1. S

    Beyerdynamic's DT150 vs. DT770 vs. DT770M: I'm looking for noise isolating cans

    Hey fellers,   Summer is rough and I am currently forced to do my quality home listening with an incredibly loud AC unit right in my face. So I am looking for good noise isolating headphones. So far I have my eyes mainly on Beyer's DT150, DT770 or DT770M, but I am open to other suggestion in...
  2. Headd

    dt150 replacement cable

    Does anyone happen to know where I could get one?
  3. appar111

    K501, DT150, K271S, HD280 or DT250-250?

    After reading Fewtch's comments about how the Go-Vibe could drive the K501's adequately, and the K501's being so cheap nowadays, I thought I would possibly pick up a pair of them, or one of the following: AKG K501 - $129 Beyer DT150 - $163 AKG K271S - $160(?) Senn HD280 - $75 ($95 if I get...
  4. ForShure

    What are these headphones?

    Hello all, I was watching a music video and many members of the band are shown wearing these headphones that I can't for the life of me identify. It's killing me now so I must find out what they are. They look pretty sweet. Help me out!   Music video is Something by AZEDIA for all those...
  5. jamieuk147

    gaming headphones recommendations please?

    I all ready have sone Sony Mdr 800 which I love, but fancy trying something different for gaming and movies. What do you recommend please?
  6. SptsNaz

    Beyerdynamic DT150 parts

    Kind of random, but anyone know of a place I can get a single Beyerdynamic DT150 driver in the U.S.? I ended up blowing one of them :(   I still hear sound coming out of the driver but it is faint, so I assume it's a goner. Any advice? Thanks 
  7. Nap-Chiang

    Best Closed Back Over Ear Headphone?

    What's you guys opinions about the Best Closed Back Over Ear Headphone?  Please exclude headphones like $5000 Ultrasone, that's just too expensive for average consumers. 
  8. Baycode

    Baycode's Upcoming and Completed Reviews Newsfeed Page

    Hi! This thread is to share my "upcoming and completed reviews/threads of audio equipments". I have to add here that I have organized Havi B3Pro1 world review tour organization for reviewing Havi B3Pro1 iem and I was the only audiophile whom were selected for Fiio X7 digital audio player World...
  9. Gr33nL34f

    Anyone know what headphones these are?

    Im a big fan of La Roux's music she just released a new photo on her instagram and i was wondering can anyone identify the headphones she's wearing? (she's the one with good hair and the shades)
  10. kman1211

    Open vs Closed: A Review and Comparison of the AKG K712 Pro and the Beyerdynamic DT 150

    This is a review I've been putting off until I got my new amp the Schiit Lyr 2 mainly because I wanted to spend time with both headphones on a higher end system than what I had before. This review is my overall impressions of the two headphones and which I ultimately think is better on my...
  11. Defiant00

    Comparison: HD600, MA900, DT 150 and SRH840

    Or in other words, a comparison of the main cans I currently happen to have around   But no, in all seriousness, I've gotten a few questions recently about various cans, and since I just got the DT 150 in this past week I figured now would be a good time to do a bit of a writeup.   All...
  12. nicolasete

    Is there such thing as a perfect headphone?

    I was wondering if there is any model of headphones or some other hardware setup that are perfect all-rounders. What I mean with this is that they have an amazing performance in movies, games and all kinds of music, from accoustic types (classical, jazz, cuban, etc) to more bass-heavy genres...
  13. AdamTR

    Focal Spirit Pro vs DT 150

    Anyone got both and can do a comparison? 
  14. nicolasete

    Expensive headphones vs cheaper headphones+dac+amp?

    Lately i have retaken my old intention of buying a pair of Beyerdynamic DT150, and since most people seem to agree that they need a dac/amp, a doubt popped in my mind:       What are the advantages/tradeoffs/point of buying a cheaper pair of 600ohm headphones for 150 bucks and having to...
  15. Xickle

    Using Xonar essence STX soundcard to drive Beyer 250ohm headphones?

    Is the soundcard capable of driving the Beyerdynamic headphones without any sound quality loss compared to a external amp? I am trying to purchase my first set of headphones, and am in need of advice. The soundcard part is basically a must, as I intend to play games with the headphones, and want...
  16. Richardson0

    Way to control volume for a DT150?

    Hi there, after thinking long and hard, I have decided to get a new soundcard to accompany my DT150 250 ohm.   However, the headphones will go directly into the back of the soundcard, so I have no means of volume control.   If I purchased a headphone amp instead of a soundcard, I would have...
  17. goober-george

    Beyerdynamic DT-100?

    Anyone have any good information about these headphones, I can't really find any info on them from Head-fi. I used the search function and only found one thread. And from google I've found that they were used in the 70-80's as studio recording headphones, and also used in on-air commentary. But...
  18. j0burger

    Beyer DT150; seeking a portable option

    I love my Beyers - they have a great sound: light, airy; kinda retro;  they don't get in the way of the music - but they are not very portable and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a more portable companion; I'm looking for a similar sound.   My taste is very broad, Classical to...
  19. Naqahdah

    Another one of THOSE threads (help)

    Greetings!   I've been doing what is probably an unhealthy amount of research over the last few weeks, but am at an impasse.   I have a budget of $250 (plus a small headphone amp if needed, if not, I might be able to stretch on the phones). I'm looking for a set of closed over the ear...
  20. donunus

    The Beyerdynamic DT250 Thread

    I find it unbelievable how I couldn't find an appreciation thread for these uniquely balanced closed cans. I am not saying uniquely balanced meaning that they have a weird unique balance on their own although they do but I say this because It is rare among closed headphones to find something...
  21. maverickronin

    Looking for a Good All Around Pair of Closed 'Phones

    After a bit of back and forth between many highly regarded open 'phones such as the DT880s, the 701s and the HD650s I suddenly realized that I'd do much better with a closed headphone to attenuate some of the racket in my listening environment. This racket includes, a window A/C unit, a ghetto...
  22. aragornmustdie

    DT-150- are they neutral or what?

    yesterday i had the chance to try my HD5 plugged into the beyerdynamic A1 (!) to the DT-150. i was immensely.. bored by the sound. does this mean that i belong to the fun camp? its very thin and lifeless its just... meh. i cant see why anybody would prefer this kind of sound.. kinda gives me...
  23. tnili

    Closed cans for a Sennheiser HD 600/650 fan

    I am looking for some closed cans to use in the office that sound similar to my Sennheiser 600/650 cans at home.  Comfort is more important than isolation or leakage.  Open cans are not an option though.  I am using the following setups at home:   Oppo BDP-83 > Headroom UDAC/BUDA/DPS >...
  24. Bandeira

    Which Path to take? New headphones for a kind-of-experienced headfier!

    Hello fellow headfiers... Not sure where to post it... but here it goes...   I've been quite busy and I've been about an year or so away from Head-fi... Now I am having the oportunity to sell all my equipment and start from scratch...   My favourite AMP & CAN setup at the moment is my...
  25. kool bubba ice

    Just won the DT480!!!

    I know others got some really great deals on theirs.. But 100 isn't too bad from what I read about them.. Will compare to my DT48 models.. Dclancy I just couldn't contain myself! Had to tell some folks who'd understand, but I'm in aural nirvana right now with these cans on. Just received...