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Sporty/durable Ultimate Ears TF-10 cable for running/gym?

  1. hiyobeats
    I primarily use my Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi while at the gym or on the track, and am looking for a replacement cable. As such, I'm primarily looking for one that is durable and sweat-resistant (doesn't have to be completely water-proof) with some functional memory wire.

    Running with these things, I would need something that stays in place around the ears. The OEM cables stayed in place (probably the only redeeming quality of this damn cable) due to the memory wire, but everything else, from the material of the cable, to the permanent tangles due to the memory effect in other areas of the cable (more on this below), is shot to hell.

    I say "memory wire" with caution because, although I find it extremely useful especially for the portion that hooks in your ear, the effect for the bottom-half of the cable tends to "memorize" the loops and hooks when I store it in my case and thus I have a permanent "squiggly-effect" on my cable. Not really sure what I'm looking for then; maybe memory wire for just the top half?

    Also important is my budget. Looking for one well under $100.

    I have looked at average_joe's review thread (found here), however, I couldn't really find the one that suited my needs. I was interested in chris_himself's cables, but I think the wooden inserts that he has might be a hazard during physical activity. My next choice would have been Jaben ES8s, but they are discontinued and sold out.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Sunricky. :wink:

  3. hiyobeats
    Damn you! Haha. I've been reading alot of reviews on sunricky, and it doesn't seem to have gotten good ones... So far (after tons of reading), I've narrowed it down to BTG's Sunrise or maybe Chris_himself's cables. Only problem with BTG is that I don't think they'll fit the UE TripleFi 10s. And like I mentioned above, I think the wooden beads from Chris_himself's cables might be a safety hazard in the gym... 
  4. kenyee
    I think you can order the CH cables w/o the wooden piece...

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