1. 3X0

    Hardest downsizing decisions you've made

    Three years ago I chose between my HD 650 and Grado HF-2 and that was pretty difficult. I regretted selling the HD 650s, but it had to be done. Today I sit here listening to my D7000s and W3000ANVs and ponder sadly that one of them might have to go. What is the hardest decision you've had to...
  2. Nick 214

    Just Reversed the Bowls of My HF-2s

    Hey everyone,    As the title says, I just did the flip/reverse of the stock HF-2 bowels. Maybe I'm spoiled coming from the fall-asleep-wearing-them comfort of the HD650s, but these things just hurt my ears...    Reversing the bowls does space the ear form the driver grille, but my outer...
  3. bradtown

    Which model Etymotic is this >>

    had em for while & dont recall.   Which model took their place?   TIA!  :)  
  4. Todd


    HI All, As many of you already know there is a new Head-Fi headphone now on the market - the Grado Head-Fi series HF-2. It is being sold exclusively at TTVJ for $429 (sorry no discount codes or any other discounts available). $40 of the sale of each HF-2 goes to support this most excellent...
  5. lofthanza

    Do high-end headphones sound more speaker-like than lower-end headphones?

    I have had my ATH-M50s for six months, and my Beyerdynamic DT-1350 for a month. They both sound great! Anyway, I am thinking of moving ahead to a high-end headphone (the sennheiser hd700). In my upgrade, I am searching for something closer to the big sound produced by speakers. My question is...
  6. Zuriel

    Hi-end cans and lossy formats

    Hello, Head-Fi! This is my first post here. Well, I'll get to the point. I'm wondering how these high-end cans will sound with the source as a LAME-encoded MP3 (-V 2 setting)   Sennheiser HD600 Alessandro MS Pro/Grado RS1i/Grado HF2 Sony MDR-V6 Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO   Will they be...
  7. Dexterdm

    new DAC for Grado HF2

    hello! my audio-chain is:  laptop---->fiio e10(DAC section)---->mogami 2534---->little dot 1+ with we408---->grado HF2 i'm considering to upgrade the DAC section because i found grados in this chian a little too bassy at all i thought a Musical Fidelity v-dac II but i read it has a warm tone...
  8. Rav

    Another Grado (Flat) pad mod, with instructions, pics and listening impressions

     I've always been pretty satisfied with standard bowls on my RS1s ever since I got them, my first pair came with flats that were so old they were literally disintegrating so I binned them and didn't really look back. I did get some Todd flats some time later, but didn't really take to them, plus...
  9. daniel521

    Good ath-m50 replacement.

    Im planning on upgrading my ath-m50's soon, my budget would be around 300 dollars. I listen mostly to rock like green day, audioslave, guns and roses, etc. I personally don't feel the ath-m50 does well in rock because when I compared them to my sennheiser ie60's and it just sounded overall...
  10. Blackmore

    Grado PS1000, very mixed and not review like impressions.

    Just a little thing I would like to say at first. I was doubting whatever to post this or not, but decided to do so, because if you are the part of the community, it's very important to share, so, take it like it is and come with your own conclusions / impressions, cos I am interested in them...
  11. HeretixAevum

    Fake Grados?

    I got a pair of Grado SR225i's in the mail today. I've been excited about this arriving for a while now. I opened them up, the headphones felt like they were quite good quality (and at almost 10 hour burn in they certainly sound it, too) however I noticed that the piece of paper that comes with...
  12. stratocaster

    The StratoKOSSter – A closed DIY headphone based on the Koss KSC-75 driver and Grado cup design

    How the StratoKOSSters came to be built   Before I go into detail with the modding process I would like to mention where I am coming from. About a year ago I bought my first Grado headphones (SR80i). By that time I had mainly listened to IPod buds or my main speakers.  Very soon I started to...
  13. Dexterdm

    from grado hf2 to hifiman he500...should be an upgrade?

    hello all, i was considering to change my Grado HF2 to an hifiman HE500 which i read that today is one of the best Q/P headphones. i like my grado but i think(but haven't tested and i think i will not) hifiman are better. i listen rock/indie rock/70-80 hard rock (50%), some pop music, female...
  14. tobiascoolie

    Schiit Valhalla and the overly bright mids that are masking the bass

    Has anyone else had a problem with subdued bass from the Valhalla? I was quite disapointed when I first started listening and realized that the bass response was so weak (the shrill painfully piercing highs in some of the Classical stuff that I listen to were not missed quite as much). After...
  15. VictorHalgaard

    The point of an amped iDevice? (And external SS amps in general)

    Hi there, this may get people raving but I have a bold statement that may burst some bubbles. I have a both iPod Classic and a iPhone and currently own a Fiio E11, a iBasso PB2/DB2 setup and have had others prior to these - Now for the thing that bugs me: The reason i keep switching is that i...
  16. ilbiffo

    GS1000 vs. GS1000i

    Sameone compared the Grado GS1000 and GS1000i? Piero
  17. judyisapunk

    Best full headphones for mainly listening to punk/rock but also classics: beatles etc

    Hi there   I was just searching around the internet for some good full headphones, and thought i may aswell get some real reviews from products. Im going to be mainly listening to general punk and indie stuff, and id like a pair that gives a good bass treble mix which is punchy for the punk...
  18. KneelJung

    A Grado Head With A Fostex Fetish

    I had to laugh…I looked up fetish in the dictionary and it’s defined as an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion. That probably more aptly describes my feelings toward my Grado’s; or just a headphone fetish in general. When I first stumbled across Head Fi though, I never imagined...
  19. schwallman

    Anyone preordr the Grado PS500?

    Just as the title states. Anyone order a set? I went ahead and preordered a set from Todd but Im hoping for impressions to come out. Definitly hoping someone with HF2s gets a set and compares. They should be on their way to people by now I think.
  20. VictorHalgaard

    Tube Amps with D7000 - No go?

    Hi, after lurking the forums i found it to be the general consensus that Tube amps and Denon D7000 won't go together...Why? I just tried out the gorgeous Argon HA 2 (The only tube amp my local retailer had) with them, and it sounded pretty darn amazing to me... It was my first experience with...
  21. ironbut

    Crack;Bottlehead OTL

    Maybe the subject heading is a little confusing for folks that aren't used to Doc Bottlehead's tendency for naming his DIY kits a little differently than the run of the mill audio company. Doc's just announced a new OTL headphone kit called "Crack". If you've ever been interested in...
  22. Paul1n

    Worries about sound quality of Ety HF2, genuine or fakes?

      After reading about fake earphones being on the market, I inspected my Etymotic HF2s closely. There is no inscription or logo to identify make or model. Not on the earbuds, not on the cables, not on the microphone part. The box looks normal though. I'm afraid I may have bought fakes since...
  23. punkaroo

    Looking for cans to compliment Grado HF-2

    I've had my HF-2s for a while now, and they're still my favourite headphone. Smooth top end, amazing bass, mids are alive and fun.   I have K1000s, though I'm not sure I'm keeping them. Funding an amp is proving to be a challenge. However, I'm possibly looking for a set of cans that will...
  24. orrb_05

    New Headphones (Alessandro MS Pro)

    I ordered a pair of these based off of reviews alone - hope they are to my taste. I had a set of Grado HF-2 that were new in the box when I got 'em and they sounded fantastic. Hope these MS Pros are close to that soound
  25. bcasey25raptor

    Grado PS500s (new Grado's)

    I don't know if this has been posted yet but apparently Grado is releasing new PS500 Grado's.     Discuss.