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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. Krutsch
    +1 ... and they quickly distort at higher volumes (again, with high impedance head amps).
  2. HungryPanda
    PRAT is never unique, just grados take you there
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  3. DavidA
    The amp output impedance makes a noticeable difference in how the RS2e sound and while its not really amp picky like a HD800 a amp with a low output impedance does sound better to me. Its easy for me to hear the differences since I can change the output impedance of my Ember on the fly and quickly hear the differences between the 0.1, 35 and 120 ohms settings.

    One thing you might want to try is change the ear pads, to me the RS2e sounds better with cheap generic G-pads ($4-6) than the OEM L-pads and the cheaper G-pads are much more comfortable to me and also boost the bass a few dB but some don't like them since it does change the sound a lot. Also, the OEM G-pads are not usually recommend on the RS2e since it lowers the bass too much.
  4. Ultrainferno
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  5. Tim Le
    Hey guys, I think the rs2e is pretty special in the Grado lineup, but what are some of your recommendations for a Grado upgrade to them?
  6. ruthieandjohn
    If you are going to be listening in a chair, then I recommend the top-of-the-line PS2000e to upgrade from your already-superb RS2e. There are reviews of it on the “PS2000e Loaner Program” thread of TTVJ.

    For on-the-go listening, I recommend the GS2000e, which has its own review thread, “GS2000e Loaner Program.”

    You really have to reach to the top of the Grado line to upgrade from the RS2e, in my opinion.
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  7. ruhenheiM
  8. kushanukum
  9. kushanukum
    Sounds like Nathan liked the GH2. I wonder if he would have liked the GH1 as well.
  10. ruhenheiM
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  11. joseph69
  12. ruhenheiM
    yes. the size also shrink a lot :D
  13. joseph69
    When it's cold before it warms up, right?
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  14. ruhenheiM
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  15. Uri Cohen
    So guys, I was looking at Woo Audio for a tube amp, and I was all set at the WA6-SE. When I emailed them, they actually recommend the WA2 for Grados (even with much lower power rating at 32 ohm).

    So I'm curious if anyone used the WA2 before with the Grados. I heard the Grados are great with the WA6-SE.

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