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Best Closed Back Over Ear Headphone?

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  1. Nap-Chiang
    What's you guys opinions about the Best Closed Back Over Ear Headphone?  Please exclude headphones like $5000 Ultrasone, that's just too expensive for average consumers. 
  2. swspiers
    Mr Speaker's Alpha Dog is certainly up there among the best.
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  3. Nap-Chiang
    never have seen and heard one, no idea how them sound like.
  4. Lorspeaker
    DT150 :)
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  5. greenkiwi
    I think that if you poke around, you'll see quite a few different options... and there really is no "BEST".  But there might be a best for you.
    Search around for (in no particular order)
    1. Mr Speakers Alpha Dog thread $599 
    2. Audeze LCD-XC - $1799
    3. Fostex TH-600/900
    4. Beyerdynamic T70/T5
    5. Tons of IEM options
    The list goes on... you'll have to narrow price range/style/etc down to get some useful guidance.
  6. Lorspeaker
    Pls state your music pref...what gears u hv
  7. Nap-Chiang
    General. Vocal:pop, Blues, Jazz.    Instruments: Violin, Piano, general Symphonies...  
  8. Nidus123
    You say
    But you don't specify a budget ? So what kind of cash are you willing to spend ? 
  9. Nap-Chiang
    I am not try to ask for some buying guide. Just a want see some opinions about the best Closed Back Over Ear Headphone in your mind..
    I just think maybe not a lot of people own headphone like Ultrasone ED5, Abyss Ab-1266, plus they are too untouchable due to the price. Most flagship headphone cost $800-1500, not $4999.99 or $5495...
  10. Lorspeaker
    what existing "gears" do u hv...how do u play your music at the moment..
    laptop? u have a dac? u hav an amp? what headfones do u hv...
    u are using this "best" headfone at home or out of the house? 
  11. Nap-Chiang
    Existing Gears: Denon AH-D600, AKG K812pro, Philips Fidelio X1, Yamaha eph-100. 
    DAC: Denon DA-300, Fiio e17
    Best at home 
  12. reddog
    Yes MrSpeakers Alpha Dog is an amazing closed back headphone. Shoot it's a amazing headphone regardless if it is open backed or close backed. But as a closed backed headphone, it really does isolate one from outside distractions. Moreover these cans do not leak out music, and thus one can listen to what ever music one wants without offending anyone..
  13. Lorspeaker
    get an audiogd dac/amp....and re-listen to all your existing cans...then decide from there.
  14. SunTanScanMan

    Audio Technica W1000X or W5000 do those genres very well. I love the sound signature, detail, timbre of both, but not everyone does.
  15. money4me247 Contributor
    From my research it appears that the BEST closed backs that money can buy are: Audeze LCD-XC at $1799 and Fostex TH-900 at $1430.
    The next tier would probably be the modded Fostex T50RP options offered by Mr Speakers, ZMF, and Paradox Audio (there may be some others).
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