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Audio GD in Europe? LCD2 balanced cable in Europe?

  1. econsumer666
    Europe seems to s... big time when it comes to gear.
    I have two questions:
    Can anyone suggest if some dealer offers Audio-GD gear in Europe?
    I'm going to be using balanced 5.2 DAC from Audio GD with NFB6 as HP amp and with LCD2. Where can I find a balanced cable for LCD2? (i can't do it myself)
    I can't seem to find anything :frowning2:
  2. shabta
    In France:
  3. pelli
    Toxic Cables is out of England I believe...  
    You can do it yourself if you have some know-how.  There may be some useful info here: 
  4. hawkhead
    made me a speaker pigtail cable for my HE-6 - very good

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