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Beyerdynamic DT150 parts

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sptsnaz, Oct 3, 2014.
  1. SptsNaz
    Kind of random, but anyone know of a place I can get a single Beyerdynamic DT150 driver in the U.S.? I ended up blowing one of them :frowning2:
    I still hear sound coming out of the driver but it is faint, so I assume it's a goner. Any advice? Thanks 
  2. nicolasete
    My -uninformed- guess is that in case you manage to find the part, it will be so expensive that you might want to consider into directly buying a new pair. That is if you don't find a particular guy who has also broken his and wants to sell the parts (or just the discounted whole).
    Just as a reference, my CALs costed 60€, after a couple of years of heavy usage the ear pads are completelly obliterated and found that Creative's support does sell the spares... at 22€ (that is almost HALF the price of the whole product, given that now they cost 49'99€ in the official creative site).
  3. Darkimmortal
    I had the exact same thing happen to one of the drivers in my pair after playing some relatively high dynamic range stuff (Uncharted 3 at high volume). DC resistance rose to something like 8000 ohms (vs 240ish ohms) as measured with a multimeter. Amazingly it was still listenable with software balance set heavily in favour of the broken side and my O2 amp cranked to absolute max.
    Beyerdynamic replaced the driver under warranty even after I had opened it and fiddled around, though the turnaround time was very slow - more than 2 months.

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