MrSpeakers Alpha PRIME: Impressions and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by matttcg, Oct 7, 2014.
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  1. MattTCG
    Alpha Dog: Prime Time
    The AD is already considered a reference quality closed headphone that manages to deliver champagne on a beer budget. It's known for good mids, nice punchy bass, extended if not slightly peaky treble (although the dog treats work admirably to alleviate this issue with the treble).
    Now enter the AD Prime. The production model that I was sent looks like any other AD, beautiful 3D printed claret cups and all. I imagine that Dan will differentiate between the AD and the Prime in the final production version. The difference between the two however does become instantly obvious as soon as you cue up the music with the Prime.
    The Prime is quite simply an evolution in sound quality of the original. I know that Dan has struggled with the inconsistencies of the Fostex driver in his quest to deliver the best product possible. I can't share exactly how Mr. Speakers has “re-engineered” the driver because honestly, I just don't know. Regardless, the proof is in the pudding and the effort of Dan and his team is immediately gratifying when cuing up music with the Prime.
    I played through several of my regular test tracks to evaluate the Prime, going back and forth between it and the original. The first track I used was Alison Krauss: Stay. The vocals in this track are rich and expertly recorded. From the first breath Ms. Krauss takes, the Prime renders a more natural and grain free vocal. There is delicacy and nuance in the mids that the original AD simply could not reproduce in the same way. The guitar plucks and hi-hat cymbals in this track aren't smeared into the background but heard clearly and accurately, adding to the feeling of listening to live music.
    I've always felt that the AD was one of the best “open sounding” closed headphones on the market today. The Prime is able to improve on that formula offering a bit more width and depth. This improvement really helps to “de-congest” the staging and create more room around the singer and instruments. Listening to music with the Prime was simply just more enjoyable.
    This new iteration is not unlike the evolution of the Mad Dog to the Alpha Dog in some ways. Except in this instance the transformation happens more in development and advancement of the sound rather than simply the outer appearance. The original AD was always one of the best buys in the game in term of price to performance, often being mentioned in the same breath with flagship products but sold at a mid-fi price. The Prime delivers Mr. Speakers onto the big stage with other true audiophile flagships products. Another wonderful product offered by Dan and the Mr. Speakers team.  
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  2. MattTCG
    Now that I've had more time to listen and evaluate the Prime, I have an even deeper appreciation for it's ability to render music in a wonderfully natural way. The bass is just spot on with a nice balance between visceral impact and definable texture. Kick drums have a palpable thump when listening to Cassandra Wilson's: Almost Twelve. I really like the bass on the Prime. It just blends perfectly with the mids. 
  3. Wildcatsare1
    Damn Matt, your a quick one, color me subscribed :smile:.
  4. reddog
    I am subscribed likewise, I can not wait to read more impressions on the AD Prime.:)
  5. cute

    I know why I follow Matt, subbed!
  6. M-13
    Sub'd [​IMG]
  7. zachchen1996
    I'm really curious how the Alpha Dog Prime will compare to the TH900.
  8. LoveKnight
    Hey, let me join the thread too but it is still too soon for me to put my hands on an Alpha Prime lol. Cheer, I am still a fan of Dan and Mr.Speakers team.
  9. swspiers
    Sub'd as well.
  10. preproman
    Well, why not?
  11. TheChillburger
    Sub'd as well. I quite like my Alpha's, so an eventual upgrade would be nice to have.
  12. musicman59
    Subscribed too! [​IMG]
  13. Frank I
    Mercer has some ideas and thoughts here We will have some more listening impressions after Denver to post here on head fi as part of my show. We have three team members in Denver  and will have some comments and added coverage on headfi form Dan Clark. Hope to see some on our friends from head fi there.
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  14. Sound Eq
    i really wonder about how the bass is compared to the mad dog 3.2, I love bass and I was wondering does the prime play with EDM
  15. MattTCG
    I have Alpha Prime and original AD here for just a while longer. Feel free to ask questions while I can still AB them. 
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