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Schiit Lyr or G1217 Ember for my Alpha Dog?

  1. midnightwalker
    I am going to get an Alpha Dog soon so if anyone experienced the Schiit Lyr and G1217 Ember, could you please recommend me which one should I go for? Thank you.
  2. Asr
    I previously owned the Lyr and just recently had a review unit of the Project Ember. Not sure if I'd say one is better (per se) than the other, but the Project Ember is quite a bit cheaper, more functionally versatile (modifiable gain & output resistance), and a lot easier to roll tubes in.
  3. midnightwalker
    Thank you. I will need more suggestion on it as 5 years warranty of will give me peace in mind. Do you know how many months G1217 cover warranty on their products, especially the Ember?
  4. gamefreak054
    Its 3 years for the Ember IIRC.
    I just did a couple of hours of research on this little thing and they seem to be of same quality. The Lyr has a better power output of course, but the functionality of the ember is better. The only sound signature comparison I read according to one person (not sure if they used the same tubes on both, or if you can use the same tubes on both) is that the LYR had slightly better soundstage and better quantity of bass but  bass was not controlled as well.
    I ended up purchasing the Ember. I was also looking at the Emotiva mini X, but that had some issues that I was not quite fond of.
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