Closed cans for a Sennheiser HD 600/650 fan
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Jan 10, 2009
I am looking for some closed cans to use in the office that sound similar to my Sennheiser 600/650 cans at home.  Comfort is more important than isolation or leakage.  Open cans are not an option though.  I am using the following setups at home:
Oppo BDP-83 > Headroom UDAC/BUDA/DPS > Sennheiser HD 650 (w/HR balanced cable)
Sony SCD-XA5400 > Headroom Maxed Out Home > Sennhesier HD 600 (w/650 cable)
At the office, I will be using a Headroom Portable Desktop.
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I have the Denon 2000's (mentioned earlier) and also a pair of Beyer DT150's. The DT150's sound very similar to the HD650 and leak virtually nothing. The Denon's leak quite badly (for a closed headphone). They are also not that similar in sound to either Sennheiser you mention. It took me ages to stumble across the DT150 but for the price they are a remarkable headphone. For reference, I have also the Senn HD25 and the Shure 840, but the Beyer DT150's are easily my favourite and sound signature very close to HD650.
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 The Denon's leak quite badly (for a closed headphone). They are also not that similar in sound to either Sennheiser you mention.

The 5000's are quite a bit more tilted in the treble, and not nearly as fleshed out in the mid-range as the HD600's. A bit less depth front to back...probably a result of the more prominent highs. Also, what the Denon does to a well-recorded cymbal should be considered a criminal offense. It's this aspect that keeps them off my ears for the most part.  All in all, quite the different perspective from the two Senn's mentioned..
And yes, I currently own both.
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Budget would make this a lot easier...

Tnili, with your permission, and to avoid opening a new thread, I subscribe to the same question.
I have not used other headphones than the HD650 for the last 5 years, and I need something to use at the office.
My requirements:
  1. Closed, or semi-closed (I like to hear the fire alarm
  2. Discrete appearance, if possible.
  3. Music: progressive rock (soft), blues and classical.
  4. Amp: Practical Devices XM6.
  5. Budget: around $200~250.
Thank You
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Now I am trying the Philips MDR-7509HD (from a studio old stock) and I find that they make weak recordings to sound weak. So, they are supposed to be good fidelity headphones
, but the sound is little bit dark, or lack of soundstage at low volumes. They only shine and open at high volume, and I do not like to listen music at high volume, specially with headphones
So, I will add another variable to my search: it has to soung good without piercing your ear tympani.

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