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The NEW Headphone Lounge Thread

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  1. icefalkon
    Being that the old thread was closed, we need a new one. Please keep it civil guys...

    This is a thread all about Headphone Lounge Cables made by Ted Allen. Post pictures, comments, and whatever eye candy you have that he made!
  2. spook76
    It is great to see this thread resurrected from the dead. I post some pictures of the masterwork of Ted later.
  3. CanadianMaestro
    1) Ted repaired my Shure 425 cable, made originally by another famous cabler. The two connectors had somewhat loose fits, so I was getting occasional sound dropouts when I moved my head and shifted the cable. Not good. So, Ted agreed to replace the connectors with his own larger, more robust, earpiece connectors. Voila. No more dropouts. Works much better now with no dropouts in sound when I move my torso.
    2) Ted built me a very nice adaptor cable: RSA to 4-pin XLR. Allows me to use my balanced headphones (LCD-2, Grado GS-1000i, PS-500) with my SR-71B without worrying about placing too much torsional strain on the straight connector. With a right-angled RSA plug, I get too much strain on the cable as it exits the amp jack and then curves towards me. Not the best scenario.
    Beautiful work, for less than the price of a family night out at the movies (Don't start another argument about relative costs vs. other brands!).
    Thank you, Ted. I motion that we nominate Ted for Sainthood.  Saint Ted of Waldport. The guy can do no wrong.
    Or Honorary Canadian Citizenship (Nelson Mandela is the ONLY foreigner to receive hon. Can. Citiz. so far, way back in the 1990s).
  4. fleasbaby
    Ted is fantastic. All price questions aside, he makes quality product, and provides top notch service. I even invited him to come and visit anytime he's in So-Cal. I have never even thought about extending that invite to anyone else I have dealt with.
  5. spook76
    Without coming across as a shill, I cannot praise Ted Allen and his company Headphone Lounge highly enough. I first bought an Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) silver plated copper (SPC) cable a year ago from Headphone Lounge. At less than $100 I thought that it was aesthetically attractive and so if the sound did not improve at least they looked better than the stock cables. I was surprised by greater clarity that cables brought to the sound. I also got a chance through emails to get to know Ted Allen. Ted a real craftsman of the old school where the sale is less important than satisfying his customer.

    Because of my enjoyment of the SPC cable I decided to take the plunge and go for Ted's flagship IEM cable the OCC pure silver cable. I must have pestered Ted with too many emails about length, choice of Y connector and possible sheathing but through it all Ted was unfailing polite and answered all my questions promptly and without complaint. With the OCC silver cable, I felt it lifted the veil of the music. From top to bottom, the sound became tighter, more coherent with greater clarity and PRaT. Based upon my experience with the OCC silver cables I bought an OCC silver LOD and interconnect from Headphone Lounge.

    Finally, when I purchased Ray Samuels superb Protector balanced amplifier, I knew that I would need cables wired for a balanced amplifier. I had to practically twist Ted's arm to have him make me a new OCC silver cable with the RSA plug. Ted tried to persuade me and almost begged me to send back my existing silver cable and he would just change the plug at no charge. I wanted the flexibility to be able to switch between sources and amplifiers so I went ahead and purchased a balanced OCC silver cable. This experience taught me all I needed to know about Ted Allen, customer satisfaction is far more important than a sale.

    When people ask about the build quality of Ted Allen's products, the pictures below should speak for themselves. In a word, peerless. Ted's attention to detail is excellent in everything cable or interconnect he makes. My OCC silver interconnect best personifies Ted's craftsmanship. From the Oyaide plugs to extra heat shrink from the plugs to add greater strength and durability nothing is overlooked.

    For anyone considering upgrading his or her cables hoping or looking to improve the sonic signature of their IEM or headphones it is difficult to top Headphone Lounge's price, quality and a build time measured in days not months.



  6. Hijodelbrx
    If a new thread on the same subject can be created less than 24 hrs. after the original is locked, why bother locking it? Glad to see a thread about HPL product, just seems like pages of posts that were overwhelmingly positive were lost needlessly! Oh well!!:wink:
  7. LiteKirby
    I'm thoroughly enjoying my cable that Ted made me for my JH11s. Or was until I sent them in for a refit :)

    Using the cable now on my JH5s with my PB2 still a definite improvement from stock. Pics in the other thread or I will repost later when not on mobile.
  8. rawrster
    I have always wanted to try silver cables on my iems although I'm not sure what the difference between silver and his regular spc is. Does anyone have both to compare?
  9. spook76

    I have both and the silver plated copper will add a bit of warmth to the sound as well as a improvement to the overall clarity. I started my journey with aftermarket cables with the SPC cables as I stated above. I think that is good way because the cost is less and you can judge for yourself whether you feel silver cables are worth the additional cost. Further, Ted offers a 10% discount for returning customers so any upgrade from the SPC is that much less expensive.
  10. Mooses9
    TF Soild Pure Silver W/ViaBlue Connector
    Westone/JH Neotech Pure Silver W/ Oyiade Connector
    Top 2 Are mine Closet to the Top is a RSA Male Silver/Gold To Ibasso Hirose
    2nd is a Female Silver/Gold To Hirose In a Purple Heart Enclosure
  11. LiteKirby
    I've never had cables like that to compare so I can't say much between copper/spc/silver but I've read that copper adds warmth and silver add detail

    I have a copper spc hybrid and its balanced so not sure if the upgrades in sound are the cable the amp or going balanced or a mix but its a much nicer more durable and nicer looking than stock so yeah
  12. Dopaminer
    Well done icefalkon, I was pretty disappointed to see the last thread shutdown, especially due to such a bizarrely illogical argument (on a custom headphone cable thread).   Ted`s been supremely accommodating to my unusual request for a custom Hirose/ Shure SE846 cable; it`s in the mail and I can`t wait for it to get here to me in Tokyo.....
  13. spook76
    Let me know your impressions of Headphone Lounge cables and the 846. What cable did you order?
  14. Dopaminer
    I had an OCD-inspired vision of a balanced cable for the ibasso pb2, two separate conductors joined only at the plug (no y-splitter) and sleeved completely in my favorite color, a kind of ochre-rust.  Here is the hirose-3.5mm SE adaptor he made; the rest of the cable is still incoming. 
    Unfortunately iBasso has been out of the pb2 for the past few months and only last week started shipping them; I am leaving to go traveling in 4 days and I doubt either the cable or the amp will make it here (Tokyo) before I leave, so impressions will have to wait a month.
  15. hydesg
    just ordered a set that will work with both my HD800 and LCD2r2.
    Cant wait to get them :)
    Other cable makers costs 2.5 times more!!!! for similar configuration and cable.
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