1. Robbie64

    Headphones that sound like Jean Marie Reynaud speakers.

    I have 3 headphones, the Sennheiser HD650, the Sennheiser HD 590 and the Audio Technica ATH-W1000. I am using a Yamamoto HA-02 headphone amplifier. None of my headphones can come close to even the cheapest JMR speakers when it comes to musicality, organic sound and timbre. Does anyone know...
  2. jmwaite

    Aftermarket cables for Heir Audio 4Ai

    Hello, I'm looking to replace the stock cables on my Heir Audio 4Ai IEMs. Thinking of Toxic Cables or Norse Audio. What plugs do these IEMs us?. Is it the same as any of the other major brands? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. JTZL2

    IE80 replacement cable

    I'm considering either the Sunrise CIEM cables ( from BTG audio) or Galaxy silver ( Zero shoe) to pair with my IE80s.   I've also looked at Silver Toxic cables and the price range is very far from the 2 cables I've mentioned.   Should i select either of the cheaper cables before getting...
  4. scizzro

    Benefit and selection of cables in an entry level headphone setup

    Hello all,       Fairly new to the community on an interactive level, and have been lurking for quite some time. You have a great group of informative people who really seem to appreciate this hobby, and help others achieve the same appreciation.      I'm in the process of setting up my...
  5. kenyee

    CH/TA custom IEM (UE TF10) cable review

    Short summary: Nice cable w/ great build quality that makes the TF10 sound more like Shure IEMs, but it has more microphonics than the OEM cable.   My OEM TF10 cable developed a sporadic connection in one ear last year...eventually, it totally disconnected so I had no sound.  When it was...
  6. econsumer666

    Audio GD in Europe? LCD2 balanced cable in Europe?

    Europe seems to s... big time when it comes to gear.   I have two questions: Can anyone suggest if some dealer offers Audio-GD gear in Europe? I'm going to be using balanced 5.2 DAC from Audio GD with NFB6 as HP amp and with LCD2. Where can I find a balanced cable for LCD2? (i can't do...
  7. shisnitty

    Protecting cables and strain relief?

    Going to get my x10s delivered soon, but since they seem to have a reputation for being a little flimsy, I was wondering how people protect the cables and if it would have any affect on the sound. Will regular old tape at the strain relief be sufficient or do people have another way of handling...
  8. el1011

    Help selecting a new cable for Shure 535's

    I have had my 535's for 2+ years and love them as much as the day I got them. My OEM cable is starting to cut out at the plug so it is time for a new cable. I appreciate great sound, but don't consider myself an audiophile, mainly because I have other hobbies that take up my spare time and...
  9. thapchild

    Created JH Audio VI cable from UE cable, Easy, Cheap.

    Having owned the 10vi prior to ordering my JH16 I held off on ordering their Voice cable.  I saw a post where the user said the UE cable was too loose to use. However the JH VI cable looked bulky as hell, and they refused to send me pictures of it (even though I spent $1300) ... what ever.  ...
  10. phnx90

    Westone EPIC G2 Cable

    Noticed that the new UM1 Colors (picture below) now ship with the new EPIC G2 cables, together with the new EPIC tips.   Can anyone provide any details as to what kind of improvements we can expect from the second generation EPIC cables?   It looks like they've ditched braiding...if my...
  11. alterstar

    REVIEW - Whiplash Audio TWag V3 and TWcu V3 Hybrid cable for the Audeze LCD-2

    Hi guys! Just would like to start a thread regarding this new V3 cable line from Whiplash Audio :D   I'd also like to share my review of the cable which is published here: http://www.wheninmanila.com/whiplash-audio-twag-v3-and-twcu-v3-hybrid-audiophile-cable/   Thanks!   So anyone...
  12. project86

    REVIEW - 93spec silver custom IEM cable by Stage93

    93spec pure silver CIEM cable       Premium cables - probably the single most controversial category in audio, unless we count some of the more dubious "tweaks" out there like magic rocks and green CD pens. But only a very small contingency of folks actually believe in those types of...
  13. hiyobeats

    Sporty/durable Ultimate Ears TF-10 cable for running/gym?

    I primarily use my Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi while at the gym or on the track, and am looking for a replacement cable. As such, I'm primarily looking for one that is durable and sweat-resistant (doesn't have to be completely water-proof) with some functional memory wire. Running with these...
  14. Mheat122134

    Best 3.5mm Audio cable for Headphones?

    I'm using beats studio i'm looking for quality and maybe volume control etc.
  15. goodsound

    Is there a general 'headphone' cable ?

    Broke my AKG K81DJ cable and tried splicing and soldering it but the strands are too thing and have really weird insulaton coating on them - they just break up when trying to scrap the insulation off. So I have no choice but to replace the whole dang cable all the way from the drivers to the...
  16. AnthonyMcEwen

    Broken Wires.

    Right, nice and simple really, all I want to know is can you replace wires / cables on most headphones as I am scared of spending a big chunk of money on them to break the cable, not that I am likely to as I am really care full with my stuff . So for this reason in was looking for ones with...
  17. el1011

    Help with selecting a new cable for my Shure 535's

    I have had my 535's for 2+ years and love them as much as the day I got them. My OEM cable is starting to cut out at the plug so it is time for a new cable. I appreciate great sound, but don't consider myself an audiophile, mainly because I have other hobbies that take up my spare time and...
  18. BoBDylan

    Any good Upgrade Cable for ESW9 ?

    Im planning to upgrade my ESW9 cable , my goal is to achieve    * more Intruments Separation    ******* most important * More detailed Bass (not muddy )    * Mid , forward  and spectacular  ******* 2nd * Low , not bassy     * High , no change , still ESW9 signature.  *******3rd...
  19. epion2985

    ATH A900LTD (detachable cable mod) *questions*

    Hi guys,   After 5 years ATH A900LTD cable gave out; time to fix. I decided to go with a detachable cable to make swapping more convenient in the future. I am sure I can manage (mechanical engineer) but had a few quick questions.   Pictures will be posted on completion to appease the...
  20. lawonga

    Cold and cables for customs

    Now that winter is onset, those of us living in or near the north is about to brace this year's expected abnormally cold weather. I currently use Westone cables, which I really like but I was also wondering if there were any really good budget aftermarket cables that could survive in semi-cold...
  21. gumienny22

    Great Sounding headphones w/ a detachable cable?

    Okay, So I have a budget ranging from $200 to $300. The most ideal set of headphones right now for me would be the Crossfade M-100 but I don't know when they'll come out. Any suggestions on what I should get? Should I just wait?  Also, if It has a mic, 10x better. Detachable cable is a must, I...
  22. haslaughz

    Why are these headphone cords so damn long?

    These Grados are 7 feet long. Denons are 9 feet. What gives? Why is the length so long?
  23. WhipeeDip

    Ultimate Ears Cable Bent Pins

    I bent the pins on the right side of the cable for my Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 while putting them in. However, I bent them back to normal quite easily and the sound seems to be fine. Do you think there's anything wrong with the cable or is it going to be fine?
  24. TRC89

    Denon ah-d5000 with detachable cable connectors?

    Hi,   Is it possible to modify a pair of Denon ah-d5000 so that you can change the cable (e.g. a cable for home use and one for mobile use)? Possible or not how durable is the standard cable?    Thank you in advance for any replies.
  25. dvada191

    Need help getting a cable for my headphones.

    Hello again. I, after researching headphones extensively online, have decided on buying some modded Audio Technica ATH-M50's with removable cables. However, I'm not too sure I will prefer the stock cable, simply because it isn't very portable, so I want to get a different cable. I've boiled it...