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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. Jalopeura
    That is interesting... I did try the SR80e's in store and the S-cushions seemed nice and soft so the hole in the middle would still keep the comfort but it wouldn't muffle the sound as such.
    Thank you for the tip.
  2. DavidA
    The Grado G-pads actually reduces the bass just a touch while the generic G-pads give a slight boost but comfort of the generic is still better to me. You can also try the generic L-pads since these are softer on the edge but I don't care for the change in the bass (boost but muddy) and seems to also make the treble a little hotter and the sound stage also gets a bit narrower. I don't care for the S-pads, much too in-comfortable to me and the sound is a bit messed up to me.
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  3. joseph69
    Made a deal for a BNIB (4-pin XLR) PS2000e for my JGSP HP1000 (HP2) which I should have sometime this week.
  4. ruhenheiM
    lol. i thought you wouldn't pay ps2000e for that price! anyway congrats man!
  5. joseph69
    Thank you. I wouldn't have, but I got a good enough deal that I couldn't pass them up. I'll also use these instead of keeping them in their box, which is even makes it a better deal for me.
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  6. ruhenheiM
    it would be very interesting, maybe in the future you would give updated thought about ps2000e, i think with this kind of stuff, you really need more time to appreciate it. it's either grow with you or it's go downhill

    how are you doing sir? sooooo @joseph69 have ps2000e.......
  7. joseph69
    Even the short time I spent with them I enjoyed very much. As I mentioned in my short but sweet impressions "I'd take them over any of the TOTL headphones I borrowed from TCC". It was just the asking price which discouraged me. Maybe I might prefer them over my PS1K in the long run, who knows? One thing I know is that I really love the PS1K mid-range which was fuller than the PS2Ke, but there were things I enjoyed more with the PS2Ke such as their lateral space and percussion.
  8. ruhenheiM
    yes. that's why i mentioned, i think we need to spend more time with it so we could put it all in perspective. who knows at the end, you would think this is actually pretty good value or still overprice or ps1k is better headphone or ps2ke actually way better headphone or you ended up selling stax system :D

    this is me jealous, still can't demo ps2000e hahaaha one day one day
  9. Tim Le
    I've shown a lot of love for the Grado RS2e's in this thread (I downsized from 8 headphones to 1 at one point and only kept the RS2e).

    Just wanted to drop by again because I recently acquired an sr80e, and they're my new favorite headphones for under $100. Got to A/B between them and the he-400i, and I really can't pick a "better" one :)

    I'm currently using the sr80e as my practice headphones for my electronic drum kit because, to my ears, they reproduce the kick, snare, and toms with great accuracy.

    I should add that I was using Sennheiser 558s before, and it makes the drum kit sound hollow in comparison.
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  10. DavidA
    I got a SR60 awhile back and was only going to use it for parts but ended up fixing the "gradle" since the existing grill cloth was coming off so I pealed it off and use a vac which seems to have fixed it. Ended up completely modding them: opening 2 vent holes, dynamat in the cups and on the back of the driver magnet, SMC jacks for removable cables, silk organza to use a grill cloth. This headphone is now one of my girlfriends favorite and the HD400i is not even close in sound to her and most of those who have heard it and the HE400i.

    SR60-leather headband.jpg

    SR60-with G-pads.jpg
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  11. Tim Le
    Looks like a great weekend project for me when my sr80e's start falling apart. Thanks for the pictures and info!
  12. ruthieandjohn
    I still aspire to own the PS2000e, but have to continue selling a few headphones to make space and money for it. Ironically, one of the next on the list would be @joseph69 ’s own PS1000e, which he babied and added rod block clamps and edge protection bands, as I would still have my PS1000s and will have the PS2000e’s. Haven’t gotten there yet, though.
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  13. Roderick
    How amp picky is rs2e? I just got those and I'm not too impressed. With certain music it is nice and prat is very good...prat or musicality. I think prat is a very vague term. Just sounds right with some music. Aerosmith, ac/dc and such sound great. But In general I was expecting more. I'm using spl phonitor with hegel hd10 dac. Good gear but spl's have an output impedance of 9. So either rs2e just doesn't meet my standards (preferred sound signature) or high output impedance of the amp is changing things?
  14. Astral Abyss
    A high amplifier output impedance really screws up the tonality of my Grados and makes them sound muddy and wooly.
  15. Roderick
    Shame. Any Idead how come grados are so sensitive to that? Low impedance audiotechnicas for example never suffered from it (atleast not to audible levels). Could also be I'm just not a grado guy.

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