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    Grado GS 1000 with Black Dragon V2 Headphone Cable - modified by Moon Audio -- New Grado headphones with hardwired Moon Audio headphone cables attached are done at Grado on premises but order thru Moon Audio - for exisiting headphones or used Grado's -Moon Audio attaches our headphone cables "in h
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  4. En_R

    Grado DS2012 I know This hobby hit mainstream awhile ago, with most of the larger headphone companies creating marketing ploys to stay competitive and boost sales, however seeing this still gives me a wierd feeling. The...
  5. BlueSundays

    strange phenom it seems with 990 600 ohm headphones

     Once upon a time when I had a "job" (deployed to Baghdad) and I had money, I had a beyer 990 600ohm set of cans with black dragon rewire. Now I had a good ole sony x7esd for a source and a woo audio 2 AND a cary 300 F1. Now listening to these cans, they had an awful muffled sound. Now I tried...
  6. rage3324

    Sennheiser HD800 vs Beyerdynamic T1 vs Grado GS1000

    I am looking for a pair of headphones to compliment my Grado SR325i (soon to be RS1i). I am looking for something with a large soundstage, airy, not too laid back ( I like forward mids ), controlled and tight bass (I hate bloat), and smooth natural highs. I listen to a lot of rock, soft rock...
  7. maxifunk

    The Official Grado 325e Owners Club!

    The Official Grado 325e Owners Club!   These are a Great low mid-tier Audiophile level headphones current pricing is $295.00 USD. The headphones details directly from the Grado web-site: Audio Specs: Transducer Type: Dynamic Operating Principle: Open Air Frequency Response: 18 - 24,000 hz...
  8. musicbuff

    2nd pair of cans

    I have Sennheiser HD 650's and they sound the best I've ever heard through my Musical Fidelity M1HPAP headphone amp (had the amp for going on 2 weeks now).  The veil is gone.  With Jazz and Instrumentals the Sennheiser's bring the "smile element." I'd like to add another pair of headphones that...
  9. alphaman

    Cardas Earbud / Hearing Aid Project (aka Cardas Mirrors)

    Tyll of IF recently noted this about the Cardas "Earbud" (now known as Cardas Mirrors) ... Quote: Strange that this IEM has not been mentioned on Head-Fi yet... maybe the keyword "Earbud" threw off Googlers searching for their next, latest-n-greatest IEM fix ;) They are NOW called "Cardas...
  10. Bohdy

    High end headphones and IEMs

    Hi all,   I recently got the chance to try out some fairly high-end headphones at an audio shop, and while I was quite impressed with the quality, I was a little disappointed a the bulky units, thick cabling, and large amount of sound leakage that seems common to these premium units. In my...
  11. lord_tris

    Audition Darth Beyer V4.

    Not sure if this is the best place to put this or not I guess I will find out.    I would like to audition a couple of headphones if I can.   The auditions will be near prices for replacement. give or takeish I would rather keep it just a fun audition thing.    I dont think i want to...
  12. rgs9200m

    Why would anyone want just one headphone?

    I often hear people here say that they prefer to just have one headphone as their ultimate choice. I just could never relate to this idea. All phones bring different things to the table sonically (and even comfort-wise). All phones have their strengths and weaknesses, and the flagship phones...
  13. montanari

    iem to start

    Dear folks Daniele from Italy/Dubai   i m listening to headphones from when i expat to work in middle east i start from sennheiser hd650, that i liked very much ultrasone hfi780-nice bass and detail, but a bit too harsh and v shape grado gs1000-very good detail and huge soundstage but a...
  14. b0ol

    Modding the Alessandro ms1

    hi, got my pair of ms1's last friday and i was really suprised about the sound. i was just wondering, how i could just improve that experience due to so many readings through threads about these headphones. is it possible to make them circumaural? what else could i do?
  15. JoeDoe

    Woodied Sennheiser aka SennGrado Tour Thread

    Gentlemen, prepare yourselves. It's time.    For those of you who are unaware there's something new in head-fi that both Grado-heads and Sennheiser fans should hear: the SennGrado.   You may have seen or heard about them in the Grado Mods thread or the Non-Grado Driver thread. They're...
  16. Midge

    Grado GS1000 purchase - recommendations please

    Yesterday I won an auction on for what was listed as Grado GS1000i.  I paid promptly and I'm waiting for some response or notification of postage from the seller.   However, after very carefully looking at the sellers photos, it now seems that the photos show the GS1000 model, not...
  17. michaelwheeldon

    GRADO RS1i upgrade

    my first post here but just wondering if anyone done the same as me and fitted the G cushion pads from PS1000 on their RS1i headphones and black taped the edges. I loved these headphones in standard form but this little mod has put them onto a different planet. sound stage is enormous , high...
  18. arcimboldo

    pass design for grado gs1000

    hi, i wanted to built a pass design amp for my grado headphones. any recomendations? would like to rebuild a fine working one whos built history is well docummented. kind regards, a.
  19. icefalkon

    The NEW Headphone Lounge Thread

    Being that the old thread was closed, we need a new one. Please keep it civil guys... This is a thread all about Headphone Lounge Cables made by Ted Allen. Post pictures, comments, and whatever eye candy you have that he made!
  20. In Limbo

    So I had my Grado SR325i's repaired and the sound signature seems to have changed . . . Any similar experiences?

    Hello my fellow Head-Fi friends,   I sent in my Grado SR325i's to Grado Labs in New York about a month ago. The cord had lost contact in the left side of my headphones and I believe there was also an odd rattling noise that had began to plague my headphones (Grado Grattle?). From what I've...
  21. Aktersnurra

    Moving from speakers to headphones only (HD800) - to DAC or not to DAC.

  22. Zanth

    SIGN UP! Zanth's Headphone Loan Programme

    After kicking the idea around for quite a while and with the support of a generous Head-fier who wishes to remain anonymous, I am able to start up the headphone loan programme which will permit a member to use a headphone in their home. Which Headphones Are Offered? To begin, we will have...
  23. zman0225

    Grado GS1000 for 600, should I take it?

    Quick question, I have the opportunity to make buy the GS1000 for 600, should I take it? Also, why is the GS1000 not as popular as some of the other headphones in the same price range? Thanks in advance. 
  24. jonbmet

    Recable Grado GS-1000

    I have a pair of Grado GS-1000's that need to be recabled. The cable has apparently shorted within the y-connector. Only one side would play. I split the cable open and basically bi-passed the y (and very crudely) just to make sure that is where the short was and also that the driver was okay. ...
  25. Vikingatheart

    Grado Fan Club!

    I searched and couldn't find a fan club for Grados in general. I have only listened to the SR80is and LOVE them. I love how these cans really bring rock to life. I hope to someday try some more high end Grados. I want to see how the Grado "house sound" changes throughout the line up.