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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. joseph69
    HP1000 is gone, and I've received the PS2Ke this afternoon. Did my slight mods e.g. black bands around the circumference of the cups/1/8"shaft collars w/O-rings. waiting to order the matte black rodblocks so I can install the suspension strap like on my PS1K.
    Listenning to them now after about 2hrs of burn in, cant wait for them to come fully around.

    I'm also glad I no longer have a headphone I was worried about useing due to them being a "collectors item" and I can fully enjoy the PS2Ke without worry.
  2. Bengkia369
    Charge up my Pico Headamp after many years of inactivity and give it a brief listen last night. Was blown away by its transparency and the sweet and meaty mids, my brief intended listening became 2 hours, just can't put it down.
    Pico Headamp is a solid state amp that sounds like a tube amp, the mids are so rounded and smooth unlike many solid state amp is too edgy in this area.
    Pico have great synergy with Grado PS500 and I can't believe after so many years (close to 10), Pico amp still can beat many modern portable headamp anytime.
    Modern amps tends to colored the mids too much warmth and bass is too overpowering, this sort of tuning don't sounds good to me at all definitely not audiophile grade to my ears.
    Pico Headamp no doubt how good for it is, still no match to Phatlab Phatasy. Pico just lacks the lush and realistic soundstage that the latter had and also the micro details. Phatlab's details is so good to the extend of letting me hear even the tiniest bits in the recording yet is very forgiving, this is a fest that many amp designers had failed.
  3. rx79ez08
    That was how I felt about the 009, a bit too expensive and knowing Stax fragile for me to fully enjoy. While it sounds great, I ultimately decide to part way with it.
  4. joseph69
    Even though the 009 is more expensive, I have no worries at all about using them. I guess because they can be replaced and aren't a "collectors" item.
  5. ruhenheiM
    @joseph69 i assumed you running your ps2ke on balance? any difference?
  6. joseph69
    Yes, I have the balanced cable on the PS2Ke running them via the GS-X mk2, but it's much too early for any impressions. The sound stage sounds closed and the bass is flabby right now. One thing I noticed immediately (which I had mentioned in my loaner impressions) is the upper frequencies are silky smooth right out of the box.
  7. chris.egeskov
    I love the looks of the limited edition Bushmills x Grado :D
  8. JoeDoe
    My favorite Woo amps are either the WA6 for anything from the RS or prestige series, and the WA6SE for anything ending in 1000. Never heard the WA2 but seems like the former amps may be a little better suited for the lower power requirements of the Grados...
  9. joseph69
    Can't go wrong with the WA6 for the (SR/RS) Grados in my experience.
  10. Uri Cohen
    Thanks for the Woo recommendations! I'll aim for the WA6-SE since it is ideal for Grados (and long term use for me). I'm getting a GS2000e in a price I can agree with, so I should get it soon. RIght now it will go in my main setup with the CD Player, Biforst Multibit and Asgard 2. Good not too pricey set up, but I feel at times the Asgard 2 can make the Grados be a little too bright in the highs. Then again, I think the Biforst Multibit/Asgard 2 is a neutral setup and if a CD is too digital sounding, then the setup will not mask it. So my plan is to change out the Asgard 2 with the WA6-SE, use the GS2000e and the GH1/GH2 (unless I'm selling them, maybe not). Once I get used to the stock tubes on the WA6-SE, it is time to roll them with the good stuff that Woo sells.

    The goal I am aiming is to have excellent dynamics, without the high brightness and really solid lows (not like crazy lows but detailed). I'll still take a headphone/speaker that does an amazing midrange job over one with excellent highs/lows but crap midrange.
  11. DavidA
    I've never heard the WA6-SE but have heard the WA6, WA2, WA22 and WES, the one trait they all have is that they are all warm sounding amps, sometimes too warm but this is just my personal preference. I like my RS2e and SR225e best on my Teac UD-301 DAC/amp and I also have a Bimby/Lyr2/Ember/Asgard2 setup but the headphone jack of the UD-301 is a great match for my 2 Grados along with the custom Nhoord & Ypsilon builds that I have. The UD-301 is also a good match to my EL-8 and HE560 (lower listening levels only).
  12. Bengkia369
    I personally tried Grado GS1000e and Sennheiser HD800 on Wa8, find it sound too colored (too warm) and also too forward (vocals seems like shouting on my face). If that's the sound signature of Woo Audio, then I guess I'm not a fan.
    I find the lesser known Phatlab Phantasy is so much better and really a top grade tube amp, but not many people talk about it here.
  13. DavidA
    Did a little reading up on the Phatlab Phantasy, its described as a amp that can "color" the sound of some headphones but seems to be a good match for Grado's. But at $1600 its a bit of a stretch for it to gain popularity and the noted issue of the tube ringing when changing headphones pretty much eliminates it from consideration for me after using the original Vali for a few weeks that had the ringing every time I plugged/in-plugged a headphone.
  14. Bengkia369
    The ringing is not really that bad, I usually plug in my headphone before I switch on my Phatlab Phantasy, no issues with so called ringing at all.
    It is one hell of a good portable class A tube amp that can last 8 hours at one charge and capable of driving HD800 with authority.
    The sound signature is very transparent, lush, full bodied mid that is slightly laid back, the layering and details are super impressive as I sometimes hook it up with Chord Hugo, sometimes just my Opus #2 both sounds really great.
    Wa8 just not the sound for me and the 4 hours battery life just put me off.
  15. Uri Cohen
    As stated earlier I just did an used order of the GS2000e, which I should be getting this week. Considering i'm having good money by getting it used, it was a no brainier.

    I did want to follow up with regards to my emails to Woo. When I told them my plans for the GS2000e, they actually recommend to not get the WA2, but get the WA6-SE. Reason was in their experience the higher end Grados prefer more current, and thus the WA6-SE would be the most ideal for them (which I concur).

    So in one-two months I'll do my order of the WA6-SE, then burn in the stock tubes to see what's their good/bad. Once that is done, then the tube rolling starts. I heard a lot of great things on the Sophia Princess Mesh Plate 274B rectifier, so I'll be getting that tube and the pair of the 13EM7s Woo sells. Those will give me good options to see which tubes I prefer...

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