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Headphones for the commute

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rsmarsha, Aug 2, 2014.
  1. rsmarsha
    I am after a set of headphones for the commute after I was told not to use IEM's by the doc (after an ear infection). I listen to mostly rock/blues some metal and some random stuff like Steam Powered Giraffe. :wink:
    I posted in this forum as I'm pretty much after an over ear set, though will consider on ear if they do the job I guess.
    I tried the Momentum's on the other day and they didn't seem to fit my ears. Had the wife measure them for me (my ears) and she said 6.5 cm, yet the Momentum's didn't seem to fit over them. I've heard a lot of people say they don't fit too well. Or am I just being too picky and should I get them and put up with them?
    I like the sound but am unsure about the fit.
    The momentum s in the UK are about £250 and in the US (where i was going to get a family member to ship from, about $250 (big difference when you convert the price to pounds).
    Ideally I'd like some noise isolation to drown out the nattering people on the bus and I'm listening to them via my phone. I might also use them at work in the office from time to time. I've considered getting a portable amp but I wouldn't be doing that right away. I think over ear will be better for use on the bus over on ear headphones, correct?
    Also as it's for the commute, if I can avoid looking like a cyber man that would be great, hehe. One reason I tried the momentum's was their size.
    I've also done a bit of reading about the Sony MDR10-BT and they look ok from the reviews I've read.
    Help and advice appreciated.
  2. TheJosablo
    I would opt out those pair of Sonys and go for the norm now which would be Audio Technica ATH-M50x, Beyerdynamic DT770, Modified Fostex T50RP or Sony MDR-V6. But the final choice is yours, If you like how they look and trust the reviews I would definitely go for them, there are other threads here about this topic, a simple search on the site would get you to the best answer. Cheers! and welcome to Head-Fi! We are sorry about your wallet... 
  3. Daegalus
    You can try the DT770s, 32Ohm, they have pretty good isolation. I wear them on the commuter train, and most sound is blocked out. They are also super light, sturdy, and comfortable, especially if you get the Velour Pads extra. Also won't break the bank. I regularly throw mine in my bag and they have a rough time sometimes, and they are still super strong and intact.
    If you really need something stylish, you can try the Philips Fidelio L2s, they have decent isolation, and sound. I havent actually tried them, but they get great reviews, including a phenomenal one from Headphonia recently.
    Thats As best as I can suggest. You can also try the AudioTechnica M50s
  4. goropeza
    I could actually use some good portable over ears myself. I'm more of a basshead, but only slightly so. I still appreciate a good neutral sound as well. Tough to find something like that below $200 though.
  5. Daegalus
    The DT770s are in that category, I had the same requirements. They rock on all levels.
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  6. goropeza
    Can they be driven from a Galaxy S4?
  7. Daegalus
    Yes. I drive them from my Nexus 5. They are the 32Ohm versions, which are easy to drive from almost anything. the S4 should be fine.
  8. MrDelicious
    For noise isolation, you can't go wrong with DT1350: http://graphs.headphone.com/graphCompare.php?graphType=6&graphID[]=3881&scale=30
    They beat most over ear options easily. The downside is the clamp which makes them fairly uncomfortable for longer periods, but unless your commute is 2+ hours, they'll do fine. A new pair is over your budget, but you might be able to find it second hand for less than that.
  9. rsmarsha
    Thank all for the advice so far, I'll have a look at all the suggestions. I will consider on ear as well as over, just assumed on ear wouldn't have the isolation but it looks like I could be wrong. :)
  10. rsmarsha
    1. MrDelicious much difference between the T50/51 and the 1350? Reading the reviews they seem to have good isolation. 
  11. rsmarsha
    Thinking about it I might also use whatever I buy in the office when I need to concentrate a bit more and there's a lot of noise going on. :)
  12. rsmarsha
    As I'm listening through a phone when on the move, some comments/reviews have said the T51p is better for portable devices but that the 1350 are plenty loud enough for use with a phone. Anyone used them to compare?
    It's just one on ear I'm looking at to compare with some over ear suggestions. Looking at and reading up on all the ones people suggest here. :) Also watching some you tube reviews, inner fidelity seem to have reviewed them all.
    One problem is finding them all to try on locally.
  13. MrDelicious
    I have not heard the T51p, but there shouldn't be much difference. It is a bit more sensitive and has a lower impedance so it'll be easier to drive out of larger variety of devices. I can't confirm this as there are no measurements for it, but I suspect the T51p would have slightly less isolation as it has less clamp.
    That said, the DT1350 is very easy to drive as well, I use straight out of a Galaxy S3 and it definitely gets loud enough.
  14. s0ckpupp3t
    rsmarsha, this is the thread you want to check out: http://www.head-fi.org/t/672743/comparisons-21-of-the-top-closed-portable-headphones-around 
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  15. rsmarsha
    Thanks all.
    The T50p sounds good from the reviews I have read and for an on the move set it looks to have the sound signature I like. Reviews say isolation is good too.
    Did I imagine it or are there 2 version of the t51p? 

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