA) Frequency response: 20 Hz – 22000Hz Impedance: 18 Ohms Sensitivity: 121dB/mW Cable: MMCX Tested at $99 USD
  7. Reecho Insects Awaken

    Reecho Insects Awaken

    Reecho Insects Awaken 4BA 2pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear Earphones Description Spring series In order to balance high-quality audio performance, restore the original of the sound as much as possible, and adapt to more different types of music, Insects Awaken applies Reecho's first-generation...
  8. SMABAT X1


    SPECIFICATIONS Driver configuration: Dual Dynamic Driver (6 mm titanium plated diaphragm + 10 mm composite diaphragm) Frequency response: 10 Hz – 24000Hz Impedance: 32 Ohms Sensitivity: 110dB/mW Cable: 0.78 mm 2 pin
  9. Empire Ears Valkyrie MKII (2021)

    Empire Ears Valkyrie MKII (2021)

    Specifications 3 Driver, Tribrid IEM Design: Universal in-ear monitor 1 Next Generation W9+ Subwoofer - Sub-Bass/Bass 1 Proprietary Balanced Armature Driver - Mid 1 Premium Electrostatic Driver - High, Ultra High 4-Way synX Crossover Network EIVEC - Empire Intelligent Electrostatic Control...
  10. BGVP DM8

    BGVP DM8

    BGVP has announced it's latest flagship pair of in-ear monitors from their highly acclaimed DM series, the BGVP DM8. It is a premium pair of IEMs with rich, classy build quality and outstanding sonic performance. Exquisite Looks:- The earpieces in BGVP DM8 are made with high-precision 3D...
  11. Kinera BD005 Pro

    Kinera BD005 Pro

    Kinera BD005 Pro 1 BA + 1 DD (9.2 mm beryllium DD)
  12. Acoustic Effect TRY-01

    Acoustic Effect TRY-01

    SPECIFICATIONS Driver Type: 1 BA Frequency Response: 20 – 20000Hz Impedance: 31 ohms Sensitivity: 116 dB SPL 1mV input https://www.ac-ef.jp/ Acoustic Effect is a boutique Japanese earphone company, located in Tokyo. Their gear is entirely made in Japan, unlike some other companies that do...
  13. BGVP DN2

    BGVP DN2

    Brand: BGVP Model: DN2 Plug diameter: 3.5mm Headphone sound principle: Dynamic Driver Balanced Armature combination Headphone output source: portable audiovisual Cable length: 1.2M headset Plug type: straight plug type Whether to control by wire: Yes Impedance: 21Ω Sensitivity: 110dB/mW...
  14. TRI Starsea

    TRI Starsea

    TRI is the premium wing of KBEAR, this is a 2BA + 1DD set with tuning switches to give different sound signatures.
  15. Smabat NCO

    Smabat NCO

    Specs: Driver: 8 mm Graphene DD Cable: MMCX Impedance: 32Ω Frequency response: 8H z- 30KHz Sensitivity: 110 ± 3dB
  16. Thieaudio Monarch

    Thieaudio Monarch

    General Specifications : - Tribrid with 1 Dynamic Driver + 6 Balanced Armature Drivers + 2 Electrostatic Drivers - 4-way Passive Crossover Circuitry - 4 Sound Bores
  17. 1597914925525-01.jpeg


  18. CVJ CS8

    CVJ CS8

    CVJ CS8 New CVJ flagship IEM, 3BA + 1DD
  19. baskingshark

    CVJ IEMs thread

    Hi friends! CVJ is a relatively new player in the CHIFI scene, they released a few sleeper hits this year that were quite well regarded in reviews, but their gear went under the radar for discussion in audio sites, including headfi. These are some of their releases here: 1) CVJ CSA (1BA +...
  20. Audiosense AQ7

    Audiosense AQ7

    Specs: Driver type: 6BA + 1DD Sensitivity: 110 dB Frequency Response: 20Hz - 22kHz Impedance: 13 Ohm Isolation: 30dB Cable type: MMCX
  21. iBasso IT00

    iBasso IT00

    Specs: Driver type: Graphene Dynamic Driver Frequency response: 10 Hz - 35 kHz Sensitivity: 106 +/- 2 dB Impedance: 16 ohm Cable type: MMCX
  22. TRN STM


    Specs: Impedance: 24 ohms Earphone sensitivity: 106dB/mW Frequency range: 20-2000Hz Earphone interface: 2Pin Interface Driver unit: 1DD+1BA hybrid driver unit Comes with tuning nozzles
  23. KB EAR KS2

    KB EAR KS2

    Specifications: Interface: 2Pin 0.78mm Frequency range: 20 Hz 20kHZ Sensitivity: 106±3dB Impedance: 16Ω Driver: Hybrid 10mm composite diaphragm Dynamic Driver + Balanced Armature
  24. AAW Halcyon

    AAW Halcyon

    AAW Halcyon This year, to meet the ever-evolving demand in performance in the IEM arena, we introduce you the all new Tri-Hybrid Driver Architecture in the Halcyon. Featuring quad electrostatic transducers driven by a single, gen 2 transformer with enhanced efficiency and sensitivity in the...
  25. Craft Ears Craft SIX

    Craft Ears Craft SIX

    Outstanding emotions created by technology. Our flagship, the Craft SIX, creates the perfect balance - audiophile neutral and smooth sound with excellent dynamics and lifelike imaging. Featuring six drivers: Dual Sub-Low, Dual Low-Mid, Single Mid-High, and One Super-Tweeter, along with our...