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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. Soaa-
    Thank you for your comparisons, Shane!

    I couldn't resist the hype after all. It's as if these were designed for me. Just joined the drop. :ksc75smile:
  2. malifact
    Thanks. I found the Andromeda a bit too shallow when I tried it, so this is good news for me.
  3. 00Dan
    For those who have tried this, would you recommend it over the Noble X for someone looking to purchase one or the other? What about for a Noble X owner?
  4. AlwaysForward
    Wow these look interesting. Is there a high quality aftermarket cable that would allow for iphone calls and the usual play/pause/skip/volume without being a sonic downgrade from the included cable?
  5. ejong7
    You could refer to the impressions that @shotgunshane provided on page 2, they are pretty spot on IMO.

    I don't own the X (@CEE TEE gonna change that? XD) but having extensively listened to it I felt the same: That the X is a warmer, overall bassier piece than +. If you prefer a darker sound, akin to the signature presented by the original LCD 2, then you may enjoy the X better.

    For me, I prefer a more close to neutral piece, so the + is more up my alley. Think it mostly came down to the midrange, which the + has it down with clarity and smoothness.

    As mentioned on the discussion page for the drop, the MD crew is now in consideration for adding a lightning cable option.
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    Just placed an order, making this the only IEM I bought in 2017. I am quite happy between ER4S and ER4SR, and really have no urge to get any more IEM - but knowing @CEE TEE has very similar taste as I do in sound, I have good faith that I will probably fall in love with the PLUS :cupid:
  7. drm870
    Some of the folks commenting on Massdrop have brought up the Brainwavz B400 and the new Vibro Labs Earphone as possible competitors to this IEM. That said, I'm interested whether anyone who has heard the Massdrop Plus has also heard the B400 in particular, as the latter product is around $100 cheaper.
  8. MonoOno
    Massdrop should definitely consider dropping the price on these. Best IEM under $600 or not; it does not appear to be selling well considering an $800 IEM the day before it went live sold over 400.
  9. snip3r77
    Side track

    *Usually* would it be better to wait for next rev ( if any ) or when it becomes instant shipping once the drop ends because this wait is kinda...
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    The problem is people are comparing them on surface value only (i.e. drivers number), like they are shopping for grocery in supermarket. If that's how we buy audio gears, the last thing I should ever buy is probably an Etymotic since ER4 is one drive only and costs $350 - yet I am happy with my ER4SR and don't in anyway feel that I have overpaid. If the PLUS is in anyway an improvement over the ER4SR, then it is already great in value. To put it simply: the proof is in the pudding.
    zerogorgor and Raketen like this.
  11. Supperconductor
    I just joined as well. I've got an old pair of HD600s that are getting quite worn (ear pads, ear pads, driver covers, dented grills) and was considering the Mass Drop HD6XX but decided I want something more portable. My HD600s got beat up from being taken everywhere. I was thinking of getting a desktop amp but now I'm thinking more and more about down-sizing everything. I listen to mostly Tidal streaming so I'll be listening with a dedicated portable player or just my iPhone 6S+. I hope I find the sound signature as non-fatiguing as my HD600s but there's always EQ I guess. I also hope the nozzles are narrow like Etymotic or Shure, as my ear canals are tiny.
  12. zerogorgor
    I am not sure how the far does the UERM/ER4SR base-tuning go, but if the PLUS does have a similar level of resolution, with a more pronounced sub-bass, then perhaps the PLUS can be viewed as a better EX4XR as it (should) come with a better fit. And the PLUS comes at a price that is even lower than an ER4SR/ER4XR. Also, if the PLUS does have a well-executed UERM/ER4SR base-tuning, then there should probably be little-to-no coherence issue, which I think is a big deal as I find it still plaguing some multiple-driver studio-reference IEMs, which are selling at multiples of the PLUS.

    To have achieved/overcome these in less than two years' time, Massdrop must have put in a lot of hard work. Selling it at $299.99 is not just great in value, it's a steal, but it sounds too good to be true.

    I think the PLUS would most likely be a good IEM, but the "UERM/ER4SR plus some sub-bass" is raising my expectations to a level that basically guarantees a major disappointment upon receipt. That said, since I am aware of it, I have been trying to lower my expectations so hopefully when I get the PLUS I would be happy and satisfied.
  13. drm870
    Agreed. People are praising the sound of the B400 as well, though, and it is less expensive. If I had gone purely by driver count, I would've already judged the it the better deal without inquiring about listening impressions. :)

    The reason I ask is that all three IEMs I originally mentioned (B400, Massdrop Plus, Vibro Labs Earphone)...
    1. Are in the mid-fi price bracket (at least, by my estimation).
    2. Look like they have a somewhat similar shell design. (I mention this because I prefer straight-down cable wear, so if one model had a different design that'd put it at an automatic advantage.)
    3. Seem to be shooting for roughly the same general sound signature (reference monitor with enhanced low-end).
    Really, it's that last point that matters more to me. As is, I'll probably end up pre-ordering the Massdrop PLUS unless I hear about the other two. Shotgunshane's description of it as an ER4XR done right is simply proving too enticing.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  14. m8o
    Any UE900 current or former owners able to share some thoughts comparing & contrasting the two? Thanx.
  15. AlwaysForward
    I’m interested in a comparison with the 1more Quad Driver
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