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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
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  1. Vikingatheart
    I searched and couldn't find a fan club for Grados in general. I have only listened to the SR80is and LOVE them. I love how these cans really bring rock to life. I hope to someday try some more high end Grados. I want to see how the Grado "house sound" changes throughout the line up. 
  2. Kevin Brown
     Vikingatheart:  WARNING !!!
    I started with SR80i's too, maybe 18 months ago.  I absolutely loved them  I returned them and upgraded to SR125i's in 2 weeks.  Look at my signature.
    BEWARE !!
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  3. olor1n
    I was about to start a new thread but I'll hijack this one.
    The Alessandro MS-1i was my gateway drug into good headphones. Hearing them for the first time was an epiphany. It was bliss for some time until the Head-Fi bug bit. I upgraded my source and then deviated from my beloved Grado/Alessandro sound to see what all the fuss was about with the ATH-M50. Although I appreciated what it had to offer, I soon decided the M50 wasn't for me. I suspected I was a Grado/Alessandro fanboy and agonised over my next upgrade. An unforeseen circumstance prevented me from pulling the trigger on an HF2 but a few months later an impulse buy led me to my new affair with the HD650. I love my HD650 and am convinced I'll be more than content with them for some time.
    A recent thread in which the MS-1i was described in an unflattering way compelled me to pull the HD650 off my head (we've been inseparable since she entered my life 2 weeks ago lol) and dig out an old friend from the pizza box.
    OH. MY. GOD!
    Seriously the MS-1i is an amazing headphone. The energy literally floored me, I'd forgotten how vibrant these cans were. I am really baffled by the claims of shrill and fatiguing highs, and a thin sound lacking in bass. I love the presence and punch of the mid bass here.
    Anyway, this has rekindled a spark. The MS-Pro or RS-1i is well and truly back on the radar.
  4. Proglover
    becoming more and more of a Grado fan here also
    everytime I try a new can, and come back to my SR225, I realise how fine my Grado's sound
    HF-2's are now coming this way....
  5. chrisbrock
    Ill chime in and join the fan club.  recently got a set of ms1i and was blown away.  Energy is the correct word to describe them.  Virtually any music that has an electric guitar is just amazing.  I since have vented the drives, dampened the housings, removed the grill cloth, installed reversed 414s and replaced the stock plastic rear grill with a silver mesh one. And I have to say that transformed into an even better set of cans.  They are probably my favorite right now.
  6. Aizura
    After having the MS1i for about 3 months i realised I enjoyed them more then my HD600. The Grados just put more excitement and emotion into the music. I decided I should get the real deal and got an RS1i. Now I'm in heaven!
  7. Achmedisdead
    My SR60i's are still getting daily use after 1.5 years of ownership. Best I've had the chance to listen to so far! [​IMG]
  8. Vikingatheart

    If only I had the funds to participate in the upgrad-a-thon. I want to probably just rocket my way up to the RS1is or something. Thats where all of my money will go [​IMG]
  9. hotsport
    Are Alessandro fan welcome here? [​IMG]
  10. Vikingatheart


    Sure! I haven't heard any Alessandros, and honestly don't know much about the company, but I want to listen to a pair someday.
  11. BobSaysHi
    I've listened to nothing but sr80is for 2 years, then upgraditis kicked in and I purchased the DT880s and HD650s. Neither of them could compare to my lowly sr80i IMO.
  12. Vikingatheart


    What about the 80is do you like? For me its their forwardness. 
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  13. Vikingatheart
    Bump. This died WAY to fast! I know there is a Grado fan base on head-fi. where is ArmAndHammer?
  14. buffalowings

    LOL, happened to me too, a noob/forum troll said grados looked outdated, old and therefore would sound bad, that was enough to compell me to purchase a 325is'...
  15. Vikingatheart


    I brought my sr80is to school, and this chick who sits behind me said "are you listening to Rage Against The Machine?" I turned around and asked her if she wanted to listen. She told me they looked weird and she had the most disgusted face on. All that changed when I hit play. All she said to me was, "those are really nice headphones" while she was smiling. Great success! 
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