1. thebrunx


    This Headphones are fully working and in mint condition (see photos). The HIFIMAN HE-500 is known to be better sounding than many other headphones costing more than 3 to 4 times its price. It should be used with a headphone amplifier. Safe payment with Paypal. Happy listening and enjoy this...
  2. pr0ggy

    [SOLD] [PRICE DROP] FS: SMSL M3 DAC/Amp [Excellent Condition w/Box]

    Original owner, title says it all. Great compact value all-in-one, plenty of power in the headamp section. Price is firm and includes: SMSL M3 in OEM box CONUS shipping w/tracking PayPal fees Not interested in trades at this time
  3. Jmop

    Sony MH1 Custom Cable (Price Dropped)

    Great shape and excellent value. Comes with original tips and carrying pouch. Very comfortable as well. Shipping and PayPal on me.
  4. phunkfarm

    Monoprice m560 headphone owners thread.

    Having had it brought to my attention that Monoprice is clearing out the m560's for $119 open box (free shipping, no tax), I decided that for under $200 cans, this is the game changer. Let alone being planar and on the $100 side of the category...
  5. pichu

    Best DAC under $600 for STAX SRS-3100 combo

    What DAC or AMP/DAC would be a good choice for $600 or less that would work well with the STAX lineup? Currently looking at the Chord Mojo, iFi iDSD Black Label, Topping DX7
  6. MuppetFace

    Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM New Massdrop IEMs from.... Massdrop? Yup. Massdrop introduces their first audiophile product under their own brand name: the PLUS universal in-ear monitors. Since everyone is off at RMAF, I figured I’d go ahead and start a thread on...
  7. bixby

    Denver Only - Subwoofer Cabinet and Driver $25 NOW $15

    Denver Head-fiers Only -Pickup in Longmont- sorry no shipping unless you pay. Price Reduced to $15 I have a Subwoofer cabinet and 7 inch driver (not tested) from the German speaker company Canton. The plate amp died so you will need to grab one off Parts Express or some other site. For about...