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Recable Grado GS-1000

  1. jonbmet
    I have a pair of Grado GS-1000's that need to be recabled. The cable has apparently shorted within the y-connector. Only one side would play. I split the cable open and basically bi-passed the y (and very crudely) just to make sure that is where the short was and also that the driver was okay. 
    I've contacted forza audioworks and also moon audio for a recable quote. Both are pretty expensive. Almost as much as I have in the headphones themselves. I'm also waiting on a response from Grado for the repair. I've been told Grado charges about $150 to recable these headphones.
    To further my dilemma, there is a small crack in the cup next to the driver. I think it would be very risky to remove the driver because of this crack. Crack is shown in the photograph below on the left side.
    So....any advice? Should I just clip the stock cables at the outside of the cups and solder a new cable with some sort of heat shrink? Thanks in advance.
  2. kimvictor
    Why don't you contact BTG audio about that? Brian will probably be able fix that. He also doesn't charge ridiculous amounts, so that's pretty good.
  3. jonbmet

    I'll try Brian and see what he says. Thanks.
    Still leaning towards settling for getting Grado put a stock cable on, but it would be cool to have a 'better than stock' cable attached if I have to fork over the cash anyway. My gut feeling is that because of the crack in the cup....if it were to break during disassembly Grado would probably give me a new set of cups or a new pair of headphones.
  4. jonbmet
    Cost no object re-cable. So I recently bought a pair of RS1i's so these GS1000s are no longer the nicest pair of cans in the lineup. That being said I'm feeling brave and have decided to re-cable them myself.
    I cannot believe how easy the drivers were to remove. Literally took all of about five minutes to remove them. Glue was only on the surface of the cups and drivers. No glue was in the seam. As soon as I peeled back the glue the drivers nearly fell out of the cups. The glue was almost like elmer's craft glue. Pretty awesome. I hope I can find some similar glue when I put them back together in case I want to take them apart again.
    I actually bought a few gun cleaning picks, xacto knife, and jeweler's files because I was anticipated the removal to be tough. I'll add pictures later.
    Listed below is what I bought for the re-cable. If I'm missing something hopefully someone speaks up.
    - 6ft CARDAS   4 x 24 awg with shield Headphone Cable  - 4 wires plus shield plus thin wall jacket
    - Furutech Connectors  CF-763(R), High Performance 6.3mm Headphone Connector (carbon fiber!)
    - Cardas  - Flux Paste - 2 Ounce
    - SOLDER WICK    Solder Wick, 5 Foot Roll, 0.060" Wide
    - CARDAS   Cardas 100g roll Solder 20 awg, Quad-Eutectic
    - 6ft ConneX  PET50-BKPLs, 1/2" Expansion Range 1/4" - 3/4", Black Pet Purple/Gold Stripe
    - 1ft HEATSHRINK_73663    3/8"  Black - 3:1 Dual Wall Adhesive-Lined Flexible Polyolefin Heat Shrink
    - 1ft HEATSHRINK_68408   3/8" Black - Polyolefin 3:1 Shrink Ratio, Flexible Tubing
    - 4ft HEATSHRINK_74648  1/4" Black - Polyolefin 3:1 Shrink Ratio, Flexible Tubing
  5. jonbmet
    Pictures with drivers removed. I think they look really good. Need to do a bit of cleaning externally. I may replace the screens or strip them to bare metal and spray with some sort of clear coat while I have them apart.
  6. Nymphonomaniac
    Hi there, I know its a hold thread but I fall on it randomly and you hare the first person that put pictures of the inside of Grado GS1000 (I think).
    It will be very kind of you if you can tell me how to open the cups without risking to broke the Grado???
    I think the metal scring have a problem inside of the left one of mine...like can it could be a victim of wood vibration and make distortion noise when sub bass happen in a song?
    In any case, if a hair or little stuff go inside the front driver I need to open it up too for a good cleaning.
    I will really appreciate to know how to open it if the problem persist.
    In any way, thanks for putting this pictures on headfi!
    Best regards,
    ps:sorry for my english, i'm french.
  7. Hoegaardener70
    9F5576A7-41BF-4D05-BD0F-34D2FCF94CD8.jpeg If anybody is researching this thread, I had mine modded as well. Here the result - very nice indeed

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