1. dunkyboy

    Combined DAC+amp needed - tubes for under $600?

    I need a combined DAC + headphone amp for my desk at work, to drive my MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs.  I’m a tube-o-phile.  My budget is in the $5-600 range.  Am I stuck?    The only ones I can see are the HifiMan amps (which don’t seem to be well-liked?) and then higher up the Woo Fireflies (too...
  2. saguro

    Edit: SRH1540 vs Alpha Dogs

    I'll try to keep this short and to the point.     I'm looking into purchasing a headphone amp (Lambert Play it by Ear) and slowly upgrading the rest of my gear over the next year.  I currently have two sets of headphones I use: Shure SE425's for office, and Bose QC15's for when I travel.    ...
  3. big mac


    which headphone to buy sennheiser momentum or mad dog alpha headphones.
  4. potatoos

    CIEM vs Full Sized

    I am really hoping that someone can point me towards a comparison of the merits of ciems offer vs full sized cans and vice versa. I am considering getting a rather expensive upgrade at some point and am currently debating whether to go with the Alpha Dogs (don't really want opened) or something...
  5. OctaneTwisted

    Questions about the new Alpha Dog

    I'll start out by saying I'm really excited for the Alpha Dogs, I feel like Dan developed them with me in mind from what I've heard about their sound. I have a few questions though:   Currently on the website there are two versions available for preorder, the 4-Pin balanced XLR and the regular...
  6. greenkiwi

    Alpha dog color choices

    Ok, so I'm going to get some ADs, but I'm having a hard time picking the color... Claret or Black.   I would have gone for the matte unobtainium black, if it were not so... unobtainium   I find that it's really hard to judge this based on pictures, so I'd love to hear from people who have...
  7. recarcar

    MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs Vs. Final Audio Design Pandora Hope VI

    Hello Head-Fi!   Please excuse this posting if it has already been discussed somewhere else in the forum but I could not find anything with very specific information. I am really interested in getting one of these two closed headphones. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with both...
  8. MattTCG

    MrSpeakers Alpha PRIME: Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Alpha Dog: Prime Time   The AD is already considered a reference quality closed headphone that manages to deliver champagne on a beer budget. It's known for good mids, nice punchy bass, extended if not slightly peaky treble (although the dog treats work admirably to alleviate this issue with...
  9. mcullinan

    New York Audio Show 2014

    I was there today. I heard the Mr Speakers Alpha dog, Not Bad. I heard them with the Hugo Dac/Amp, I think they were a little flat and polite. Maybe they need more power??   I really liked the Kingsound H03s, the only issue bing you need a special amplifier to pair with the headphones. If they...
  10. Butthungrymonke

    Headphones for gym use

    I have a pair of modded T50RPs that sound beautiful, but I'm hesitant to bring them to the gym since they're heavy and have light clamping force.   Are there any headphones you guys would recommend for gym use?   I was thinking about the ATH-M50s since theyre closed-back, durable and light...
  11. Nap-Chiang

    Best Closed Back Over Ear Headphone?

    What's you guys opinions about the Best Closed Back Over Ear Headphone?  Please exclude headphones like $5000 Ultrasone, that's just too expensive for average consumers. 
  12. BigBadWulf

    I am looking for upper class gaming Headphones? Which one? I posted some ideas.

    Hi Gentlemen,   I think I am now addicted to headphones. Just like you! ;) So I plan to buy one real good headphone (ok I think, there it will not stop). First I have to save some money for it, but as everybody here knows it starts with reading a lot of reviews, tests and forumreadings (and...
  13. Folex

    Best sounding driver ?

    This is probably hard to gauge because cable, cups etc influence how a headphone sound. And the term "best" means to you so there is going to be different answers. I'm just curious what people think the best pure driver is. 
  14. MrWong

    Portable/Battery powered amps with 1/4 inch jack

    Hi all   I've done a quick search and don't think there is any thread which specifically discusses portable/battery powered amps (emphasis on portable) with 1/4 inch headphone jacks.  So starting one up or alternatively if someone could point me in the right direction?   Reason being, is I...
  15. rsmarsha

    Headphones for the commute

    I am after a set of headphones for the commute after I was told not to use IEM's by the doc (after an ear infection). I listen to mostly rock/blues some metal and some random stuff like Steam Powered Giraffe. ;)   I posted in this forum as I'm pretty much after an over ear set, though will...
  16. viperlt86

    m4u 1 vs. a900x vs. t50rp

    I tried this post in the recommendations forum and got no help. So, I thought I would try here. I have recently made a little extra money and it is burning a hole in my pocket. So, I figure, what better way to get rid of it than spend it on headphone stuff! I currently have some 7506's that I...
  17. Worth

    Alpha Dogs vs Open Cans?

    How do the Alpha Dogs compare to similarly priced open headphones as an "all-rounder" headphone?
  18. reddog

    what 500$ amp should I get to run MrSpeakers alpha dogs

    Hello, I was wondering what amp should I get to run MrSpeakers alpha dogs. I heard t he Shiite lyre might be a good choice, however are there any solid state amps that cost about 450 -500 dollars. Thanks for you time take care.
  19. levinhatz

    The ultimate closed-back headphone?

    Hi all   Didn't see a thread directly about this, so I fig'd I'd start a new one.   What do you consider to be the ultimate closed-back headphone (assuming price not an object)? Is it the Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog? The Fostex TH900? Something from Ultrasone? Something else?    Looking forward...
  20. Scorpion667

    ~$1000 budget for Cans for on the go

    Hello,   I commute 4 hours a day and am looking for a pair of cans on the go. My source is Theorem 720 DAC/AMP taking it's digital signal from my iphone 5. Headphones used currently are Ultrasone Pro 900 with silver plated OCC copper cable. I love the sound however the isolation and leakage...
  21. Jooce

    Suggestions for Headphones + Amp for Portable + Home use.

    I'd like to start off my first post by saying. I love music and I love playing games with friends. I'm a student who has been off school for quite sometime and now working full-time. I'll usually be taking the bus to work so I can definitely get my daily dose of music in  with whatever...
  22. midnightwalker

    Schiit Lyr or G1217 Ember for my Alpha Dog?

    I am going to get an Alpha Dog soon so if anyone experienced the Schiit Lyr and G1217 Ember, could you please recommend me which one should I go for? Thank you.
  23. project86

    Sealed headphone roundup - some relatively affordable models I enjoy, including Focal Spirit Pro, ADL H118, Mad Dogs, and some others

    Although it's been posted for over a week by now, I somehow totally forgot to mention this article on HeadFi. You can find it over at Confessions of a Part Time Audiophile. I tried many (most?) of the current sealed headphones under $400 and wrote about the ones I enjoyed. I'll follow up later...
  24. Oldnslo

    GIGO? My Home Amp Quest.

    In anticipation of the arrival of my Alpha Dogs, I was considering a home amp system.  I have an SR-71A, and am very much looking forward to that portable pairing, but was uncertain whether I should use the SR 71A all the time and just buy batteries as needed, or whether a home amp would be a...
  25. koolas

    The Alpha Dog Appreciation Thread

    Hi Everyone! I'd like to start Alpha Dog appreciation thread :) Reviews: Related...